Haining Leather Stylish New Design: Leather Down Jacket Popular

stone island stockists usa -Cold cold, the mood shall be to travel light, and only Haining Leather City is more cold days, the higher popularity. Each weekend, a bumper of the bus departure from the travel distribution center, carrying thousands of individuals of Shanghai to the city of Haining leather fur to Amoy.

“Haining design” is also fashionable

Haining often known as “Chinese leather are” worthy of the name, however, most of the world with leather-related things, from skin Jacket , Fur to the sofa, are “Madein Haining”‘s. Haining sofa in a home equivalent to manufacturing companies, both from IKEA to the Natuzzi range of high and low Home OEM brand, but in addition export their own brands, and the peak period in the sale of each four American sofa, there’s one from this enterprise.

And leather fur manufacturing, Haining is “a tripod.” Although for the protection of property rights for the world famous brand OEM style It’s hard to find in the city of Haining leather, but the domestic malls tens of thousands a neighborhood brand of leather jackets, are sometimes sources of Haining. Some brands will own the design draft, to the processing plant Haining election, but there are numerous brands of local manufacturers to buy directly from Haining clothing and OEM. Haining leather Clothing Factories, often hire their own designers. For example, the Bund on the 18th year in the local designer shops YOUNIK integrated leather costume which only came from a local designer and owner of Haining Zhang Sifeng.

So, if you’re the city of Haining leather still think “old fashioned style” scope, it is absolutely out of date.

Bargaining fight eye To Haining to “travel”, the destination is obvious?? New leather city shopping area, that is, “Haining China Leather City.” Shop here Decoration A top one of the fashionable. Haining’s leather costume owners now prefer to shoot in Shanghai and Hangzhou to the image of the new season fashion photos, whether the photographer or model, are candidates to par with international fashion magazines. Shop owner also installed at the door altogether on the screen scroll the playing Balimilan Fashion show This level is solely to store in Nanjing West Road, the luxury brand line.

Style leather jacket and in addition attempt to follow the fashion, the face of price a number of thousand dollars of clothing, you do not timid, he can benefit from the fun of bargaining. Into one called “NaturalGift” stores, is said to be here Sell Very busy shop owner said she was here a stylish leather jacket, a short section of the transaction price in the 1000-1500 yuan 1600-2500 yuan in the long paragraph. The price of natural than many department stores in a leather jacket cheap, but the price where the bottom line? By design, the work and leather treatment process itself, different parts have different pieces of the price, you possibly can attempt to bargain.

Year’s most “explosive article”: Paper Down ?

Annually, town’s style has a leather “explosion models.” For instance last year to hit very fashionable diamond Check in leather costume, and accompanied by bright golden metal zipper and button, and everyone will probably be placed in a conspicuous place similar to selling styles. This year’s “explosive article” is alleged to not be “end of the year concluded,” it, but heard the owner say: leather down jacket is very popular this year. This kind of “Down” to do leather fabric, filling the inside thin down, as leather down jacket in nylon fabric than more wind, so long as a small amount of down filling, thermal performance can be good in winter for fear bloated feeling down jacket for girls is a very simple to convince an excellent selling point for their wallet.

As well as, many selling leather gloves, leather purse shop, said that business this year, Ye Hao to overflowing, the factory had no time to days of rush shipments. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

I am an expert from China Manufacturers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, reminiscent of safety step stool , wicker chest of drawers

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