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Weekend Flats – Telluride

Weekend Flats – Telluride
dweber posted this May 2nd, 2013


Horny Toad loves weekend getaways, and we know you do too… so every month from March until August we’re picking a great town and giving you the insider’s scoop on where to eat, drink and play. For the third month we’re taking you to picturesque Telluride, Colorado.

A key ingredient to spending a weekend in the mountains is packing well. Enter our Weekend Flats Instagram contest and consider yourself outfitted.  All you need to do is hashtag a great photo you’ve taken of one of your favorite weekend destinations with #HTlovesweekends @hornytoadactivewear until 5/31/13.  At end of May we’ll select the photo we like best and the winner will get a $150 Horny Toad gift card!

Without further ado, here’s the scoop on Telluride:

1.  Our Empirical Dress is ideal for down time at high altitude. Made from a go-anywhere blend of Tencel® and organic cotton (with a touch of spandex for stretch), it’s universally flattering and so comfortable you can transition from browsing main street to drinks and dinner, no problem.

2. Horny Toad was born in Telluride with the Winter Toque as its first ever product.  Though we don’t make this particular hat anymore, we make plenty of others that will serve you well on a weekend getaway.  Be sure to check them out.

3.  The Weldon Shirt’s sole purpose is to keep you looking and feeling cool, no matter the situation or temperature.  Made from fine organic cotton, all you need to do is throw it in your bag and you’re covered for any number of high country adventures.

4. For the best cocktails in town go to the There’ Bar.  It’s on the west end, small, intimate, and the drinks are vibrant and memorable. You’ll really dig it.

5.  Our Easystreet Short will help you navigate a weekend in Telluride with ease. Made stone island crew neck sweater medium from debonair linen and hard-working cotton, it manages moisture, wears like iron and gets better looking every time its worn.

6. There are many galleries worth checking out in Telluride. There’s one on the main drag that we love called The Telluride Gallery and another art school/gallery combo called the Ah Haa School, located in the old train.

7.  For us, a great hoodie is a travel companion we never leave home without. The Hi Jack is made of an eco-friendly blend of soft organic cotton and durable poly French terry and rests on the skin with a weight that’s fine-tuned to handle seasonal transitions and everyday utility, which means it’s perfect for layering.

8.  For coffee, tea, chai and hot chocolate be sure to hit up the The Coffee Cowboy.  Their coffee drinks are made from locally roasted beans and their fresh pastries and smoothies are yummy.

9. When talking travel to Telluride, it’s hard to overstate the usefulness of the Chambord Blazer. At ease with shorts, jeans, a skirt or dress, it’s also perfect over a tank or tee for a summer evening layer. Dress it up or down, with sneakers or heels, you truly can’t go wrong. Don’t miss the extra pocket, perfect for stashing dog treats.

10.  Lodging in Telluride can be pricey, but luckily there’s plenty of great camping in the area.  Start here when researching a place to sleep under the stars.

11. Bear Creek Trail is a beautiful, short hike whose trailhead is right in town.  It has great views and ends at a cascading waterfall.  Round trip it’s about four miles with the option to extend it by taking one of the trails that connect with it. Getting to the falls takes between one and 1.5 hours.  And if you need a great pair of hiking boots, we highly recommend La Sportiva’s Omega GTX.  Matter of fact, winner of this month’s Instagram contest also wins a pair of these sweet boots!

12. You’ve heard us extoll the virtues of Mountainfilm in Telluride many times.  For good reason:  since its beginning in 1979, Mountainfilm in Telluride is one of America’s longest-running film festivals. Through the years, in and out of trends and fads, Mountainfilm has been best described by one unchanging word: inspiring. The 2012 festival runs May 24 – 27 – we highly recommend you go!

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UTMB: Toughest Mountain Race in the World

Do you think you have what it takes to be UTMB® tough Trail runners from around the world come together to test themselves in one of the toughest mountain races in the world.

This August, the mad world of ultra trail running will descend on Chamonix, France. Starting in this small mountain town tucked away in the Alps, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc—or UTMB® as it is more affectionately known—is widely regarded as one of the toughest mountain races in the world. While longer and harder courses might be out there, the UTMB® holds a distinct cachet for ultra runners. The route alone makes it pretty memorably epic: the course circumnavigates the Mont Blanc Massif through three countries—France, Switzerland, and Italy—over roughly 170 kilometers or 105 miles.

The race climbs up numerous high-altitude passes, delivering a total elevation gain of 10,000 meters or 33,000 feet. The terrain is tough—rocky, steep, and technical in sections, with long, killer descents. Even though the race is run annually in August, the high altitude and mountainous terrain means the weather is almost always difficult and unpredictable-snow, rain, wind, and even lightning are not uncommon. Not to mention the complete lack of sleep.

SEE ALSO: Top trail relay races every runner should know

<img src="×1.trans.gif" data-lazy-src=" resize=1024%2C682" class="alignnone size-large wp-image-3535" alt="Mont Blanc Grandes Jorasses alpine landscape UTMB" srcset=" resize=1024%2C682 1024w, stone island wool sweater resize=300%2C200 300w, resize=768%2C512 768w, resize=1600%2C1066 1600w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px” data-recalc-dims=”1″>Mont Blanc Grandes Jorasses alpine landscape UTMB

The first UTMB® was held in 2003 with around 700 runners, 67 of whom finished the full course. At the time, the race was open to anyone crazy enough to attempt it, but in order to keep numbers manageable, runners now must first qualify to even enter the lottery by earning points in approved races prior to the event. Last year, over 2,400 runners started the race, with just over stone island wool sweater half making it across the finish line.

Runners need excellent training and need to be be completely self-sufficient in the mountains, carrying a minimum of equipment for safety reasons. This includes a waterproof jacket, warm clothes, food and water, whistle, survival blanket, and head lamp. Other than the ten or so food and drink stations scattered along the route, runners can not get any outside assistance.

While the fastest runner will complete the course in around 21 hours, the average contestant finishes in about 30 hours, with a maximum time set at 46.5 hours for safety. To finish is to win.There is no prize apart from bragging rights at the pub.

Last year, over 2,400 runners started the race, with just over half making it across the finish line.

The race is more about the runner versus the mountain than runner against runner. In fact, it’s more runner with runner. Each competitor holds a mutual respect for the other—you are suffering out there together. Many runners will even unofficially team up to face the darkness, loneliness, and challenges together.

While the UTMB® is the classic race, a total of 5 races of varying lengths and technical difficulty are held the same weekend. The additional 4 races are as follows:

CCC: Courmayeur – Champex – Chamonix (101 km +6,100 m)

TDS: Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie (119 km +7,250 m)

OCC: Orsières – Champex – Chamonix (55 km +3,500 m)

PTL: La Petite Trotte à Léon (approx. 290 km +26,500 m)

Over the coming weeks, we will introduce you to some incredibly talented and motivated runners who have trained hard and are now ready to face everything the UTMB® has to offer. We salute you and say Allez! Allez!

Check out the incredible talent and motivated runners below:

Barry Smyth: Living The Dream

Mont Blanc ChamonixMont Blanc Chamonix


chamonixmountainsracingrunningtour du mt. blancultra runningutmb

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The Power of a stone island camo sweat Polished Appearance

Have you ever had this happen to you

You’re looking good.  You’ve got the hair, the makeup, the outfit – everything’s pulled together.  As the day progresses, you find that you’ve become a people magnet.  Complete strangers come up to you and start talking like you’re old friends.  Men go out of their way to hold the door for you.  And just when you start feeling really good about your day, it happens:  the crusty look.

You know what I’m talking about.  When you least expect it someone – usually a woman — gives you such a dirty look that if looks could kill, you’d be dead on the spot.  It might even be accompanied by a snide remark.

You instantly wonder what’s wrong.  Is your blouse too low   Your skirt too high   Your clothes too tight   If you can honestly say “No” to those questions (and remember:  just because you can “suck it in” enough to get it buttoned doesn’t mean it fits), then there’s usually only one possible solution:  you look SO good, she felt threatened.  So, to get even, she gave you a dirty look.

Sound ridiculous

It’s not.  It’s the power of image.  And once you learn to harness it, you can put it to work to get what you want, whether it’s the job of your dreams, the man of your dreams, or the kind of respect you’ve always dreamed about.  Oh yeah — and dirty looks from people who seem to feel like you’re stealing their thunder.  

Okay, that last one probably isn’t a goal.  But it will be a by-product, so we’ll address it momentarily.

Remember how I said when you look good, you become a “people magnet ”  It’s because of something called the “attractiveness factor.”  Studies have shown that even from the cradle, humans are drawn to an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Fair or not, attractive people tend to get preferential treatment all their lives, from more attention in the classroom and in the job market to a wider choice of mates.  Small wonder then that most of our celebrities tend to be attractive.

Now here’s a secret:  you DON’T have to be drop-dead gorgeous to be considered attractive.  You don’t have to have a great body, great hair, or even a classically pretty face.  All you need to do is package yourself attractively, and you’ll command plenty of attention. 

Remember:  people treat you how you treat yourself.  If you take the time to groom yourself appropriately and wear flattering clothes, you’re telling others that you’re worth the time and effort; that you’re important and a force to be reckoned with.  And because you have confidence in yourself, others will put their confidence in you – unless you give them reason not to. 

If, on the other hand, you dress sloppily or in clothes that are too small, too big, or two decades out of style, you communicate that you’re out of touch or that you have low self-esteem.  Others will respond by ignoring or mistreating you.  And initially, they may do this even if you have more money, more education, or more talent than they do.

Not fair   Of course it’s not fair!  But it’s reality.  If you’ve never experienced this sort of treatment first hand, just do some people-watching in a crowd sometime and draw your own conclusions.  Almost always, the most attractively-packaged people will receive preferential treatment.  It’s a fascinating social phenomenon.

And what about those dirty looks I mentioned earlier   You’ll get those from people who feel threatened by you in some way, whether it’s because you’re younger, older, have a nicer figure, have better hair, nicer jewelry, or whatever.  Often, it’s because you’ve caught the eye of their guy or someone they’re interested in.  Try to ignore them.  You won’t be able to please everyone is this life, so don’t wear yourself out trying.

Instead, set your goals and costume yourself appropriately to meet them.  A polished image is a powerful tool to have in your success arsenal, so don’t be afraid to use it.  Even if you do get a few dirty looks sometimes.

Career Building StyleNeed some more guidance in breaking through the most common business attire mistakes to enjoy the career and income you deserve

The plan to join us for the “Career-Building Style: How to Use Your Appearance to Advance Your Career” tele-seminar next week:

But hurry!  There are only 100 slots available and they may go fast.

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urban sew + giveaway
urban sew + giveaway

Welcome to Giveaway Week! Each season, the week before KCW is reserved for showcasing some fantastic stone island felpa camo sweater shops and giving away some fantastic goods! This week we have old favorites and new favorites too. Be sure to enter all the giveaways, because you never know when it will be your lucky day!

You might not recognized the name Urban Sew, but I bet you remember (and probably bought some fabric from) The Fabric Stash. They have retooled their company with a new name, new logo, and a new site. They still have the same great fabric and lots of other goodies as well. I’ll let Janice tell you a bit about their company:

We are a small, family run on-line shop  – I do the buying and sewing, my husband does the website, and our 5 year old does the modeling!  We carry a variety of modern fabric (including Cotton + Steel, Kokka, Robert Kaufman, Cloud 9, Yuwa, Westminster and more) and patterns, and are adding products all the time.  We recently did a survey of our customers, and based on the results are adding more knits, solids, and patterns.  We try to listen to our customers!  We send a newsletter about once a month with all our specials and new stock – and generally include a coupon code or new sale items for the bargain hunters.   We are slowly growing to where we envision our shop – it’s a building process for sure!

It’s amazing to watch a small company grow and prosper knowing you had a small part in it (by purchasing delicious fabrics).

urban sew + giveaway // kid's clothes week

1. Scirocco dress pattern by Figgy’s 2. musical mushrooms 3. far far away yellow frog prince 4. yellow and blue dots 5. black and white tiger stripes 

Urban Sew has goods for sewing for your kids, sewing for yourself, and quilters and bag-makers too. I picked a few of my favorite patterns and paired them with lovely fabrics-sticking with the WILD THINGS theme for fun.  All the patterns, notions, and fabrics can be purchased from Urban Sew.

Figgy’s Scirocco dress has been on my list of things to sew forever. It would look stunning in Musical Mushrooms by Westex Japanese Fabrics. It features swans, squirrels, bears, bats, and birds singing together in a fairy tale land.  Heather Ross’ yellow frog prince print from her beloved Far Far Away line would make a perfect springtime frock.

urban sew + giveaway // kid's clothes week

1. Field trips cargo pants and raglan shirt by Oliver + S 2. double knit olive 3. echino bees in blue and green 4. charms sheep, mustard 5. double knit teal

Of course I could never forget the boys. Urban Sew carries gorgeous colors of Ponte de Roma double knit–a luxurious knit and sturdy knit perfect for rough and tumble boys. The raglan tee from Oliver + S is my all-time favorite t-shirt pattern. It would look great in olive or teal or both! If the top is a solid color, why not go crazy with the pants Echino Bees would be fantastic! Or sheep from Ellen Luckett Baker’s Charms collection! If you can’t wear crazy pants when you are a kid, when can you wear them

urban sew + giveaway // kid's clothes week

1. Poolside tote by noodlehead 2. summer night lights twilight 3. echino bees in orange and black 4. boho basic rain 5. black and white ghost bunny 

While I know this isn’t keeping with the Kid’s Clothes Week theme, I do know a big bag is perfect for spring picnics, or special trips to the zoo, or everyday adventures. Wouldn’t the Poolside Tote by Anna from Noodlehead look stunning in the new Cotton + Steel fabric ghost bunny !  There are so, so many gorgeous fabrics at Urban Sew!

urban sew + giveaway // kid's clothes week

Now that I’ve got you wanting ALL THE FABRIC, you can enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Urban Sew and get them all!  Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter by Monday, April 20. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. Winner will receive 1 $50 gift certificate to Urban Sew.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and Happy KCW!

giveaway weekurban sew

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A Tribe Called Quest Will Host Thank You Pop Up Shop In NYC This Week

In late October, Q-Tip announced that A Tribe Called Quest would be bowing out with a final album entitled We Got It From Here, Thank You stone island crew neck sweater-navy for Your Service, arriving November 11. The project will be the group’s first in 18 years and will feature posthumous Phife Dawg verses as well as contributions from Kendrick Lamar, André 3000, and Busta Rhymes.
In order to end with a bang, A Tribe Called Quest will be hosting a Thank You pop up shop, where fans will have one last chance to purchase official ATCQ merchandise and cop stone island crew neck sweater-navy the physical version of the album. According to Complex, the store will be open for limited hours from November 11-13 at 393 Broadway in the Chinatown neighborhood of New York City. Those outside of the tri-state area can purchase the new gear in bundles via ATCQ’s official website.
Pre-order the album now and view some of the merchandise that will be available below. A Tribe Called Quest’s We Got It From Here, Thank You for Your Service is out November 11 via Epic.

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The North Face Gotham vs. Quartz Nature Bomber


Ahhhhh, yeah! You know what feels good Putting on a dapper bomber jacket and heading out to conquer the world, that’s what. And what better way to relive that feeling longer than an insulated bomber The North Face Gotham and Quartz Nature Bomber have crafted some tough and warm bombers for you. Read on to help you choose between the two.

First of all, you’ll be set for the winter since they’re both filled with the best insulator on earth, down. Not only that, but so are their hoods. This is great since you don’t always have a hat with you. Indeed depending on your hair style, you might never even wear a hat. The insulated hood will keep your noggin covered and warm. Speaking of which, they are also both windproof. This only adds to their already high level of comfort in the coldest weather.

They also both have removable ruff on the hood, so you can adjust the look. Other common elements are chest and hand pockets, not to mention elastic cuffs, to keep the wind out. Now that stone island sweater black we’ve gone through the similarities, let’s take a look at what sets The North Face Gotham and Quartz Nature Bomber apart.

Quartz Nature Bomber
Quartz Nature Bomber

Lining with Otron with greater breathability than nylon.
650 fill down
Made in Canada
Coyote fur ruff
Removable hood
Interior pocket

The North Face Gotham
The North Face Gotham

550 fill down
Faux fur ruff
Bicep Pocket

In terms of style, they differ in that the Gotham has a rougher look, but that means that the Bomber might be a little more versatile in terms of situations when you can wear it appropriately.

For more helpful hints to find your ideal winter coat check out our choosing the right winter jacket guide.

Canada Goose Chilliwack versus Nobis Cartel

Four Classic Down Jackets for Men Reviewed

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4 Days To Go – SS14 Stone Island


The first part of our Spring/Summer 2014 Stone Island collection has arrived and it definitely won’t disappoint Featuring the new style Light Soft Shell jacket and the ever so popular overshirt, but this season complete with a hood. Also just landed are a selection of classic t-shirts and polo’s with a raised contrast print and iconic compass badge logo to the back.

Complete the outfit with a pair of regular tapered chinos or jeans in black beige or classic washed denim. Now with only 4 online shopping days left until Christmas, you can have these new season styles wrapped and under the tree in time for the big day, stone island green sweater just make sure you place your order before midday on Sunday 22nd December to avoid any disappointment. Check out our favourite pieces below and shop all new arrivals here.

∇ ∇ New Spring Summer 2014 Arrivals ∇ ∇


STONE stone island green sweater ISLAND
Light Soft Shell Jacket
Hooded Overshirt
Hooded Overshirt

Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert


Raised Print T-Shirt
Rear Compass Print T-Shirt
Slim Stretch Polo T-Shirt

Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert


Regular Tapered Chinos
Regular Tapered Chinos
Regular Tapered Jeans

Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert


To keep up to date with the latest stock and deliveries, be sure to sign up to our newsletter for all the latest information and be the first to find out about new deliveries, sales and exclusive promotions.

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The shirt in the office: a few simple rules

Although office dress code is no longer so strict to impose a formal dress every day, the shirt is still the ideal garment to be worn at work: it’s elegant wheter paired with a jacket, or worn with a simple sweather. But what navy stone island sweater about choosing the right fabrics, colors and fit Let’s start with the fabric, we suggest cotton, cotton, or cotton. It can be of various types, but remember that a shirt should not keep you warm (that is the job of a suit or a coat) but it should make you feel comfortable, and it has to softly embrace the shape of your body. Plain colours are the easiest to match, without the risk of incurring in rather extravagant combinations. If you are in doubt , choose white or blue and you will never be wrong . These shirts can be combined with strong colored ties, to emphasize your corporate status. Never trie to match them with blue or light navy stone island sweater coloured ties. Plain colours, however, can be boring; so you should have a selection of patterned and striped shirts. Bear in mind certain rules of style:checkers must be discreet and possibly tiny (to avoid the “lumberjack”’ effect), while stripes must be narrow The button-down shirt has to be used strictly without jacket or tie. It’s ideal to sail regattas, less ideal at the office due to the lack of wind. Fitting depends on your personal taste and body type: a slim fit is ideal for people who have a leaner and atleti physique and don’t want to have excess fabric on him. A normal fit instead provides comfort and maximum freedom of movement. Regarding the customizations: the initials should be placed on the abdomen on the left, or if you want to be more discreet (but also cooler in our opinion ) on the left cuff . Pocketed shirts are abolished, unless you have a pressing need to carry around a calculator and multi-colored pens . Let’s conlude with a tip: if you are a consultants, or you work at your client’s office, you should always wear the racket on top of your shirt, an impeccabile professional image and attention to details are in fact your best business card.

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the new season of KCW!
the new season of KCW!

stone island sweaters

We are so excited to start a new season of KCW! The dates for this Kid’s Clothes Week are July 21-27. Plenty of time to take stock of what clothes your kids need, what pattern you want to make, and lots of time for staring at lovely fabrics. Check out who already signed up here and then head to your KCW dashboard to sign up your self!

Last season we tried out our first ever theme (MINI ME) and it was a fantastic success! This season we have a new theme for you: KID ART. Kids are amazing little artists-even their first scribbles are beautiful! Why not translate that art into clothes for them to wear!

KCW July 2014 theme: KID ART

A few things about KCW themes:

you absolutely don’t have to sew something that conforms to the theme
if you want to use the theme, you don’t have to apply it to everything you make
you can interpret the theme however you like
our contributors stone island sweaters have some great ideas about how you can use the theme
we’d love to know what you think of the theme!

KCW july 2014

We have some great buttons for this season’s challenge. Some of them are even designed by my kids! Put one on your blog, pin it, share it on facebook, tweet it, instagram it!  Let the whole internet know about KCW!

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The Defy Recon Wax Messenger review (in Madrid)


So my brother is a gift-giving monster. Every birthday that passes he rocks my world, so I thought I would treat him for his troubles.

Bam, he got a Defy Recon Wax Messenger bag. And as he lives in the UK, of course he took it to Madrid to break it in.


A coffee in Chinchon, Spain

From what he tells me, between sips of world-class wine, is that the materials are bomb-proof. The rubber-tubing accents offer a nice touch, and the straps are thick and tough. The buckles are made by AustriAlpin, a company known for their climbing carabiners and other serious hardwear.  This thing is ready for a zombie apocalypse, or a nice pinot griogio. The whole collection fits into this same category.

<img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-31328" title="Defy-Madrid-wax-recon-messenger" alt="Defy-Madrid-wax-recon-messenger" src="×1024.jpg" width="600" height="800" srcset="×300.jpg 225w,×1024.jpg 768w,×800.jpg 600w,×1866.jpg 1400w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" mens stone island sweater />

Inside is clean and slick. A pocket for a laptop, a section for pens, and a big enough volume to be happy for your day’s romantic strolls. Did I mention the stitching is at a military spec standard It is.  Don’t bother shopping for another bag in the next century.

The Defy Bags Recon Wax Messenger is available at