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Solarpod – The Ultimate Smartphone Solar Charger

Solarpod Phone Charger

Smartphones are great, until they run out of battery…

Meet the new Solarpod Pyxis. A revolutionary in solar chargers, the Solarpod Pyxis sets itself apart from the rest with a couple of unique features. The Pyxis has two USB outputs, along with a Micro USB port. Not only does it charge your phone, but the creators have thrown in 32GB of memory and a microSD veste ice stone island slot. If all of that wasn’t enough for you then then pinnacle of the Pyxis is veste ice stone island definitely that while it chargers your phone, it charges itself so you’ll never run out of power in the daytime.

The Pyxis itself has a 5000mAh rechargeable battery, which is hooked up to three monocrystaline solar panels and is wrapped up in a slick package that isn’t much bigger than a smartphone.The battery pack can go from zero to 100% in around 4.5 hours, as long as it’s in direct sunlight. The Micro USB port allows charging when you have little access to sunlight – handy in the winter months.

Solarpod Pyxis is up and running on Kickstarter, and they are currently not far off their fourth stretch goal, Inductive Charging.

If you use your mobile a lot during the day or simply just love gadgets, the Solarpod Pyxis seems like a good way to go if you veste ice stone island never want to run out of juice.

Watch the video below.