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OS Meets: Olympic Rowing Couple Ric Egington & Vicky Thornley


Ric Egington & Vicky Thornley

Talk us through what your average training day is like as a professional rower

Vicky: We train twice or three times a day starting at half past seven in the morning. We’ll go out on the water for two hours, then we’ll come in and have a second breakfast. That’s the good thing about rowing you can eat lots! Then we’ll go out on the water again or go into the gym and later in the afternoon we’ll do weights. So it’s two or three times a day seven days a week. Usually on a Sunday we just have one session which is nice! It’s quite full on, but quite enjoyable most of the time too.

You mentioned the amount of food you get to eat – what can you get through in a day

Ric: Itdepends which day of the week it is!
Vicky: A lot of pizzas!
Ric: I’ve got a couple of vices, biscuits are my main one – McVities chocolate digestives are areal staple part of my life. When I retire from rowing I’m going to need torein those in a bit, but at the moment I can enjoy them! Two breakfasts, a big lunch, a big dinner and plenty of snacking in between. They reckon we can get through about 6,000 calories but ifI’m hungry I’ll just have a look in the fridge!

What’sit like doing the same job as each other

Vicky: It’s good in some ways because we both understand the commitment to rowing and how you feel when it’s going well and when it doesn’t go so well. So we can support each other that way. Sometimes it would be nice if we both didn’t do the same thing as it is so intense. I probably talk too much about rowing outside of rowing and Ric gets really annoyed with that so I try not to! Generally it’s pretty good though.
Ric: Vicky’s a lot younger than me and newer to the sport so I can tell her not to make some of the mistakes I’ve made in my career. I never thought I was that empathetic but I think with Vicky rowing I can show a bit more empathy because I know what she’s going through.

Is there any competition between you in terms of who wins the better medal

Vicky: We just want each other to do as well as possible and obviously be happy with the result. There’s no real competition, well at least not from my side!
Ric: If Vicky does well she’s in a good mood and that makes my life a lot easier!

Howoften do you get torow for theprestigious LeanderClub

Vicky: Not as often as we’d like to – maybe twicea year. We represent Leander at the trials for stone island zwembroek sale Team GB. We’d like to come down a lot more – it’s a lovely stretch of river and a lovely club to be at.

Ric, as Captain of Leander can you explain the significance of these Olympics

Ric: Leander currently has 99 Olympic medals to its name. Obviously rowing is a strong sport and Leander has a strong pedigree so we’re looking to go way over the 100 medal mark. The more the better! We’ve got the new Olympics honours board up in the club and you feel that everyone’s getting behind us especially here at Leander.

How many Team GB rowers come from Leander

Ric: We normally estimate about half or over half but that’s not confirmed yet but a really good percentage of the team is made up by Leander.

Why did you choose Leander Club

Vicky: It’s the best rowing club in the world and the fact the club’s colour is pink helps because it’s myfavourite colour! It’s a great club to be at and we get really well supported. We can come here for our lunch and dinner so that’s good!
Ric:She just talks about food the whole time!
Vicky: Oi! Well there’s no club that does that so it’s a great place to come and train and it’s the nicest clubhouse you’ll find as well.

What makes your toes curl

Vicky: Can it be something silly like a knife scraping on a plate It really does make my toes curl – it goes right through me!
Ric: What annoys me Apart from everything!
Vicky: Girls in flat shoes that would be a good one!
Ric: No!
Vicky: Well it’s shoe-related!
Ric: Crumbs on work surfaces and if anyone curbed the wheels on my car.
Vicky: Yes that’s a good one!

Whose shoes would you like to be in for the day

Ric: Mario Balotelli! I would love to go to a dinner party with him but if I could be him for a day! It would have to be one of his better days though!
Vicky: I’d have to say Rihanna because I think she is really cool and her lifestyle looks really fun. Compared to a rower she gets to go out loads and party and we never get to do that so it would be a nice change.

Which is your favourite Oliver Sweeney shoe

Vicky: My favourite is the Graziella Red. I think it’s a really elegant shoe and I like the heel. Even though I’m very tall I still like wearing heels just stone island zwembroek sale as most girls do. So that’s my favourite!
Ric: That’s a tough one as I have quite a few pairs! I think it would be the Serpentine Tan. I spend quite a lot of my working life in trainers so my foot’s not totally used to a shoe, but Serpentine’s got a good thick sole on it and it looks smart as well. My Dad used to have brogues when I was little and I used to try them on so maybe there’s a bit of nostalgia in there as well.