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The Classic Fred Perry Mountain Parka
Fred Perry Parka

With a history that is draped in subculture and some of Britain’s most influential and iconic fashion movements, Fred Perry has become a national treasure when it comes to displaying our natural penchant for sharp, clean and historic design.

From twin tip polo shirts to gingham checked shirts, Fred Perry have come up with a whole host of timelessly iconic pieces that have stood the test of time to remain eternally desirable. From sporting beginnings as a project into sportswear by Britain’s first Wimbledon winner, Fred Perry himself, this homegrown label soon developed to become a fashion label that always maintained its effortlessly cool sporty undercurrent. From mods on their mopeds to the kids dancing the night away in the Northern Soul scene, Fred Perry carried an affinity with some of the strongest movements in Britain’s subculture history.

Fred Perry Parka

As a result, elements of the Fred Perry label have become beacons of style in stone island uk stores the uniforms of a host of fashion movements, then slowly worked their way into a classic universal heritage look.

The Fred Perry Parka is the perfect example of how Fred Perry has influenced casual style with their directional looks. Originally a firm favourite amongst mods, the Parka jacket’s long cut and sleek cut provided the perfect protection from the elements for any sharply dressed mod. The Fred Perry Mountain Parka pays homage to exactly this, bringing forth that classic long bodied look, whilst also adding extra touches such as contrasting buttons and extra pockets to perfectly blend a heritage look with modern styling demands.

Fred Perry Parka

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Published by Sarah Kearney