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Packing for holidays can be a nightmare, right It doesn’t matter if your holiday is a quick weekend at the seaside or four weeks in an exotic resort, there are a certain set of things that should always be on your holiday checklist and there’s a way to packing your case that will save a lot of stress and the potential to forget an item.

Packing for your holiday needn’t be a stress with our guide.

To make sure that your holiday will be as relaxing as possible, take just an extra 15 minutes to follow our tips and tricks for packing your suitcase and we promise the whole process will be much easier…

First off, get your preparation right: lay out everything you want to take and then put half of it back in the drawers – minimalism is your new mantra! Ensure you retain versatile items and, ideally, have a think about what you’re going to be wearing with what, so that there’s as little doubling up as possible. For us, there are six essential sartorial pieces and six simple rules to packing well and ensuring that you get everything into your case in one piece:

1. Summer Jackets

For us, a lightweight summer jacket in a soft pastel shade is an essential when we’re abroad, as well as a non-crease travel jacket (like our Blazona Grey) as a great formal option should you need it. When it comes to packing jackets, there are two ways to do so correctly: Either pack them folded in a plastic dry cleaning wrapper or a garment bag to minimise creasing or, alternatively, chuck them in last (on top of everything else) and have them pressed when you arrive. Simple.

2. Sandals

Summer shoes always present some sort of challenge and it’s largely down to personal taste: some swear by their sandals, while some stick to classic deck shoes or loafers. We swear by a good leather huarache sandal (like Chatelet) and a pair of pliable California construction slip-on shoes (like Adriano), and switch to a pair of suede loafers like Leiston in the evenings. When it comes to packing your sandals, it’s best to save these until the end. Pack them with the soles together, or simply slot them down the edges of your carry-on case.

3. Swim Shorts

We know you’ll probably be living in your swim shorts if the weather is good enough (or you’re feeling particularly brave if you’re anywhere in the British Isles!) Our Capbreton swim shorts, come in two vibrant colours and patterns and are complete with a waterproof drawstring bag, so that even if you’re swimming just before you fly, your suitcase will remain dry.

4. Sandal Alternatives

We know that your summer wardrobe is likely to be full of a number of short sleeved polo shirts, shorts and chinos. Come the evening when you maybe want to smarten these options up, as we’ve mentioned previously, we love a loafer like our Leiston, available in a number of leather and suede options. A slip-on style too is the perfect choice of footwear for the airport, in case of having to take them off at the security scanner. If you must put them in your case then ensure that they’re packed uppers together to save space.

5. A Smarter Shoe

We, of course, have a great number of formal shoes at Oliver Sweeney, be it a Derby, Oxford brogue, slip-on loafer or a monk strap like our Brantham. If you’re packing any of these in to complete a smarter summer look, always pack them in a dustbag to protect your clothes from any dirt on your shoes and to avoid any colour transfer, especially from any suede styles. We also recommend stuffing a few pairs of socks inside them too, to act almost as a make-shift shoe tree, whilst on your travels.

6. And Finally…

Careful planning of accessories can mean you take less clothes. Some of our favourite finishing touches are a summer scarf (our Mantes scarf is a favourite from our current collection) and are versatile enough to wear both in the evening and come day time, particularly if there’s any accidental sunburn to cover up! We also love a plaited belt like our Angelo to give our shorts a touch of Riviera cool (and, did you know, a belt can also be used as an impromptu shoe horn if necessary.) Finally, if there was one key essential that no summer holiday should be without, it’s the straw Panama hat. This should be your crowning glory that you’ll be wearing every day, so don’t be afraid to get a good one. Our Avallon Natural Panama stone island tracksuit red hat is made from 100% genuine Panama straw from Ecuador and is handmade by Christys London, one of the finest British hat makers around. Whilst in many ways accessories, being small, are some of the easiest things to pack in your case, we recommend packing these scarves, socks and belts inside your shoes and to always wear any hats on your head on the plane to prevent them from being crushed.

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