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How To Wear Spring Knitwear

One golden rule of mastering all year round style; never pin knitwear as something that only warrants wear during the winter months. Versatile and incredibly useful, knitwear is the stone island tracksuit aliexpress perfect piece to work into a layered look to give you a well appointed outfit. Of course, the weight of the garment is key- forget the cumbersome thick knitwear that you may well have relished during the cold winter, and turn to fine knits that reserve an unparalleled fit and timeless aesthetic.

Lightweight, warm, and carrying a strong feel of stylish elegance, Spring knitwear is the ideal way to give your look a fashionable edge, being readily available in everything from v neck jumpers, to hoodies and polo shirts- knitwear offers an iconic heritage that adds a smarter touch to any look.

With a texture that gives off an astute feel that is unmistakably sleek, knitwear is the perfect way to incorporate sharply tailored style into your wardrobe with a huge variety of fashionably timeless styles that are regularly provided by some of the worlds most sought after labels.

Polo Shirts

The timeless style that has been a stalwart for classically inspired cool looks for years on end, the polo shirt is an elegant collared piece that has been adopted from pretty much every fashion movement; from mod culture, to lovers of preppy style, the polo shirt has always featured in everyman’s wardrobe. A knitted polo shirt adds a touch of formality to what has always been a relatively casual look, by dispensing with the pique cotton look and replacing it with a fine gauge knit that affords a sleek fit and sharply tailored image- perfect for wearing with dark denim for a simple yet effective look.

Knitted polo’s offer a few different features that are hard find on their pique cotton counter parts. Features such as colour splits, or extra details with contrasting patterns and fitted hems ensure that knitted polo’s are a must have piece. Long sleeved editions increase the styles credentials for smarter wear, stone island tracksuit aliexpress giving an elegant feel to an iconic look.

Jumpers – V Neck

Carrying on with the smarter feel that knitwear can provide, lightweight knitted jumpers are key elements for getting a fashionable spring look right. With a huge host of styles being available, from v necks to crew necks, the options for fine gauge knitwear are endless. Perfect for layering thanks to their close fit and unobtrusive feel, a thin knitted jumper is incredibly versatile, sitting just as well with a simple t-shirt as with a shirt or polo.

Choose a v neck option if you’re looking for a style that will flaunt the layer underneath. V neck jumpers are also perfect if you’re searching for a jumper to wear with tailoring; their deep cut perfectly frames a tie, whilst staying elegant enough to wear underneath a blazer or suit jacket.

Jumpers – Crew Neck

Round or crew neck knitted jumpers provide a much more reserved and astute look, but still carry the same layering credentials as a v neck jumper. Ideally suited for wearing with collared pieces such as shirts and polo’s, the crew neck jumper showcases any collar detail, making them perfect for wearing with shirts that feature a heavy, eye catching pattern.
Bold statements can often be made with a pull over knit, making them fantastic stand out pieces that will draw plenty of attention. Turn to the likes of Vivienne Westwood for a look that won’t disappoint in the style stakes, and makes for the perfect piece to link with simple, plain garments such as crisp white shirting.
Alternatively, opt for simplistic elegance that makes a great base to build a layered look on. Brightly coloured pieces from brands such as Moncler can offer a look that will contrast against any additional layers, whilst remaining lavishly understated with simple, effective branding. Alternatively, darker colours, such as black and grey can help support a shirt that has a heavy pattern, as well as a piece of well chosen tailoring.

Casual Pieces

Casual pieces – Not just for wearing with a smart look in mind; knitwear is just as at home on more casual styles. Covering looks from hoodies to full and half zip jumpers, the look of a knitted weave on casual styles gives them an extra touch of class that can’t quite be achieved with a typical thick wool or sweater material. Allowing you the freedom of an easy to wear style, but with the fit and credentials of a piece of well appointed knitwear, these elegant garments can take your casual style to a new level.

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