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Barbour Tartan

It’s no secret that Tartan plays a prime role in adding a classic authentic vibe to Barbour’s staple pieces. All Tartans originate from the same ‘sett.’ Meaning they share the same pattern and weight of lines. The Tartan has been also confirmed by Scottish experts Kinloch Anderson in Edinburgh.From the opening of Barbour in 1894 till the 1990’s, Tartan was used as linings in various jackets. The Dress Gordon Tartan was the most distinctive which the brand used, found in the earlier versions of the Bedale jacket. This was until Helen Barbour ventured to Edinburgh, later making the discovery that Dress Gordon Tartan was not exclusive to the Barbour name. It was then that Dame Margaret Barbour contacted specialists Kinloch Anderson, who helped research their family history and create a tartan exclusive to Barbour.

Barbour’s wide range of different Tartans consist of;

Dress Tartan
Classic Tartan
Modern Tartan
Ancient Tartan
Muted Tartan
Cardinal Tartan
Sporting Tartan

Barbour Tartans

The design of the classic Barbour Tartans derived from the district of Ayrshire, where the Barbour name originated. Together the colours create a neutral palette of rich reds, greens, browns and yellows. Over the years they have been entwined into different garments where designers see them to match. It is normally found that the navy pieces feature the matching Dress Tartan lining, where Sage garments boast the Ancient Tartan, and black is paired with the Modern Tartan. A number of pieces include the use of Tartan, whether it’s a lining of a jacket, a pocket or collar trim, a hat, scarf of different accessory.

Here at Aphrodite we stock various garments which present the unique and timeless use of Tartan, including the iconic Beacon Sports jacket, based on the exact jacket Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall. Also the Monty bag, which is a staple accessory offering the full classic Barbour Tartan to the outer. 

Barbour Tartan

Keep a close eye out for more accessories stone island shadow from Barbour landing here at Aphrodite, boasting the range of Tartan inners and outers for an authentic look.To shop our current range of Barbour clothing and accessories, head over to our website