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Lacoste Brand Guide

Few brands can spark such a sense of nostalgic supremacy as Lacoste. Cultured through the very history of one of the planets swankiest sporting spectacles, the Lacoste brand has stood firm as a monument of innovation, style and iconic design ever since it first graced the great green courts.

The Lacoste story begins with Rene Lacoste- a man that has become a legend of Tennis in his own right; nicknamed the ‘crocodile’ for his tenacity on the court, Rene played with flair, energy and undying commitment. In both 1926 and 1927, Rene was raked the number one tennis player in the world, winning seven grand slam championships along the way, as well as being part of the infamous ‘Four Musketeers’ of French tennis, who dominated the sport in the 1920’s and early 1930’s. Rene’s reign at the top of the stone island sale leicester game came at a time of stiff propriety. Traditionally players would wear a long sleeve white shirt, white trousers and even a tie to play in- something that in Rene’s eyes, wasn’t helpful when it came to running the courts in searing heat. However, Rene had a plan to change the stifling norm- he shocked crowds by emerging on court wearing what would eventually become a global phenomenon; a shirt made from breathable pique cotton, bearing the silhouette of a crocodile.  It was a first not only for tennis, but also for the world of fashion. A new style had been instantaneously born, with the showing of the first ever polo shirt.

1933 saw Rene Lacoste found ‘La Chemise Lacoste’, with the help of Andre Gillier, who owned the largest French knitwear production company at the time. Together, the pair concentrated on providing Rene’s revolutionary style for tennis, golf and sailing. The blend of unique styling, which was perfectly apt for any sporting pursuit thanks to its versatile and comfortable nature, along with the fact that to mainstream knowledge, the Lacoste polo shirt was the first piece of clothing to display branding as a way of identification, made Rene’s product instantly desirable. Expansion followed, with Lacoste products travelling to America in 1952. By this point, the brand had begun introducing a range of colours to their collection- something that provided a strong sense of appeal to the American middle class of the time. As a result, Lacoste soon became one of the most popular brands state side, gaining a preppy repute as it was spotted at golf and tennis clubs across the nation- it even earned a spot in Lisa Birnach’s infamous Official Preppy Handbook which was publish in 1980, sealing its fate as a US style icon. Some of America’s most iconic faces have been snapped wearing Lacoste, from the infamous JFK, to Bing Crosby and President Eisenhower, the polo with the crocodile logo was in the crowd with some of the countries most desirable faces.

However the success of Lacoste wasn’t just confounded to state side style. Back in Europe, the unmissable mix of sleek, minimalistic styling and instantly recognizable branding saw the demand for Lacoste soar. The transition from niche innovator stone island sale leicester to global super brand was effortless for Lacoste. Whilst never forgetting their roots as an original sports brand, they have sponsored some of Tennis’ biggest names, from Andy Roddick, to Richard Gasquet; they’ve even put a Lacoste polo shirt on the back of the great golf champion Colin Montgomerie.

Perhaps the true testament of Lacoste’s position in world fashion is the amount of time it has stayed at the very top of its game. Ever since its inception, the French label has transcended fashion movements, defying trends and fads to stand true to their original values.

A pinnacle of fashion that has made an iconic style all its own, the Lacoste polo shirt is a true institution of fashionable design. Despite being instantly associated with polo shirts, the Lacoste range has developed; bringing the same sense of clean-cut desirability to everything they turn their hands to. From knitwear to outerwear, Lacoste have forged an entire look that is befitting of the lifestyle inspired by Rene Lacoste. A true wardrobe staple and a key go to piece for any discerning man, the sense of timeless class and nostalgia that is imprinted upon any piece bearing the infamous Lacoste crocodile is to be held in the highest esteem- something that has been recognized by famous faces from Clint Eastwood to Robert Pattinson and David Gandy.

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Published by Sarah Kearney