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On the Ball: David Flatman’s Fantasy England Rugby XV

Former Bath and England prop David Flatman aka Flats is a great friend of Sweeney who also has some fantastic insights into the world of rugby. Kicking off his professional career in 1998 with Saracens, he moved to Bath in 2003 after winning 8 caps for England between 2000 and 2002. After retiring in 2012, he’s become Bath’s Head of Communications and an ITV rugby commentator, and presented the Premiership Rugby Hall of Fame event this year that saw the likes of Lawrence Dallaglio, Phil Vickery and Jonny Wilkinson, to name a few, being honoured with the Hall of Fame induction. Ahead of the World Cup, we asking the veteran player a number of stone island sale large rugby related questions that only someone who’s both a player and a fan could answer earnestly.

The man himself

First up, we gave him the task to select for us his dream starting XV. Who did he pick and why Read on to stone island sale large find out…

    Paul ‘Judge’ Rendall: “A brutal human being, and a top bloke over a pint (or eleven). “
    Brian Moore: “As above!”
    Julian White: “He’s a savagely strong scrummager, even cruel at times; nobody could match him in his day. He’s also the funniest man in the game, and has a beef farm now, so I’m including him as long as I get some free meat.”
    Wade Dooley: “He was an idol of mine as a kid: big, tough, uncomplicated. No messing around.”
    Martin Johnson: “No explanation needed – he’s the greatest there ever was.”
    Mickey Skinner: “Mike Teague was nearly in, but THAT tackle got Mick The Munch the nod. He’s a hero of mine to this day.”
    Neil Back: “The best tackler and ball-poaching link player that England ever had, and he’s still stone island sale large irreplaceable today.”
    Andy Ripley: “He’s my favourite, and I didn’t want to give Lawrence Dallaglio all the credit (though it should be him really…)”
    Kyran Bracken: “I never played with anyone tougher than KB, and he was a pin-up to boot. He’s also in because he once let me drive his new Aston Martin.”
    Jonny Wilkinson: “Nuff said.”
    Chris Oti: “Growing up watching Rugby Special on BBC2, Oti seemed a finisher ahead of his time. He didn’t play much for England, but when he did he was fantastic.”
    Jeremy Guscott: “The prince of centres…”
    Will Greenwood. “England have yet to find a 13 with the sublime mix of timing, raw skill and expert vision of Greenwood; a bona fide legend.”
    Jason Robinson: “The most dynamic, fleet-footed player the game has seen, and the best finisher, too. He’s on the wing because…”
    Matt Perry: “The Rock was the bravest fullback in world rugby. Unparalleled in the air, Pez was the yardstick in terms of work rate and commitment in every team he played in. What a legend.”

By Flat’s own admission, whittling down English players from different generations was a tough ask. But what do you reckon to Flatman’s selection Has he missed a legendary player from the past Should more of the current squad be represented Who would be in your fantasy XV As ever, let us know on our social media