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Stone Island Historical Archive Building Rebuilt

Stone Island Historical Archive Building

Stone Island have created a new structure to house their Historical Archive at their Ravarino headquarters in Modena, Italy. The new building was needed to replace the previous structure that was severely damaged during the 2012 earthquake that ravaged so much of the region.
The new build is seen as a nod to the strength and optimism of the people of the region. Built with the most rigid earthquake counter-measures, the new building incorporates reinforced concrete, COR-TEN steel and glass. Covering a total of 2500 square stone island sale 3xl metres, 1800 square metres of it is used to house the vast Historical Archive which houses over 20,000 garments from their past 30 years of research and experimentation.

Many of the unique pieces from Stone Island that we have covered over the past few years will be housed in the Historical Archives. You can shop the latest Stone Island online now.