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Our Legacy ‘Official’ Autumn & Winter ’13
Jul 22nd 2013: Our Legacy ‘Official’ Autumn & Winter ’13

Few labels have found a place within the market so easily as Our Legacy. Ever since the brand’s inception the Swedes behind it have never faltered and season after season somehow the offerings have been better than the last. They deal in subtlety and the type that older brands have spent years trying to perfect. Although the minimalist label has been maturing since ’05 this is actually only our 2nd season with the brand and already we’re looking forward to many more. From quirky print work to clinical stone island polo cheap tailoring the collections seem to consistently cover all the bases, with ‘Official’ doing so even more effectively than any in the past. Wearable but not over the top, ‘Official’ puts tie dyed button downs next to Italian wool jumpers and somehow offers a functional wardrobe. 

New for autumn & winter ’13 is the addition of the ‘Jacquard Dots’ t-shirts, both long and short sleeved variations with polka dots intricately woven together on the inside. These are stone island polo cheap unique in terms of design but are versatile and wearable options when paired together with slightly heavier layers such as the ‘Six Shirt’. As with previous seasons the brand have paid extra attention to quality of fabric, something we’ve come expect. As well as re-visiting reliable European spots like Portugal and Italy the OL boys have toyed around with a fine English silk duly creating one of the most luxurious shirts stone island polo cheap we’ve seen this year in their ‘Classic’ silhouette. Fabric is something the detail obssesed brand are concerned with but rather than experimenting for the sake of it they always seem to create something worthwhile. 

You can catch the first drop of Our Legacy’s ‘Official’ collection online now as we await further installments as the season goes on.