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Stone Island Hydrophobic Treatment

Stone Island are world renowned for their expertise in garment dyeing and working with experimental fabrics. One of their latest finishes is the Hydrophobic treatment. You will know from past experience that if you are wearing a pair of denim jeans or cotton clothing and it starts raining, the material is going to soak up the rain water.

Thanks to this new pioneering new hydrophobic effect that Stone Island have coated some of their clothing with, the rain will simply run off the item that you are wearing without soaking in. Through their research into waterproofing items, Stone Island realised that they could achieve this effect by dipping the finished garment into a specialist treatment. Because of the arrangement of the stone island patch molecules on the finished garment, the item repels any water that it comes into contact with, without taking on any of the water into the material. Add to this that the finish is environmentally friendly and this is one of the most impressive developments that we have seen coming out of Stone Island in recent times.

From our current collections, we have a couple of hooded, dual layer jackets that have been coated with the hydrophobic treatment. We have both the blue Stone Island hooded jacket and the red Stone Island hooded jacket (pictured below). Both retail at £495 but we currently have them in our Winter sale.