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Ten-C Brand Guide

The end of the 2000’s saw CP Company designer Alessandro Pungetti and Stone Island’s Paul Harvey join forces and Ten-C was then born into the world of sportswear apparel. Harvey and Pungetti exclusively design Ten-C in Italy, the home of both CP Company and Stone Island. Both designers adhere their designs down the same road as Stone Island and CP, focusing on their ‘forever collection.’ This includes one fabric, four colours, seven jackets, forever.

Ten-C Anorak

Uniquely, Ten-C garments are not labelled, for the purpose to be loved for exactly what they are; high quality jackets crafted from premium quality fabrics. These pieces are ensured to last the wearer forever, sporting both classic and iconic features which are designed to age with you only. Ten-C do believe that by applying true and qualitative craftsmanship to each garment, this helps the environment due to elimination of waste. This means that not only are stone island mock neck you sporting a timeless jacket, but also doing your bit to help the environment. Best of both worlds We think so. 

Ten-C Anorak

With Ten-C not branding their garments, instead they add the most gratifying technique any brand could give to a buyer. This is the numbering of the jacket and stamp which is done completely by hand when the garment is manufactured. Another thing which Ten-C do to make sure you get the most out of your jacket is to provide different ‘liners.’ The liner is based on the standard 1950’s American liners, crafted especially to be worn in colder climates. The same Liner fits all models of jackets, except the Freezer, which has its own dedicated Liner.

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Here at Aphrodite we have received two liners in two different colour-ways. Soot and Sapphire are two liners which can be used with any of the jackets to create a totally different look. This is an ideal investment piece if you are planning on making your Ten-C jacket a life-long companion, by mixing it up with different colours. One of the three jackets we have received this season is the statement Parka. It’s first iconic use was in 1951 when the US army began to adapt it to their uniform for weather protection. The parka was also famously sported by the Mods who used the parka to keep their suits clean when riding their scooters. Ten-C’s interpretation of this timeless piece takes inspiration from the M65 parka, boasting its looser fit. The parka is made from a knitted nylon/polyester micro-fibre which is made in Japan and finished flawlessly in Italy. Over time the Parka will mould itself to your body, making it entirely your jacket. The second is the Anorak, a waterproof lightweight jacket which like the Parka will mould itself to fit only you over time. The Anorak can be worn with liners and is also made from the same knitted nylon and micro-fibre mix, making it both durable and long-lasting against the elements. The original anorak was made from seal skins or caribou in the early days, but from the 1950’s it was re-created in a range of different lightweight materials.

Shearling Liner

The final garment we are stocking is the Shearling Liner in brown. The Shearling liner is available to line any jacket, making the experience of wearing Ten-C more comfortable and protective. It ensures ultimate warmth during the colder months, especially when layered underneath another Ten-C jacket. It features the genuine shearling chest panel with nylon panelling and down stuffing for extra stone island mock neck insulation. It’s no doubt that the Shearling Liner will be an ultimate comfort in the winter months underneath another Ten-C jacket.The beauty of these jackets are that they are the most laid-back looking pieces you could have hanging on your coat hooks. They boast a great amount of detail which gives them their life-long lasting qualities, including the material they are made from which over time grows to fit only you. 


If you like the look of Ten-C, you can view the full range on our website now or see it for yourself in our Sunderland store.