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Minimum – Brand Guide

There’s stone island mens bag an undoubted buzz around all Scandinavian brands at the moment, and has been for the last few years. With their typically sleek designs and effortlessly cool look, it seems the cold weather and bleak connotations of Northern Europe have been reflected onto modern day fashion, with Scandinavian brands typically presenting hard wearing, simplistic yet worthy designs. It seems for now, that some labels from that particular part of the world are intent on taking the fashion world by storm.

Minimum Logo

From Nudie to Anerkjendt, Scandinavian brands hold a quietly clean elegance that seems to be in point in every modern man’s wardrobe, whether it is with crisp, raw denim, or sharply cut shirts that have the fashionable elements to become a firm favourite in anyone’s day to day ensembles.The next in this long line of successful brands that herald from the cold north of Europe looks set to be the niche Danish brand, Minimum.

Bursting on to the fashion scene from a background that has grown their stature as both designers and aspirators of gaining an ultimate look, Minimum are a rarity in the way they have their hugely rich knowledge of the fashion industry- which they give thanks to their humble routes in retail for. Learning the tricks of the trade first hand, Minimum managed to take the time to understand the principles of what their customers want by personal experience.

Originally established as a small retail shop in 1997, Minimum picked up the principles of success in fashion design by getting experience of selling products themselves in a small town called Aarhus. Started up by the single vision of one man, Peder Tang, the young entrepreneur behind the store soon saw that Minimum’s path lay beyond retailing an eclectic mix of other brands goods and his own, and soon, the young designer turned the labels attention to designing and creating their own ranges. The transition from retailer to producer was more of an evolutionary process than anything else for Minimum, as the transition between the two different roles seemed flawless with the help of a few carefully selected friends of Tang’s. They all shared the same vision for a clean, unfaltering aesthethic that would stay true to their unique background, whilst also furthering the image of the Minimum name. With this drive and passion, the year 1999 saw Minimum proudly complete their remarkable move from retail store to designer label, after they launched their first ever male collection.

Minimum ClothingMinimum Short Sleeved Shirt – White Pattern – £65.00

The debut range of Minimum proved to be a huge success. Focusing on high quality materials that featured an appropriately diverse mix of style staples and high fashion items that would not just keep up with, but also beat the majority of the fashion pack, Minimum managed to create a stylish, desirable collection and keep it all at an affordable price. The formula of a youthful, on trend look that was always available at a competitive price became a big hit and drew in a lot of business not just in Denmark, but across main land Europe. As a result, 2007 saw Minimum go on to design and create a range of women’s wear that played on the same winning principles of the already sought after men’s range.

Although Minimum carries a distinctively clean and stylish Scandinavian inspired undercurrent, the links from the young brand to its place of birth end precisely there. Unlike some of its Northern European based counterparts, Minimum devotes a host of its energies towards being fashion forward, and not just supplying their personal take on classics that have become time proven classics. Through functional design, and a heavy concentration of incredibly well tailored silhouettes, Minimum have crafted a range that features unassailable detail, and thorough quality that can’t be matched for anyone operating within their more than reasonable price ranges.

With a strong vein of traditional tailoring running throughout the core of their collection, Minimum have picked up on their Northern European heritage and worked sharply cut silhouettes into a look that uses fine textures and premium textiles that ultimately offer the wearer and elegant look that couldn’t be simpler to wear.

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<p stone island mens bag style=”text-align: justify;”>Through providing your wardrobe with basic styles that have been given that extra fashionable twist, whether it be a striking pattern or an unusual material, Minimum have achieved a look that can be used every day, or simply brought out for special occasions, thanks to a strong mix of fantastic cuts, great quality materials, and a strong palette of brave colours and patterns.

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