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Saucony x Bodega Elite G9 Spring & Summer ’13
Mar 18th 2013: Saucony x Bodega Elite G9 Spring & Summer ’13

Boston’s Bodega is one of the countries finest establishments when it comes to sneakers and particularly those of a limited run. More than just a store the guys behind it are clearly unparalleled taste-makers. They’ve already worked their magic on some of Saucony’s most historic silhouettes and this season they continue to do so, using two G9 models as their canvas. stone island jumper wholesale In the past the collaborations have went from being relatively slept on to internet famous and gone in a matter of hours so we’re pretty excited to have these under our roof, even if it’s just for a few days. They come from stone island jumper wholesale the brand’s Elite tier, a tier concerned with designing footwear that’s just that little bit different and a cut above their mainline line-up.

 photo 01_zpsda8306ac.jpg

Both the Shadow 5 and Shadow 6 are treated to an attractive midsole and a myriad of mish mashed panels that result in a bold and brash aesthetic. We’ve seen a little criticism for these being stone island jumper wholesale perhaps too out there but for us, that’s what makes these worth owning. Saucony have always been a cult choice, quietly bubbling under the surface renowned for comfort and unassuming beauty. All of their models stay true to the brand’s athletic roots and these two are particularly good examples, suitable for performance as well as looking pretty.

 photo 02_zpsf2e4368a.jpg

Both models are now online in limited quantities so if these are to your liking its probably best not to hang around. Don’t forget that we’ve also got some of Saucony’s core models too including the infamous Grid 9000 and the Shadow Original, all silhouettes for the knowing footwear connoisseur.

 photo 03_zpsf4e51ee6.jpg