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Odd Future Spring & Summer ’13
Apr 23rd stone island jumper uk 2013: Odd Future Spring & Summer ’13

We don’t want to judge our hip hop heroes too harshly but generally speaking rappers and clothing lines don’t really gel too well. Great music doesn’t always translate into great fashion but when it comes to Odd Future, the collective seem to have both down to a fine art. It’s not the over designed motorcycle jackets most rappers come out with and it’s certainly a world away from Wu-Wear. Instead of the exuberant hip hopping attire we’re accustomed to it’s actually a very considered affair, more of a complete collection than a range of merchandise.

 photo 6-1_zpsba737e0b.jpg

As musicians Odd Future have enjoyed a particularly speedy rise to fame. Hailing from the streets of Los Angeles they are a great representation of the youth scene over there as they embody an enviously relaxed way of life. They’re a pretty big outfit too with 12 members and a number of affiliates rollin’ with them straight outta Fairfax. It’s universally understood that rappers are pretty cool dudes but few have a better look than Odd Future. Not only is their own line incredibly wearable but their personal styles makes it particularly easy to get on board. To compliment their own efforts the crew often don a simple pair of Vans and rather than flashiness its all about simplicity and a unique ‘swag’ as they like to put it.

 photo 1-3_zps77304387.jpg

In terms of what we’ve chosen we feel we’ve gone for a pretty decent collection spanning socks and beanies all the way up to tees and hoodies. Each piece is extremely high quality and no matter what the print is, it’s guaranteed that it’s durable and hard wearing. In addition a number of the pieces also feature a little quirk when it comes to the sizing label. Rather than the S,M,L we’ve become accustomed to, the brand have opted for a little diagram displaying a guy bloating from little to large. This is the type of dark humour the brand is renowned for, and again their overriding originality shining through. All of our Odd Future selection is now online and available to purchase here.

 photo 2-4_zps1f95f6c1.jpg

You don’t have to understand it to appreciate that it’s undeniably cool. Take us for example, we don’t have a clue what ‘Golf Wang’ means but we’ll wear it with pride all the same. We love kittens, we don’t want to see them branded with a cross for the sake of a t-shirt but when it’s Odd Future we really don’t mind. We’re not sure why they like crosses and donuts so much either but they’re a shade cooler than us so we guess we’ll leave them to it. Anyway, all of our Odd Future selection is now online and available to purchase here.

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