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Reebok Autumn & Winter ’13
Jul 26th 2013: Reebok Autumn & Winter ’13

Reebok has come a long way since it’s origins as a curious word in a South African dictionary and the brand has made it to 2013 with a storied legacy. Named around the Afrikaans word for an antelope, the brand has emulated the sleek and agile qualities of the animal and equipped the world’s feet with these properties since 1958. Since the middle of the 20th century we’ve seen it all courtesy of Reebok. From Shaq dunkin’ down in his infamous Shaqnosis to Allen Iverson providing us with The Answer. Whilst the brand has consistently advanced stone island jeans wholesale one thing sneaker fans take from Reebok is their unparalleled classics. Rarely changing the formula Reebok have held a strong place in the market with silhouettes like the ‘Classic’ and the ‘Phase’ returning season after stone island jeans wholesale season.

For autumn and winter ’13 we’re stocking a range of Reebok Classics with the first drop of them online now. From the progressive Pump Fury to the celebrated Phase II there’s a lot that’ll appeal to both hardened Reebok fans those with even a passing interest in good quality sneakers.

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