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Greenstar Ecoforce 1 – Bamboo Cycling At Its Best

Bamboo bikes have long been heralded for their outstanding strength, great vibration dampening and amazing natural beauty, but sadly the cost of these on the market has put many people off over the years.

That is until now as Greenstar Bikes has introduced the Ecoforce 1, the world’s first affordable bamboo bicycle.

Affordable, reliable, eco-friendly and made from a family-farmed resource; the handcrafted Ecoforce 1 is made with environmental and social responsibility in mind and comes looking like an astonishing work of art.

The single speed bike – which is available in three colours and four different size – also comes with the ability to switch between fixed-wheel and freewheel settings to suit whatever journey you take.

However, the Greenstar Ecoforce 1 is not the stone island hoodie zip first bamboo bike to hit the market, a number of specialist companies have produced them before (such as Brazil’s Flavio Deslandes with their various intricate designs or Calfee Design who even make a bamboo tandem!) but with the Ecoforce’s relatively affordable price tag of $450 USD it sits much cheaper than any of its counterparts.

Find out how to get your hands on one on the Greenstar website.