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Stone Island Sweatshirts – Layer Up This Season
Stone Island Sweatshirts

Crafted by one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses, Stone Island Sweatshirts  have set the benchmark for quality and design in a contemporary and laid back look. With an illustrious history that chronicles one of the fashion industry’s greatest visionaries, Stone Island have become known as a key instigator in the development of fabrics, dying processes and design thanks to one man- Massimo Osti.

Stone Island Sweatshirt

Osti was widely viewed in the fashionable community as a garment engineer rather than a clothes designer, due to his view that his creations should be practical as well as stylish. His approach to making high fashion serviceable was completely unique- and resulted in the invention of crafting techniques, which at their time were considered outlandish, but now- thanks to his persistence and vision, are the norm.

From designing new materials that would ultimately give Stone Island the reputation as one of the most technically advanced brands on the planet, to stone island hooded gilet sale overdyeing garments to give them a truly unparalleled colour effect, Stone Island transformed the way designers approached their products.

The spirit of modernism that Osti first instilled into Stone Island still lives on today; as the label continues its dominance in the field of men’s casual wear. With the renowned label delivering its promise of unassailable quality and durability under the banner of the iconic Stone Island compass badge, it is with the likes of Stone Island sweaters that the Italian born fashion house has mastered its craft, turning simple clean designs into instantly recognizable icons of their genre.

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