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The Power Suit – Wearable Technology Takes A Fashionable Twist

Wearable technology has been a divisive topic since products like Google Glasses and Samsung Galaxy Gear were first brought to our attention. Both are undoubtedly clever bits of engineering but do they not raise more questions of how and where to use them, rather than providing the simple answers like we all would have hoped

Well, one Australian bank has built upon the groundbreakingly simple concept of contactless payment tech and made it extremely wearable by embedding it in none other than a top of the range suit made with the finest Australian merino wool and tailored by most skilled craftsmen of Japan – perfect for any suave gentleman who lives life at a fast pace.

All it takes is one swipe of the Power Suit’s cuff – where the contactless payment chip is safely hand-sewn into the fabric – and you can pay for your meal, taxi, coffee, lunch, whisky… anything, without even having to reach for your wallet.

To make sure you don’t go swipe-crazy, the bank have made it super-easy to keep on top of your finances. Simply link up your suit to an account at Heritage Bank and you can check and manage your account from anywhere in the world with their mobile banking platform.

Twelve Power Suit prototypes were made by the Australian bank, with 11 of them going to lucky customers Down Under while the remaining one was auctioned off for charity, so any fashionable tech-loving gents out there will have to wait until the suits go fully into production to get their hands on one.

For stone island gloves sale more information view the Power Suit video below or head to Heritage Bank’s website.