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Does She Judge You By Your Shoes

You work out, you’re well-read and you know the difference between a sauvignon and a merlot. You call your mum at least once a week and you’re well travelled. You can be doing all of the right things to impress the opposite sex but if your shoes aren’t up to scratch, you’re doing it all wrong.

And we’re not biased, honestly. Studies have shown that women judge men just by looking at their shoes. Researchers at the University of stone island denims Neesee in Switzerland asked 163 women to judge 10 different men by the shoes they were wearing. Of these women, 72% were able to correctly guess over half of the men’s ages, incomes, political affiliation, and other characteristics simply by looking at their footwear.

Wearing a pair of Oliver Sweeney shoes says that you are confident, stone island denims conscientious and discerning. You pay attention to detail, you appreciate only the finest and most luxurious craft and quality and you make intelligent decisions when it comes to letting your style determine the man you are. We know there’s more to life than shoes but well, the facts are there… single, or in a relationship, now’s your chance to make a real impression. You can thank us later.