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The Art Of Illusion by Howard Lee

Test your powers of observation to the limit with this amazing set of drawing illusion games. In each clip something has been drawn by artist Howard Lee – can you spot it Can you identify the real object How sharp is your eyesight

Howard Lee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Illusion, trickery and playful deception are the hallmarks of Lee’s hyperrealist drawing videos. Mixing an impressive array of media from Copic Marker through to Prismacolor Pencil and artist’s acrylic paint, Howard Lee presents a re-interpretation of reality stone island denims jumper that asks you to question the validity of the online world.

In the video below he has Lee has put together a collection of 20 of his best pieces of work where he truly achieves photographic levels of detail. You will have to be quick off the draw (no pun intended) though as you aren’t give much time to guess what is real and what is a drawing as the video itself only last 2 minutes – the pause but may come in handy if you want to test yourself and your friends.

Now go check out the video, and when you like it please head on over to his website here.

Also check out this quick little video of Howard Lee drawing a Paco Rabanne Olympea bottle – which can actually be bought on Van Mildert here if you are interested.