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OS Meets: Brighton band Paper Playground

Paper Playground


How long have you been playing
John: About a year now, but we spent a year before that structuring our music and our sound working on what we wanted to sound like.

Is this the first band you’ve all been in
John: We’ve all been in bands before and some of us have played in bands together as well.
Eddie: Adam and John are brothers and I went to school with Lloyd so we played in bands together there.
Lloyd: Between the four of us we’ve all played in bands since we were 14 years old together but not the four of us together.

How did you come up with the name Paper Playground
Adam: That’s what took the year!
John: It was torture! It’s a reference to the innocence of being a child. It was all about being young and spending your time making things.

Do you write your songs all together or is it just one of you
Adam: It’s a bit of a mixture really. We do a lot of stuff on the computer at the moment. One of us will come up with an idea and we’ll email it around. We all live together so we go running upstairs and downstairs listening to things we’ve all played and the songs evolve from there.
John: If we like where it’s come from we push it further. It’s done in a different way to just sitting down and playing together – it’s more individual.

Where do you get inspiration for the lyrics
John: I write the lyrics. Every time I come up with something new I always promise myself it won’t be personal but you can’t really help it. The music always comes first and then I like to take it away and see how it inspires me. So yes it’s about personal aspects of my life really.

How would you describe your style of music
Lloyd: Dream pop has been thrown about.
Eddie: I joined the group a bit later and before joining I put these guys on once and I stone island chicago described them as being part of the chill wave Brighton scene.
John: I think you have to put electronica in there too because it’s an electronic sound and we have songs of various speeds.

Where do you play most
John: It’s mainly Brighton at the moment as we’re still fine-tuning our sound, but we are starting to play a bit more in London too.
Lloyd: We’re only just really finding our feet but now I think we are ready to venture out there.

What’s your opinion on Britain’s Got Talent and Pop Idol
Eddie: I think shows like XFactor have ruined a few things but they’ve also encouraged bands to rebel against talent shows. Bands think we’ll just do our own stone island chicago thing so there’s a lot of DIY music at the moment because the major record labels will only sign up the X factor rejects. So I think the shows have killed a lot of music but kids aren’t going to be into Paper Playground so the kids can love Olly Murs and people who like real music can love our band!

What’s the next step for the band
John: It’s just to play at the moment. Since we’ve actually got together in the proper line up we’ve done about four gigs. We’ve been so busy writing songs and fine-tuning the sound that now we can go out and actually enjoy playing to people.

What’s the band’s style
Adam: I just wait ‘til John has bought something and then copy him! It’s much easier!
Eddie: That’s real little brother love isn’t it! When we play live we all wear the same colour.
Lloyd: That’s only really happened since Eddie joined the band! We’ve never actually said let’s wear one particular colour!
Eddie: So was that just a coincidence then! So every time I’d seen you before you’d just happened to be wearing the same. Oh so maybe I have uniformed the band! That’s what I’ve brought to the band – no bass playing skills, just fashion!
John: We wear what we feel comfortable in.
Adam: We don’t go on stage and put a different outfit on. We wear what we’d normally wear.

How do you walk your own path
John: We try not to follow any trends by just being ourselves.
Eddie: We make our own path.
Lloyd: We almost didn’t want to worry about what people wanted to hear. We just thought let’s do what’s fun for us and play and that’s sort of come across now. There are a lot more people dancing at our shows now!

What makes your toes curl
Eddie: I really don’t like peanut butter.
Lloyd: I don’t like it when you’re eating a yoghurt and someone says can I have a bit of your yoghurt.
John: We’ve been given the opportunity to talk about our band and you’re talking about peanut butter and yoghurt!
Eddie: I think we make eachother’s toes curl!

Which are your favourite OS shoes
Eddie: I really like Wren: it’s a classic brogue but in boot form. They’re never going to go out of fashion. They look like a classic Dr Marten and they’re made in Italy so they’re good quality.
John: We all appreciate good quality craftsmanship. That’s a sign of a good shoe. You can tell that it’s a brand that’s made very well. In the same way that we are musicians and we craft songs Oliver Sweeney craft their shoes beautifully.