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Diemme Brand Guide

Inspired by the mountainous peaks of its native land, footwear experts Diemme are forming the premium section of a fashion movement that is bringing a new dimension to urban styling, by bringing classic outdoor designs to the high street. With inspirations that come from the great wilderness; from mountaineering to hunting, Diemme are leading the way when it comes to creating authentic styles that are not only perfectly functional, but also beautifully crafted to the highest standards.

Founded by the infamous Italian footwear manufacturer Calzaturificio Diemme, Diemme strives to blend experience with modern day style to deliver shoes that are as desirable as they are practical- providing a contrasting purpose to the original designs from one of Italy’s most stone island 2017 celebrated manufacturers.

With all Diemme pieces being produced at the original Calzaturificio Diemme factory in Montebellune, Italy, the quality that encompasses each and every pair is unparalleled. With over 20 years experience in crafting footwear for outdoor pursuits such as hunting, trekking and mountaineering- as well as for industrial work, Calzaturificio Diemme are masters of their craft when it comes to creating reliable, honest footwear that is purpose built for performance.  It is precisely this affiliation with creating styles that carry a stone island 2017 true sense of tenacity that has granted Calzaturificio Diemme opportunities to work in conjunction with some of fashions biggest names- from Maison Martin Margiela, to Chanel and Gucci, this niche Italian footwear designer has created styles in their quaint factory for some of the true heavyweights of the international fashion scene.

With memories in crafting footwear for other labels that stretch as far back as 1992, the history and tradition of Calzaturificio Diemme provided the perfect platform for Diemme to form its own route into the world of fashion.  It took two brothers; Erlend and Maico Hanssen to recognize the potential of the Diemme name, and bring it to life an entirely new range under it that would work as a single representation of the small Italian factory’s clear talents.

The process was careful and studied. Erlend and Maico knew that the newly formed Diemme brand needed a lot more exposure to differentiate itself from the already long standing Calzaturificio Diemme factory name- and the purpose built products that it had been producing.  The two brothers sought help from all corners of the globe. From Japan to Norway, they enlisted the services of designers, sales agents and showrooms to ensure that every aspect of the new Diemme brand was on point and ready to make an impact in its own right. The result of all this input was a much broader range of footwear that kept the philosophy of outdoor styling at its roots, but branched out into other styles. Diemme shook its image of being a recreational label, and used it to plug a gap in the market that had emerged for a fashion based hiking boot style. This look came to prominence at the perfect time for Diemme, who almost instantly became one of the first labels to provide a unique look of stylish authenticity and functionality that the fast paced fashion pack had been longing for.

The styles continued to develop and releases from Diemme became seasonal-falling in line with the traditional method that other fashion houses use to create a year round presence. With production continuing in the original Italian factory, production grew to a capacity of 80,000 shoes a year- all meticulously made by skilled Italian shoemakers who were at the peak of their talents. This was a key point of differentiation for Diemme, and just one of the main reasons they became such a success as a label in their own right. Unlike other brands, who were shipping production out to the far east for cheaper production with less quality, Diemme continued to use the formula that had served them well for so long- giving them a reputation for sublime quality and incredible standards in design.

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Diemme remains a unique success story to this day. Thanks to its niche approach to fashion, and their desire to stamp their own invention upon it, they have managed to circumnavigate fashionable fads by offering a timelessly cool touch of their own style.
With their boots becoming an unmissable look to those in the know, Diemme’s have made the transition from the mountain passes of Italy to the high streets of the world seamlessly, with their popularity proving unassailable from Japan to the UK. From soft leathers to plush suede, Diemme boots carry an iconic and instantly recognisable look that is highlighted by their classic hiker boot style- features such as fish hook eyelets, traditional hiking laces and ankle padding offer a truly authentic feel that is clean cut for the urban fashion scene.

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Published by Sarah Kearney