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Stone Island Materials – The Tela Stella Jacket

Stone Island Brand Focus

Stone Island Clothing has been at the forefront of the men’s designer sport and technical scene for a number of years and shows no sign of dwindling any time soon. The brand is known for many reasons, their unique surface treatments, dying techniques, association with football fans and for some, their high price tag. Whatever the reason, Stone Island is a renowned much loved brand by many and we have created this newsletter to help explain why Stone Island jackets are the price they are, including information about the different dying process used, materials and the technical aspects of the jackets.

The brand began using hard wearing materials such as sailing fabric, but they wanted to stand out stone island 2014 from the crowd. They continued with heavy material research, resulting in Stone Island being at the head of the material treatments and dyes, which has been carried onto today’s designs. The Iconic badge that made the brand famous was inspired by military stripes and insignia. The infamous compass on the badge symbolised “the love for the sea and an aim for constant research”.

Stone Island Tella Stella Jacket


The Tela Stella fabric was the first fabric founded by the company soon after its launch. This Tela Stella jacket was inspired by army trucks tarpaulin clothes, the technical and functional characteristics and how these can be transferred to a jacket. The material is a consistent cotton cloth which has been soaked on both sides with contrasting pigment special resins then undergone a long lasting enzyme wash to break down the density of the material which helps the jacket achieve that faded look. The result is a wind resistant stone island 2014 material which has an air of old oilskins corroded by the sea mixed with a strong military feel.

Thirty years after its original release, the Tela Stella jacket is back, mixed with modern technologies, and is proudly part of the 30 years anniversary collection. The jacket bears witness to the success of all-Italian skills that have been involved in the company research and experimentation.

The features of this jacket are just as iconic as the materials and fabrics used to create it, 2 slanted zip fasten pockets, full zip fasten with wind flaps for extra protection, a peaked hood, which has become a staple for many Stone Island and CP Company’s jackets, mixed with the symbolic removable compass logo on the sleeve and the interior material explanation and care guide

Stone Island Tella Stella Fabric

Stone Island price range reflects the dying and technical treatments that have went into the design and manufacture of the garment, along with the processes and developments of the fibres for the quality finish known from the brand. The dying process means that no two jackets will be the same, giving each customer that unique and exclusive feel.

Over the years the brand has accumulated knowledge and experience through research and testing to give them the confidence to produce top quality products.

In our next feature on Stone Island, we are going to feature the Stone Island Membrana TC Jacket.
Wrote by Sarah Kearney