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The Grovemade Desktop Collection

The latest piece of Grovemade’s superb wooden desktop collection has just been released, and this time they have partnered up with designer Joey Roth to release some elegant handcrafted speakers.

Of all the ‘vision’s’, ‘ethos’s’, and ‘motto’s’ (call it what you will) we have come across from companies over the years we think Grovemade’s might well be the best… Make Cool Stuff And Have Fun Doing It. Simple as that.
Now we don’t know how much fun went into them, but the speakers are most definitely cool.

The wooden shells are designed in-house by Grovemade at their Portland, Oregon workshop, and are machined from a solid piece of hardwood with a hand from Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software. From there, the pieces of wood are sanded down to their final shapes and given two coats of oil to seal the wood.

Constructed from either solid maple and walnut so to harness superior acoustic properties and create clear and nuanced sound, the speakers also feature a horn design and two-inch drivers paired with a 2x25W amplifier.

The speakers also feature stainless steel stands that have been covered in leather in order to hide cheap stone island in london any hardware and provide ample grip for standing.

The aesthetically brilliant collection also includes a monitor stand, keyboard tray, wrist pad, mouse pad, pen pot, desk lamp, paperclip holder cheap stone island in london and ruler all made out of the same two types of wood making the inclusion of the speakers a seamless one.

For more information on the speakers, the rest of the desktop collection, or any other products they produce please head on over to Grovemade’s website here.