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Stone Island Materials – Glass Jacket

Stone Island Brand Focus

This is the final instalment of the Stone Island Brand In Focus session whereby we have been showcasing some of the exclusive fabrics and dyeing techniques that Stone Island use in some of their premium pieces of menswear. This time we bring to you the Stone Island glass jacket. We hope that if you have been following cheap stone island hoodies the feature from part 1 that you have learnt a little as to why Stone Island jackets cost the amount of money that they do and that you might now have a new appreciation for the brand. If perhaps you missed the earlier blog posts and would like to read them, you can visit them via the following links:

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Stone Island Glass Jacket


This two tone jacket gets its name from the opalescent appearance which is typical of worn glass. The use of glass in the fabric together with tightly woven cotton Batavia amplifies the colour outputs of the garment dying techniques, granting to the piece a series of different colour tones. Crafted from two innovative Stone Island fabrics, this is a top quality designer product and proves the brand is the best when it comes to materials and ground-breaking fabrics.

The first material, which makes up the majority of the main body is the brands very own garment dyed cotton, followed by a Ripstop Nylon Tela, achieved through the lamination of an opaque polyurethane film to its outer face and to the specific dye formulas used for the garment dying treatments.

Stone Island Glass Jacket

That just about brings to an end our Stone Island feature. Hopefully it has been as interesting and enlightening a read as it has been for us to research and write about.  There is so much more that we could cheap stone island hoodies talk about from the world of Stone Island but this was just a small feature on some of the current cheap stone island hoodies jackets that are in stock and what makes them so unique.  If ever you have any questions regarding Stone Island or any of the clothing that you have seen, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our friendly shop floor or web team will be happy to assist you in your enquiry.