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Carhartt WIP x APC Autumn & Winter ’13
Oct 17th 2013: Carhartt WIP x APC Autumn & Winter ’13

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Although we’re in the midst 4 marketing stone island of a thriving colaboration culture, Carhartt & APC is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve seen in recent years. Although the product is simplistic the pairing has a noticeably organic feel to it, each piece the result of a real friendship rather than a vessel for financial gain. Over the past few years we’ve enjoyed watching the line mature but 2013 marks the final collection, at the height of it’s unprecedented success. Just like they’ve done in previous seasons, the pair have injected new life into wardrobe staples, reinventing workwear to create unique and desirable product often equipped with a sense of playfulness as well as luxury. 

The versatile silhouettes comes courtesy of Carhartt WIP whilst APC provide the distinct fabric choices, a tried and tested formula which seems to have worked well. Although the final collection stays true to their values, Jean Toitou and Arnaud Faeh have had a little fun with it incorporating witty design touches inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s ‘if Six was Nine’. This reference is apparent with the quirky watch and it’s jumbled face, although you run the risk of being late for work down to sheer confusion it’s an unmistakable piece sure to be coveted seasons from now. 

There are of course more functional pieces in the range as primarily that is the collaboration’s intention. Although each piece is built to last APC & Carhartt also instills a sense of luxury adding cashmere to what would of been acrylic and wool into pieces traditionally made of cotton. It’s small touches like this that justify the el;elevated price tag and garner the alarming hype that each collection brings. Our picks from the APC x Carhartt collection are now online and in store in limited numbers. Head over to the designated section to see the pieces in more detail.