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The Obsession: Neil’s Massimo Osti Jackets

At Oliver Sweeney, we have an obsession for traditional craftsmanship, and for blending it with modern design. And while we know that if you’re reading this you definitely share our obsession, there are also plenty of other things out there that inspire passions to rival the Cobbler-in-Chief. With that in mind, we return to our editorial series on Obsessions. Massimo Osti, the Italian menswear designer most famous for the Stone Island and CP Company brands, was recognised by Arena Homme Plus magazine as the ‘Most Influential Man in Men’s Fashion of the ’90s’ and commands a huge following for his pioneering obsession for design and technology. Describing himself as a “devoted disciple and passionate collector” of Osti’s work, Neil has an extensive archive of rare pieces that he’s been amassing for over 20 years.

Where did the obsession begin
It’s very much linked to football for me. I’ve always been a keen football fan, and from going to games in the early to mid ‘80s you started to see the now-iconic compass badge on people’s arms. That caught my eye, and the jackets themselves were unlike any other jacket I’d ever seen: completely different fabrics, looks and details. They just stood out, and made everything else look drab & uniform. I realised that they were something just completely different, and that really struck a chord.

What made them popular at the time
Well, that depends on who you believe. Certainly there’s a school of thought that says when British clubs played abroad, the fans were exposed to new brands that they hadn’t seen before and jumped on them. My own view is that while there’s an element of that, the Casuals era was about one-upmanship; going to someone else’s town and making a statement by how you dressed and how you behaved. Those jackets were standout jackets, but they were also incredibly practical, because football stadiums were very cold in those days!

But the jackets were definitely a status symbol too. The nature of one-upmanship means that trends change very quickly; what was in one week would be out the next week, depending on who you were and where you were in the country. I used see all sorts of different styles around when I went to lots of different matches as a teenager, from the early ‘80s onwards.

What was your first Massimo Osti piece
It was a very simple, plain ribbed crewneck sweatshirt that took me 6 months to save up for. Naturally, I wore it to death. I no longer have that sweater, unfortunately. I’d say that it wasn’t until a good few years later – in the mid-‘90s – that I managed to afford to indulge my passion properly, because the pieces were just SO expensive.

One of Neil’s earliest Stone Island pieces, this jacket is from the brand’s first-ever collection in 1982

When did you make the transition from fan to collector
Well it wasn’t a conscious decision. I find the best way to describe it is that the world is split into two groups: you either have collecting in your DNA, or you don’t. As a child I collected stamps and as an early teenager I collected football programmes, so it didn’t surprise me that I ended up being obsessed (or taken, rather) by something else, which happened to be these collections of clothes. I realised it had become a bona fide collection when I couldn’t fit all the coats into a wardrobe!

One of the most recent additions to the collection is this field jacket from Stone Island Shadow Project AW15

How many pieces do you have now
The jackets I try to keep around the 200 mark, otherwise…well, it’s important to maintain some domestic harmony. The whole collection including jackets, jumpers, shirts, POS and books is probably somewhere between 400 and 500 pieces.

Do you find time to wear them all
Absolutely – that’s the crux of the collection, for me. Part of the fun is that I can go into the rooms, see what’s there and then pick out something to wear. At one stage I did have the idea that I’d have one jacket for every day of the year! For the moment though, it can be whatever grabs my fancy at any given time, there’s no particular set plan. Obviously I have favourites, and pieces I only wear for special events, but in general I wear as much of it as possible.

When exposed to temperature drops, the Stone Island Ice Jacket’s technical outer changes colour as demonstrated here

How does that affect the curation of the collection
For me, it gets harder to part with pieces. Over the years, you get to a point where almost everything you’ve got is something you really, really want. I’ve often been quite impulsive at buying things, so I used to have a bunch of things that either were the wrong size, or ‘what on earth i thinking at the particular time ’ so these are easily divestible without too much of an emotional problem. The sadness of one piece going is usually outweighed by the joy of the next piece arriving. It’s constantly evolving, it’s dynamic, and it’s meant to be a collection that is worn.

Some of the most fragile pieces in Neil’s collection, these two jackets are made with real metal thread and are stone island sale kopen extremely heavy

What do you look for when examining a new piece
The first stone island sale kopen criteria for adding is that it has to be something I could wear, however outlandish it could look (especially given my age), but it’s got to be something that I could fit into. Then it’s about the details, something catches your eye about the garment and there’s an instinctive, emotional attachment to it. The colour, the fabric, the styling in some way of it, it just there’s no strict pattern to it, but I have to say I’m drawn to brightly-coloured pieces particularly.

The label inside the Metal Shell jackets explains how they are made (and includes advice on how to discharge static build-up)

Where do you go to find new pieces
Everywhere. Over the years, I’ve got to know people all over the world! I’m part of an online community called the Osti Archive Forum, and there’s quite a thriving marketplace there. eBay is obviously a hugely popular place, but it’s harder to find those rare pieces as its popularity increases, but it’s amazing where things crop up. The Metropolis jacket took me years to find because they’re so big in terms of sizing, but I eventually got hold of one when I was chatting to a guy who ran a store in Exeter and by pure chance he mentioned that he had an old CP piece in his wardrobe that he hadn’t worn for years…

The built-in pollution mask was an integral part of the Metropolis jacket

How did you feel when you found that
It’s a mixture, really. Obviously there’s huge excitement and elation that you’re going to get hold of something; in the collecting community such finds are known as Grails (for obvious reasons) and that was definitely one of mine at the time. I imagine collecting is a little like drug taking, in that you’re always looking for your next hit; in some ways it’s the downside of collecting – you’re almost never satisfied, there’s always something else that you want to move on to. And whilst the thrill of the chase and the hunt is fantastic, there’s always seems to be that yearning for one more…just one more!

The now-iconic CP Company Mille Miglia jacket had built-in goggles and was designed for the infamous Italian road race

What’s the root of the appeal of these pieces for you
Once I got more into the history of the man and learned all about the brands, it absolutely appealed to me even more. I think what I admire most about him is the creativity and dedication – he was absolutely devoted to experimentation, he never sat on his laurels and was willing to dream extraordinary things – for example who would think of putting goggles in the hood of a jacket 30 years ago Today it’s an iconic piece. There’s a film they did for the 30th Anniversary of Stone Island which says that Osti put experimentation into the DNA of the whole organisation, and I think that’ still there today.

The inside label from one of the earliest Stone Island Ice Jackets

Is there one that got away
Plenty! In terms of Stone Island itself, the Ice Jackets [Editor’s note: finished with a thermo-sensitive resin treatment, these chameleonic jackets are icons of the Stone Island brand. The molecules of the micro pigments encapsulated in the resin change the path of light and get darker as the temperature drops.] are my particular favourites. There’s a very rare version of the Ice Jacket that had a helicopter visor in the hood; I think it was a prototype, not necessarily a production piece, but unfortunately that was one that got away. There’s always another day

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The Maxi: More Than What It Seems!

When it comes to maxi dresses, it’s all in the details. Maxis are very popular this year, and why wouldn’t they be Our top reasons for loving maxi dresses:
-effortless style
-comfort (feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but look GREAT!)
-lengthen your body and slim all over

Now, here’s why we love our very own What-It-Seams Maxi Dress!
-Accents your waist
-Straps thick enough to cover bra straps
-The extremely popular uneven hemline adds interest and keeps you from tripping
-Stretch back to offer a perfect fit
-Angled side seams and vertical front seams to lengthen
-Pockets just the perfect size for your phone, lipstick and keys
-It’s on sale online! (Psst…and it quickly sold out in many of our retail stores.)

Now, all that’s left to do is choose a color that’s perfect for you!
-As of publish date, the What-It-Seams Maxi Dress is still available in every size in Cool Breeze, Meadow and White.
-Don’t be afraid of white…this fabric isn’t sheer like so stone island sale kinder many white dresses and is a cool, breezy color for the summer!
-Cool Breeze is pretty and subtly colorful.
-Meadow is a wonderful green that would go well with a white cardi and brown sandals.
-Any of the other colors available in your size could make a fabulous outfit…just add shoes!

What are your reasons for loving maxi dresses Are pockets important to you when choosing a dress

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The Hombre Margarita

The Hombre Margarita
dweber posted this February 18th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.16.50 AM

If grilled cheese sandwiches are the official food of Horny Toad, then margaritas are our official beverage. And since February 22 is National Margarita Day, we couldn’t let it pass without a celebration.

As to the origin of our favorite drink, the editors at said it best: Let’s get one thing straight: no-one really knows who invented the Margarita. stone island sale eu The first mention in print of a Margarita cocktail is in the December 1953 issue of Esquire magazine where it states simply that, ‘She’s from Mexico, Señores, and she is lovely to look at, exciting and provocative.’ That recipe only called for an ounce (30ml) of tequila, a dash of triple sec and the juice of half a lime or lemon.

My how things evolve. A couple of years ago we gave you stone island sale eu Kate’s Superior Margarita recipe.  Today we bring you Christina’s Hombre Margarita.  Mix one tonight, let it warm you against winter’s last, bitter chill and tell us what you think:

Christina’s Hombre Margarita
– pint glass
– tray ice cubes
– course or flaky salt
– limes
– Cazadores tequila
– Patron Citronage

– cut a lime in half and wet the rim of the pint glass with it
– gently dip the rim into the salt
– fill the glass with ice cubes
– squeeze about 3/4 inch lime juice into the glass
– pour 2 inches of tequila into the glass
– pour 1 inch of Citronage into the glass
– stir vigorously for at least 30 seconds
– add more ice if desired
– drink slowly

Happy (almost) Spring!

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the fall 2015 season!
the fall 2015 season!

School is in. Hot weather is out. And a new season of KCW is here! Mark your calendars because the official challenge week this fall is October 19-25. Before then we will have inspiration galore on the blog. There will be gorgeous photos to get you excited to sew, beautiful fabrics you’ll discover you need, and patterns and tutorials to get you started. There will be plenty of time to dream of stone island sale womens sewing before we get down to it and sew each day of KCW!

announcing the fall 2015 kcw season

Maybe your lists of things to sew is so incredibly long you don’t know where to start. Maybe you need a little nudge in one direction to get going That’s what are themes are for! And this season’s theme is pretty fantastic (if I do say so myself):  DISGUISE!  Kids love to dress up like ninjas, mailmen, ballerinas, cooks, mom and dad. Children love to become anyone and anything. My daughter once dressed up as a stick-and was very pleased with herself:)

Harness the power of make-believe and sew something fantastic! It might be a costume or it might not. Let the theme take you where it will.

announcing the fall 2015 kcw season

A few things about KCW themes:

you absolutely don’t have to sew something that conforms to the theme
if you want to use the theme, you feel like you have to apply it to everything you make
you can interpret the stone island sale womens theme any way you like
don’t worry, our contributors will give you some ideas about how you can use the themes

There really is only one rule for KCW: sew 1 hour a day for 7 days. Are you ready ! Well make it official! Click here to sign up for the June 2015 season. After you sign up, grab a button to put on your blog, or twitter, or Facebook, or Intstagram. The more people we can get to sew along, the more exciting KCW is!

Happy KCW!

announcingautumnfalloct 2015season

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The Diplomat

The Diplomat
dweber posted this July 8th, 2015


We’ve always said we keep good company. And our friend David Holbrooke is no exception. Since our early days in Telluride back in the mid 1990s, David has been a long-time friend of Toad and a close partner of ours at Telluride Mountainfilm Festival. A long-time Telluride resident and self-proclaimed adrenaline junky, David’s been rocking his title as Telluride Mountainfilm Festival Director for the past few years, bringing varied and powerful films to Mountainfilm. And when he’s not knee-deep in Mountainfilm, he’s also a darn good filmmaker on the side. This year, David’s latest documentary, The Diplomat, shook up Mountainfilm – and we couldn’t have been prouder.

The Diplomat chronicles the remarkable life of late US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. If the name sounds familiar, it should – Ambassador Holbrooke was David’s father. In this documentary, David investigates his father’s legacy as he gets to know his father “better in death that I did in life.”

One of the most accomplished diplomats of the 20th century, Ambassador Holbrooke spent more than five decades engaged in high-stakes diplomacy at the negotiating table. In an effort to get to know the man behind the peace missions, David delves into his father’s past: From his early days as an intuitive foreign service officer in Vietnam to securing a peace between war-torn Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia and, finally, to his work as U.S. point man for a stone island bermuda shorts sale crumbling Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Diplomat is a frank exploration of family relationships, weighed against ambition, legacy and the force required to affect change in the world. But in both Ambassador Holbrooke’s tireless diplomacy and David Holbrooke’s vulnerable storytelling, it is clear that the indomitable spirit runs deep in both men. Like father, like son.

For more information on The Diplomat and where to see the film, visit

The Diplomat (trailer) from ro*co Films on Vimeo.

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That’s Just Peachy

That’s Just Peachy
dweber posted this August 23rd, 2015

We interrupt mens stone island jumpers sale our regular programming to bring you a special announcement: It’s National Peach Month. Which means that we have just a few days left to give do credence to one of our favorite summer snacks. And what better way than grilling ’em up and slathering with sweet-yet-salty honey ricotta Yep, we told you it was a special announcement.


Recipes and Photos from Recipe Runner

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Honey Ricotta

4 peaches, halved and the pit removed
3/4 cup ricotta
2 tsp honey (and a bit more for drizzling on top)
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (and a dash for sprinkling on top)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1. In a small bowl whisk together the ricotta, honey, cinnamon and vanilla until it’s perfectly smooth. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.
2. Preheat your grill to medium high heat.
3. Brush oil or melted butter onto the cut side of the peaches, then place them cut side down onto the grill.
4. Grill peaches for about 3 minutes or until they are warm and have those fun grill marks.
5. Spoon a big dollop of the cinnamon honey ricotta mixture into the peach pit holes, and finish with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. mens stone island jumpers sale Bon appetite!

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Style Session – Issue 6

1. Stone Island Soft Shell R Jacket – £295.00

2. Nudie Straight Alf Jeans – £90.00

3. Y3 Sprint Classic Trainers – £190.00

The Style Sessions are back, and if we do say so ourselves this outfit is a must have for any modern man featuring top brands from the likes of Stone Island, Nudie Jeans and Y3. These brands are some of the best in the fashion scene at the moment and prove very popular season in season out here at Aphrodite Clothing.

Starting from the top, we have the Stone Island Soft Shell R Jacket in Blue. Stone Island are world famous for their innovative designs mixed with their research into technical dying techniques and fabrics, which over the years have helped them cement themselves as one of the best sale stone island uk known brands in mens designer sports and technical wear. Taken from the Autumn/Winter Collection, this jacket has a full fleece lining, making it ideal for the colder winter days ahead and has been crafted from 3 ply performance material with an 8000mm water column making this a breathable waterproof and wind-proof jacket. Other features include a peaked hood, 2 front zip fasten pockets, long sleeves and finished off with the symbolic removable Stone Island compass patch to the sleeve.

Moving onto the jeans, these are Straight Alf’s from the prestigious Nudie Jeans brand. Crafted from 100% organic 13.2 oz denim, these regular fitting straight leg jeans will become a staple in your collection that will improve with time. Nudie themselves recommend buyers of their raw denim to wear them for a number of months without washing to achieve a personal, stylish and worn in appearance, ultimately becoming a second skin. Styling with a plain white tee, trainers and a jacket will complement these jeans for a casual weekend look.

Finishing this outfit, we have Y3 Sprint Classic Trainers in White at £190.00. Proving popular year after year, the Y3 Classics boast the iconic Adidas stripes to the side panels mixed with the Yohji Yamamoto name. These are a smart pair of trainers, mixing the classic Adidas look with the modern slim-lined slick designs of Y3.  A quality pair of trainers ideal to finish off a stylish casual look.

If any of the items above interest you at all, please call one of our friendly team on 0191 5675898 or email

Samantha Carruthers is an Online Editor at Aphrodite. Find her on Google+

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Stone Island Camo Video

Our friends over at Stone Island have released their latest design video, and this one is concentrated on the Camo print bomber jacket. The video shows the jackets use of ‘DPM’ Disruptive Pattern Material and highlights the key features of this unique creation. Watch the video below and shop all Stone Island clothing, footwear & those all important winter accessories.

To keep up to date with the latest stock and deliveries, be sure to sign up to our newsletter for all the latest information and be the first to find out about new deliveries, sales and exclusive promotions. Shop some of our favourite AW13 pieces below.

Stone Island
Raso Gommato Camo Jacket
Stone Island
Badge Logo Sweat Top
Stone Island
Iconic stone island womens sale Compass Backpack

Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert
Click to buy at Van Mildert

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Stone Island AW12
Jul 20th 2012: Stone Island AW12

Autumn/Winter has always been our favourite season where Stone Island are concerned – not that we aren’t fans of some of the summer offerings, AW just brings the heavier, more technical pieces of outerwear that really want us to get outside and battle the elements. This year is no disappointment, what with the fantastic 30th Anniversay Garment Dyed Down Jacket and M90 Camo Reflective Jacket kicking things off.

With the specs on both jackets being mighty impressive (the Down Jacket is made from a ultra-light nylon that weighs only 26 grams per square metre!) you are definitely getting a jacket to last the colder months ahead.

stone island blog1

stone island blog2

stone island blog3

stone island blog4

We could go stone island sale juniors sale on for ages about how the Reflective Jacket contains glass micro-spheres, or how the comfort is achieved in the Down jacket by directly injecting the feathers but we thought we would leave it to you to find out just how wonderful this jacket really is. So take a detailed look at the jackets and also the initial offerings from the collection here.

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Watch Stone Island_Spring Summer ‘016 Video

Watch Stone Island_Spring Summer ‘016 Video

Check out Stone Island’s Spring Summer ‘016 promo video stone island sale birmingham for an instant style guide to one of the world’s most respected technical sportswear brands.
As one of our most popular brands, we might have mentioned once or twice exactly why we rely on Stone Island for instant style and a reputable style finish. There’s plenty more of that same fabric innovation in the new season Stone Island collection.
From glow in the dark knits, to water resistant wools, to eye-catching brights, the Stone Island collection is, as always, one to watch.
The promo video is all you would expect of Stone Island and more. Trippy visuals and even trippier shadow effects make for a unique visual experience, one that wouldn’t be out of place projected onto the walls of an underground nightclub.


Silon Jacket
Long Sleeve Tinto Capo T Shirt
Slim Fit Jeans


SHOP NOW stone island sale birmingham