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What Is Fashion Week

What Is Fashion Week The tents are up, the invitations have gone out, and hotel rooms have been booked for months. As New Yorkers brace themselves for the influx of traffic that marks the beginning of New York fashion week, those not familiar with the industry are asking themselves one simple question:

What is fashion week

Fashion week is when major fashion designers in cities around the world present their next season’s collection to fashion buyers and the media. They run six months ahead of time, so shows presented in the fall feature clothes for the next spring, and clothes shown in the spring are for fashions to be worn in the fall.

Why do they run six months ahead ahead of time

Because designers need time to fill the orders department store buyers place during fashion week. Making thousands of copies of each garment takes time – it doesn’t happen overnight. The six month lag also allows fashion magazines time to create their articles and photo shoots and deliver the content at the appropriate time.

Yes, it is confusing as a consumer to see spring fashion week just as fall sets in or look at fall clothes just as spring arrives, but it’s the nature of the industry. In order to deliver for the right season, they have to start months ahead of time.

So why does each major city have its own fashion week

Because there are only so many magazine editors and department store buyers to go around, and they can’t all be in the same place at the same time. So each city schedules its own fashion week to allow the editors and buyers time to travel from city to city.

The Fall 2012 fashion week schedule looks like this:

New York: September 6-13
London: September 14-18
Milan: September 18-24
Paris: September 25- October 3
Los Angeles: October 14-21

It’s an exhausting for everyone involved, from the designers working down to the wire to get their collections done, to the editors and buyers traveling from show to show and living out of a suitcase for a month. But again, it’s the nature of the business. Fashion is a billion dollar industry, and this is what’s required to sell the kind of volume they do.

Has fashion week always been like this


Lanvin, c. 1911When the haute couture industry first started in the 1850’s, it was secretive and exclusive. The top designers held fashion shows in their ateliers for their very best clients, and kept models on staff to show clothes whenever a potential client showed up. There were no ready-to-wear collections being sold to department stores, no distribution to “the masses.” Couture apparel – like polo ponies and fine champagne – belonged exclusively to the rich. For 75 years, they saw absolutely no reason to share their world with “the average person” – except to show off how they lived through news reels and magazine stories.

By the 1930’s, there were 30,000 regular haute couture clients world-wide. spending millions on clothes every year. Paris was the center of the fashion universe, and the world’s wealthiest women traveled there twice a year to order complete wardrobes from their favorite couturiers. Everyone was stone island overshirt grey happy – except those who wanted the cachet of designer apparel, but couldn’t afford it. They had to settle for designer perfume instead.

World War II changed everything.

Not only were millions of lives lost, but the world economy changed. Paris was shut down for five years during the German occupation. Devout fashion followers had to look elsewhere – and often turned to their own countrymen. It was a pivotal time in fashion history.

Yes, the Paris fashion scene bounced right back when Christian Dior introduced his “new look” in 1947. But dozens of new American, British, and Italian designers now also vied for couture clients. Ladies from Chicago and Dallas flew to New York instead of Paris. The British royals and aristocrats supported British designers instead of French. The Italians skipped Paris altogether and went to Milan instead.

For the first time in nearly a century, Parisian designers were forced to share the wealth.

They didn’t like it.

Pierre Cardin RTW for Printemps Dept Store, Paris, 1959So they innovated yet again: they started selling ready-to-wear.

Pierre Cardin was the first couturier to create a ready-to-wear line for a department store in 1959. His colleagues were so appalled, they promptly threw him out of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, the regulating commission for the French haute couture industry. Cardin was devastated – until the checks started rolling in, that is. He made so much money from his ready-to-wear lines that the other designers couldn’t help but notice.

Within a decade, Cardin was restored to the Chambre Syndicale, and most of the other members were also offering RTW lines. Others, like old-school Cristobal Balenciaga, simply closed their ateliers rather than “sell out” to the masses. By the 1970’s, ready-to-wear lines and licensing agreements comprised the biggest part of most designers’ businesses.

Today, there less than 1500 couture consumers world-wide, and only a dozen or so couturiers still presenting couture shows. The bulk of sales in fashion comes from things the “average person” can afford, like ready-to-wear pieces, licensed accessories, and perfume.

Which is why fashion week has become so important.

When “press week” first started in 1940, it was as a way to get newspaper, magazine, and news reel reporters to cover the fashion industry. It was all still very exclusive, and magazine editors around the world relished being able to be the first to share the new season’s fashions through pictures and editorials. For sixty years, fashion magazine editors were the gate keepers of the fashion industry.

But the Internet changed all that.

Instant reporting. Streaming video. “Looks of the day” websites. Monthly paper editions of anything now seem like relics from the last century.

Celebrities in the front row of the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2012 Fashion WeekToday, the front row of fashion week is no longer reserved for the best clients or the magazine editor with the widest circulation. Nope. It’s reserved for the people who can reach the masses most quickly, whether it be a fashionable celebrity with 6 million Twitter followers, a fashion blogger with a million unique visitors a month, a celebrity stylist who’s on the speed dial of the most A-list clients, or an Internet retailer who can sell out their inventory just by sending an email.

Since a single “look” can put a designer “on the map” overnight, they’re looking to fill their fashion week shows with the people most likely to make that happen.

It’s a level of speed and voracious consumption unheard of even 5 years ago, but consumers want it and they want it NOW.

As I write this, designer Tracy Reese is garnering accolades for designing the dress Michelle stone island overshirt grey Obama wore to speak in Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, Tracy was on a national morning talk show, telling people when they could expect the dress to hit stores (it’s from her Spring 2013 collection). Meanwhile, she said, everyone’s welcome to check out the video stream of her full collection when she presents this Sunday at 2 pm.

Creative AND media savvy These days, they go hand-in-hand.

So, again, “What is fashion week ”

It’s the week in which fashion designers present their next season’s collection to fashion buyers and the media. Too bad they’re planning six months out, though. In our new world of instant images and instant gratification, six months seems like an eternity…

Clothing Quality SecretsWant to learn more about fashion week and the world of haute couture Delve into Clothing Quality Secrets to learn the ins and outs of what really makes a great buy when it comes to fashion.

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What Clothing Reveals About Your Background

Whenever I’m in a crowd, I like to watch people. Young, old, rich, poor, thin, thick – you name it, crowds always provide entertainment. For within that cluster of bodies, you can learn much about the people in them, from the well-mannered to the insecure to the natural leaders among us.


It’s almost spooky. Once you begin to see the connection between the clothing and the person, you can begin to read people like a book. You don’t just have to rely on what they say, which can often be wrong; you can glean information from the entire non-verbal package to get a more accurate picture.


Here are a few of the most common types of people I see:


Neat Appearance


Since most children aren’t neat and tidy by nature, a neat and tidy appearance as an adult is often the result of years of training at the hands of stern parents — or years of wearing a uniform to school or in the military. Or, it could be the strong desire to be the antithesis of a sloppy parent. Whatever the reason, it points to an uncommon discipline that often translates into a strong work ethic and a habit of following through.


Sloppy Attire






Clothes that are too big, too small, stained, frayed, or unkempt, usually imply that the wearer lacks discipline and isn’t into details. It can be a result of growing up in a household where dressing well wasn’t a priority, or it can be a show of rebellion against a stern upbringing. Often, the sloppiness is also reflected in a cluttered work space, a dirty car, and an unkempt house. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is sloppy in everything; many of these folks tend to be exceedingly meticulous in one or two areas, excelling beyond average. They would enjoy more success, however, if they were better rounded instead of so tunnel-visioned.

Sloppy attire

Fashionable, But No Common Sense


Ever see someone following fashion at the expense of common sense, like wearing bare legs in the dead of winter or sandals in the snow It means she’s insecure and is blindly following the trend to garner attention, feel important, and bolster her self esteem. I know, because I used to do this myself as a teen. I loved the attention and was sure everyone who stopped to stare was in awe of my fashion savvy. Little did I know they were merely stunned by the extent of my lemming-like behavior. Yes, people judge you by how you look so it’s important to look nice. But when you blindly follow things without stopping to consider the ramifications, you mark yourself as a dupe. As the old saying goes, If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.


Sloppy Attire, Status Accessories


What stone island overshirt nylon metal do you get when you mix sloppy clothes with a status handbag, watch, or shoes A wannabe – as in I wannabe seen as rich, but I don’t have the class to pull it off. Okay, that’s a bit snarky, I’ll admit. But relying on status symbols to give cachet is a sure sign of an aspirant, not someone with real money. The truly rich don’t have to rely on labels to show wealth; they do it with luxury fabrics, expert workmanship, and uncompromising fit. They don’t put on sweat pants and tennis shoes with their Prada handbag and call it a look. Neither should you.


Eye-Popping Displays of Flesh






Plunging necklines, low-rise pants, and high cut skirts are all trendy, but not necessarily a smart choice. While there’s no substitute for properly-fitting clothes, there’s a fine line between showing off your figure and flaunting your body. I like my clothes tight enough to show I’m a woman, but loose enough to show I’m a lady, Mae West once said. Times haven’t changed. Men still view women who show excessive skin as potential bedmates; women who are more modest tend to be viewed as more appropriate life mates. Dress according to your goals.

Too much skin

Right Event, Wrong Clothes


People who wear clothes that are inappropriate to a situation are often viewed as unschooled. If they don’t know what constitutes proper business attire or cocktail attire, for example, others assume that their education is lacking. It’s usually the truth. What’s the difference between getting an A and a C on a test More studying. What’s the difference between the A crowd and the C crowd More studying.

Cocktail attire

These are just a few of stone island overshirt nylon metal the characters I encounter in crowds; you may notice the same or different. But the result is the same: how you dress reveals so much about you that may not even realize it.


So study a few people next time you’re in a crowd to see what you can glean. Then, take some time with your own appearance to determine what you’re revealing to everyone else. If you don’t like what it’s saying, change it. You may be delighted with the results.



Need some more help in putting together a look that means business Download a copy of BUSINESS WEAR MAGIC:


to see how dressing properly in the workplace can be the boon to your career that you seek.




Business Wear Magic

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Watch The Making Of Stone Island’s Raso Hand Painted Tortoise Shell Jacket

The Stone Island Raso Hand Painted Tortoise Shell is already one of our favourite jackets for AW14, with the iconic compass brand going all out to showcase their innovative stone island overshirt red methods of making, shaping and colouring fabrics. In this video, Stone Island run through all the different steps involved in making this modern day classic. From using military-grade satin weave cotton fabric, fading it with corrosive stone island overshirt red paste, to the hand painting of the jacket and badge – this ground breaking process creates unique and positively unrepeatable jackets which simply look top drawer.

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Upgrade Your Image to Achieve Other Goals

So you’ve popped the cork on another new year and are ready to tackle some resolutions like losing weight, getting a new job, or finding a soul mate. Great! But instead of working on those goals individually, perhaps you should just resolve to work on your image instead. For once you get your outside reflecting the qualities of your inside, it’s amazing how many of those other things quickly fall in line – like higher self-esteem, more job opportunities, and eligible men coming out of the woodwork.

Think I’m joking

Stroll through a mall or department store some time and look at the displays. Do they entice you Call to you Lure you in They should. There’s a long history of salesmanship wrapped up in all those displays, tempting you to spend your money. Ever since that first farmer in some ancient market discovered that shining his apples made them sell faster, retailers have long used the power of image to sell more and increase their bottom line.

So should you.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are ten easy and budget-friendly image resolutions you should pink stone island overshirt make this year that will help make reaching some of your other goals that much easier:

1. Organize Your Closet

Let’s get the most labor-intensive one out of the way first. If you take an afternoon to clean your closet, you’ll benefit for months to come. Go through and get rid of the stuff that you don’t wear or that doesn’t fit, organize what’s left, and make a list of things that you need. (Wardrobe Magic can show you how) When you can see what you have in an instant, it makes getting dressed a snap.

2. Get Properly Fitting Undergarments

Want to visually drop ten pounds and ten years in an instant Wear properly fitting undergarments. Yes, they’re THAT important. Bras and panties should fit snuggly without binding, riding up, or creating unsightly bulges. If your bustline doesn’t hit midway between your shoulders and elbows, you need a new bra. If the elastic is shot on your underwear, replace it.

3. Stand Up Straight

Shoulders back, chin up. If you strive for proper posture, you’ll look taller, thinner, and more confident. You’ll also have stronger back and stomach muscles, and probably fewer digestive problems. Slouching is easy, which is why so many people do it. Don’t succumb. Instead, remember what your mother told you: stand up straight.

4. Get in Shape

There are SO many benefits to having a healthy body that it’s shocking that so many people neglect theirs. From being stronger and resting better to having more endurance, you deserve the life that comes from being physically fit. You’ll feel better, you’ll turn heads – and, in keeping with our fashion message, you’ll open up lots of clothing options with a smaller, toner body.

5. Cut the Vices

Cigarettes, alcohol, too much caffeine – there’s a price to pay for all those vices: your health. Yes, they feel good NOW. But bad behavior ALWAYS comes back to haunt you. If the health risks don’t frighten you, perhaps a ding to your vanity will. People who smoke, drink, use drugs, or sunbathe excessively tend to look older faster than those who don’t. Forty may seem like a long way off when you’re in your teens or mid-twenties, but that’s the age when all those bad habits start to show in your face. Want to look younger longer Kick the habits.

6. Update Your Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup styles change every six months, just like clothes. So what season are you sporting: Fall 2008, or Spring 1992 If you haven’t updated your look in a while, now’s the time to do it. Both and can help.

7. Get a Current Pair of Jeans

The most flattering jean style for most women is mid-rise, boot cut. No high waist, no peg leg, and no back pockets if you have a large bum. Darker denims are more flattering than lighter ones, as are sizes that fit without gaping or pinching.

8. Invest in a Great Bag

A great bag doesn’t have to have a designer label, but it should hold your stuff, work with most of your clothes, and fit you proportionally. It should also be durable and wash easily. I find that a dark leather for fall, winter, and spring, and a light leather (or straw) for summer work well for most situations.

9. Upgrade Your Business Attire

If you want to be paid more, dress like you’re worth it. Your clothes don’t have to be expensive, but they should be appropriate for your position or the one above it. We’ve become so casual these days that some think anything goes when it comes to business. The reality is that those who know how to dress for business usually excel the fastest. Business Wear Magic can help.

10. Get Proper Clothes for Every Occasion

Ever been invited to something at the last minute and declined because you had nothing to wear Stop missing out! Make THIS the year you round out your closet with clothing for every occasion. You don’t need a lot but you DO need to cover the bases: something casual, something business, something cocktail, and something formal. Jeans, a jacket, a little black dress, and a lace (or beaded) top and evening skirt or pant should cover you for any situation.

See how these goals spill into other areas If you resolve to make 2009 THE year to upgrade your image and make the time and effort to follow through, you’ll be ASTOUNDED at how quickly all those other resolutions fall into line. Packaging yourself properly will attract people and opportunities like few other things do, so take the time to do it.

Need more help in pulling your wardrobe together Download a copy of WARDROBE MAGIC:

to see how easy dressing well can be.

Wardrobe Magic

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The Stigma of Stone Island – The Casual Staple

If you’re on the forecourt of any football stadium, donned in Stone Island gear, you’re sure to find that those police on horseback are keeping a keener eye on you than that replica-shirted, half-and-half scarfer lolloping in front of you. The connotations of casual fashion with football violence dates back to the 1970s, yet it wasn’t until the early 80s when Stone Island made its mark.  

Ironically, legendary managers Bob Paisley and pre-knighthood Alex Ferguson played a big part in its breakthrough through European success with Liverpool and Aberdeen respectively. Away days on the continent led to an explosion of new and exciting labels, most never heard of before on British soil.

For Aberdeen lads, the obsession dates back to a European cup match with Liverpool in October 1980. Former member of the Aberdeen Soccer Casuals, Dan Rivers, says:

“On that day, a section of the away support were seen dressed in trendy’ sportswear – designer tracksuits and top-of-the-range trainers – rather than the traditional club supporter’s uniform, which was normal clothes adorned with the team’s colours of red and white. We were inspired.”

The ASC followed the Liverpool lead by discovering a wealth of new gear, most of which was nicked and brought back home to the surprise and envy of their mates. stone island overshirt olive Lacoste were the early pace-setters stone island overshirt olive as a foreign brand in the UK, making a name for itself as the first clothing range to have a label on the outside of their clothes.

Stone Island soon followed, derived from away trips to Italy, sporting innovative and forward-thinking garments by Massimo Osti who also launched CP Company. Yet despite being a high-quality piece of clothing, ‘Stoney’ gear has connotations that will never be shaken off – forever renowned as the casual staple – and the brand have tried to move away from that stigma in recent years.

“Mainstream football fans resent their violence, sociology lecturers can’t think of anything interesting to say about them and even the companies whose labels they sport, such as Stone Island, just wish they would go away,” says Stuart Cosgrove – television executive, broadcaster and devoted football fan. “Unlike the punks and the mods, they have nobody theorising on their behalf. Academia should learn to love casuals.”

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The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Leg Pants
The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Leg Pants

First a quick reminder to take advantage of the special savings offer by Daniel Wellington watches, Get 15% off any watch on their website by entering “jacketsociety” code at check out.  This offer will last until November 30th. These watches make the perfect gifts for the holidays; check out their web site at

I am not sure about you, but I have been living in skinny jeans (blue and black) and more recently skinny faux leather leggings for the last couple of fall seasons.  Skinny pants have held court for years and while a slim leg will never go out of style, a wider leg trouser can be a nice change.  I don’t wear them all the time but I have always liked wider leg trousers for the comfort and the style, when I buy a nice pair,  I tend to keep going back to them on a regular basis.  They are more difficult to wear for most women especially if you are not tall.  Even though I am 5’4” which is average, most of the time I wear mine with heels.  So If you are shorter like me, I would suggest you always wear wide leg pants with heels and a shorter, more fitted stone island grey overshirt jacket.  If you are taller, it is not such a problem as they are a lot easier to wear and you can get away with wearing them with flat shoes and longer jackets.

Last week, I was meeting a client and I wanted to wear our Madison menswear inspired women’s jacket. So instead of running to my usual favorite skinny pant (which I know would look great with it), I chose to wear it with my all-time favorite pair of wide leg pants.  I have had these D&G pant for years and I never get tired of wearing them.  They are a wider leg in the bottom but tapered in the middle so it makes them easier to wear.  I paired it with a new graphic Zara top I recently bought (the link is stone island grey overshirt below) and our Madison jacket which for me is a classic piece and so easy to wear with anything.  I love folding the sleeves to show the stripe lining and cinching my sleeves up for a more casual laid back look.  Normally I always like a pop of color for my shoes or bag but this time I just wanted to stay in black, white and grey tones, keeping it simple.

What do you think of this look, and are you wearing wide leg trousers this fall

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0958

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0856

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0942

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0829

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0930

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0883

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0909

The Madison Jacket Worn With Trendy Wide Pants-0887

Jacket – Jacket Society Madison Jacket

Pants – D&G (old)

Top – Zara – Click Here To Buy This Top Online

Shoes – D&G

Bag – Gucci

Sunglasses – BCBG

Linking Up With …….

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The London Film Festival

The London Film Festival takes over the capital for two weeks, showing a variety of arty films, psychological thrillers, sci-fi movies, romances and emotional dramas. There really is something for all tastes at the cinema this autumn, which makes a refreshing change from socialising in bars and restaurants all the time. It’s easy to lose yourself in a film and it won’t give you a hangover!

After a fortnight of premieres, the film critics have made their decisions and rated some films better than others. These are the five that are getting the best reactions from early screenings and test audiences:



This film by the Weinstein company is already being tipped for Oscars in 2017. It stars Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel, with the majority of the movie resting on Dev’s shoulders. The Slumdog Millionaire actor plays an Indian man, who was separated from his family in India when he was younger and adopted by Australian Nicole Kidman. In the film, he uses Google Earth to track his childhood home.

It’s emotional, it’s gripping and it’s full of surprises and you can see the emotions on the faces of both Dev and Nicole. Take tissues!



If you’re a bit of a geek and you like movies that make you think, you’ll love the sci fi flick Arrival. A strange spaceship arrives on earth and language expert Amy Adams has to communicate with the aliens. Meanwhile Jeremy Renner’s character is a military scientist who doesn’t believe we can communicate with aliens. Despite their opposing stances, they are attracted to each other and learn from each other while they seek to understand the aliens. There’s romance and there’s space travel – what more do you want Oh and both stars are gorgeous, with Amy looking incredible at the premiere in a white maxi dress.

La La Land


This is like Dirty Dancing for the modern age and is a must-see if you love girly, romantic films and if you love Ryan Gosling. It’s directed by Oscar winning director Damien Chazelle and it mixes old school Hollywood stone island hooded overshirt glamour with modern LA life, actors struggling to make it in the movies and an out of work musician. The film has lots of musical elements in it but it’s not a musical as such, more a charming film that shows that romance can thrive in even the most mundane situations. Ryan Gosling’s character and Emma Stone’s character don’t get on at first, but when they realise they keep meeting in a series of situations, they realise that destiny is drawing them together. The film has lots of musical elements in it but its not a musical as such, more a charming film that shows that romance can thrive in even the most mundane situations. Ryan Gosling’s character and Emma Stone’s character don’t get on at first, but when they realise they keep meeting in a series of situations, they realise that destiny is drawing them together. This film is adorable!

A United Kingdom


This is a heart-warming tale about star-crossed lovers in the post war (and apartheid) age. Rosamund Pike and David Oyeluwo give us a beguiling performance of a white woman and black man who fall in love. When they attended the premiere together with Rosamund wearing a white dress and black trousers, little could have prepared the audience for their on-screen chemistry.

Oyeluwo’s character comes from Botswana where he’s a member of the ruling family, and visits London to study law. While there, he falls for Rosamund Pike’s character and marries her.

However, the people of Botswana don’t take well to the ruler having a white wife and it has an effect on neighbouring countries, including South Africa who threaten to leave the commonwealth and take their gold and mineral reserves with them. Therefore both the British government and the Botswana people want to destroy the marriage. Can the relationship survive This film will leave you in turmoil at the lovebirds’ never ending struggle in the face of adversity.

A Monster Calls


This one tackles issues like childhood bereavement in a mature but magical way. Child actor Lewis MacDougall plays Conor a young boy failing to cope with the fact that his mother (actress Felicity Jones) is dying of terminal cancer. Bullied at school, likely because of his small stature and understandably gloomy disposition, Connor relies on his imagination to get through each day, sketching in his notepad, and conjuring a tree-shaped monster (voiced gravely by Liam Neeson) to confess his innermost fears to.

The tree really comes to stone island hooded overshirt life and offers Conor three stories to help him cope. Gradually life gets better and the idea of death becomes easier to deal with. This film can benefit adults as well as kids, but it is emotional at times.

Which one do you most like the sound of Get your snacks ready, prepare yourself for some escapism and book your tickets now!

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Notes From The Field by Emily Jackson

Notes From The Field by Emily Jackson
dweber posted this September 2nd, 2011

Check out this guest blog post by World-Champion paddler and humanitarian Emily Jackson:

Emily Jackson in her Toad gear

Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada

When people think of Canada, they think of hockey, beer and sentences ending in Eh ‘

My version of Canada is different. As someone who can’t have gluten, I stick to white wine. I can’t ice skate to save my life, and I only say Eh ‘ to make fun of my Canadian husband.

I was only two during my first trip to this magical place, and I don’t remember anything from the trip. My father was a guest instructor for the Wilderness Tours Resort in the Ottawa Valley. It’s a bucolic area with one of the greatest rivers in the world (the Ottawa River) flowing through it. The Ottawa River has hosted two World Championships: one in 1997 and one in 2007, both of which I attended and the latter of which I won.

There are so many reasons why a person should visit this stone island overshirt xl paradise. From the warm water that offers tubing, stand-up paddling, rafting and kayaking, to the nearby blueberry, raspberry and vegetable farms, you can enjoy your favorite activities and eat well too. The town of 400 houses has two cute shops that sell anything from homemade soaps and salts to art and jewelry. I personally have been a fan of buying hand-painted signs with cute sayings, such as “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” or “I Kiss Better Than I Cook!” (What’s with me and kissing signs )

June and July are hot and humid with a few thundershowers, making the water in the river warm enough to bathe in. In mid-August the water stays warmer than the air! If you head out on the water first thing on a cool August morning, you’ll be enveloped in so much fog and mist, you can barely see your hand in front of you. This makes running rapids VERY interesting…

Around here everyone judges the time of year by the height of the corn. It’s not uncommon for me to hear my mother-in-law say “Oh geez, summer is slipping away early, look at that corn!” Slowly I find myself doing the same thing.

The fields are filled with rolling hay and at first light they’re filled with raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, deer and the occasional bear.  Bordering the fence lines of the hay fields are wildflowers of all different colors, shapes and sizes – just like a picture frame surrounding a photo.

Like that picture frame, my heart holds a special place for the Ottawa Valley. From its rapids to its friendly people and its landscape that offering something fun to do every day, the valley really does take care of you, whether you want it to or not.

Remember, wherever your adventures take you, enjoy every moment like it’s your last, and live…  Toadally.

– Emily Jackson

Warm water, stand up paddle and good, good friends

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The big debate: Double denim – hot or not

The double denim trend is back thanks to 90s grunge-inspired fashion, but is it a welcome blast from the past with plenty to offer us jean-lovers, or a fashion minefield that’s just waiting to blow your stylish reputation sky-high

Here we start by exploring the rules of this two-blue trend, before taking a look at both sides of the argument with ways to wear it and alternatives to help you get the catwalk look but avoid the two D’s, because love it or hate it, double denim is going to stick around!

The rules of double denim

Get the fit right. No matter how hot-off-the-catwalk your look is, if it doesn’t fit and flatter your body, it won’t do you any favours. The fact that this trend features jeans makes it even more vital to get the fit spot on, but it also makes it easy to do. Just look to a fashion retailer that offers denim in a wide range of sizes, and tailor your choice to your shape. Boyfriend jeans skim your thighs, high-waist jeans make the most of your curves, while problem-solving jeans slim down your tum, bum, thighs and calves.

Don’t be tempted to add any more blue! Accessorise with a bag and shoes that stand out against the denim – we’ve got some gorgeous colourful bags on the website at the moment here.

Wear with attitude. This look is not for shy retiring types, stone island overshirt lilac especially going head-to-toe in the same hue. You may well get cowboy or B*witched-themed comments and you WILL get attention, so slip on a pair of heels and enjoy the limelight with a smile. Weather permitting, a pair of oversized sunnies will give you an A-list air that’s sure to boost your confidence.

Trying out the trend

If you love the idea of double denim but don’t know where to start, try teaming a denim jacket in one colour with jeans in another. The effect is a catwalk-inspired finish but in a very subtle, wearable way. We love black jeans with a light-wash denim jacket: just add a plain white tee, elongate your legs by matching your black jeans with a pair of black heels, and you’re good to go.

Turn to patterns to mix things up. Printed jeans teamed with a plain denim jacket stone island overshirt lilac will give you a fun, simple way to work the latest catwalk prints and double denim, for even more style points.

FW Casuals

Working it like a pro

If you’re a seasoned double-denimer, be sure you’re getting the most from the trend with our quick tips on taking it to the next level:

Go for a ladylike silhouette for an unexpected take on the look. A knee-length denim skirt and tucked-in denim shirt is perfect. Opt for black or nude heels for a subtle finish that balances out the look.
Mix up your styles. You may love working the jean team but are you ready to push the trend further with a blend of smart and casual styles Team distressed denim jeans with a smart, lightweight boyfriend shirt for a celeb-style ensemble, adding a classic handbag and casual flats to balance the look.
To pay homage to the era that has inspired the double denim revival, create the ultimate grunge-chic look with a checked shirt worn underneath your denim jacket.

Avoiding the trend

Double denim may not be for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let the season’s most high-profile trend give your wardrobe a fashionable shake up:

Fake the look: wearing a light-blue T-shirt with a pair of blue jeans will turn heads but will ensure you stay at a safe distance from that country and western look.

All-over denim, the easy way: indulge your love of denim without the hassle of pairing up separates: a denim dress will give a gorgeous casual look that’s perfect for weekends.

Double denim: never or best trend ever We’d love to hear from you!

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Nike Air Tech Challenge II QS ‘Pixel’
Jul 23rd 2014: Nike Air Tech Challenge II QS ‘Pixel’

Nike ‘Air Tech Challenge’ is stone island khaki overshirt a tennis classic and one that seems to be having a great year thanks to a slew of new releases bringing it back onto centre court. Since it made it’s resurgence at the start of the year we’ve even seen some Tier Zero releases but this Quickstrike is up there with the best of them. It’s a colorway that was originally penciled in for last month but after a little fine tuning and a reshuffle on the launch calendar, it’s set in stone for this Friday.

Accentuating the shoe’s unmistakeable profile is the Royal Blue hue that adorns it’s details. This is also complimented by the retro reminiscent red cube design and the woven tongue branding. This is of course just coloring though and the Air Tech Challenge II is great in any guise. Main features include the iconic sole unit it borrowed to the Air Yeezy and those ankle straps making us think of Jordan 4s. The final touch is of course the visible air window, a feature that’s still functional and provides unparalleled comfort on the foot.

As mentioned the Air Tech Challenge II ‘Pixel’ is scheduled for stone island khaki overshirt this coming Friday (25/7) and will be priced at £110.