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Trail to Tavern San Diego

Trail to Tavern San Diego
dweber posted this July 23rd, 2016


As part of our Trail to Tavern series, we reached out to one of our favorite road warriors, Katherine, to see if she had made her way to any local trails and taverns around the country lately. Last month she sent word from Florida, and this month she and her beau hit up the bottle shops and breweries in San Diego, CA. Enjoy responsibly.


We live in Illinois when we’re not living on 4 wheels. Recently we packed up and called Arizona home for a month. Itching stone island crew neck jumper green for some salt water (that wasn’t sweat…) we decided to visit some friends in LA then check out the beer scene in San Diego. We’re beer people and have heard through the hops-line that there was a plethora of good beer in the San Diego area. On a whim, we ended up finding a spot to stay in Escondido and quickly found that any time you mention Escondido to anyone in Southern California they say, You’re going to visit Stone Brewing, right


At Stone Brewing, the first thing that hits you is the massive tap room. The ceiling must go up 2-3 stories, with plants and water features throughout the building. You sort of feel like you’re in a terrarium. A beer terrarium. There’s also a lovely outdoor area that’s great for kids to run around in the gardens. Take a brewery tour (thought they fill up quick on the weekends, it’s first-come first-served) or just relax in the gardens and eat up. You cant go wrong with anything on tap at Stone. They’re really into organic ingredients in their beer and they actually bought a farm specifically to grow organic veggies for their bistro. That’s pretty cool.


A 15-minute drive from the brewery leads you to the trailhead at Lake Hodges. Lake Hodges isn’t actually a lake – it’s a reservoir – so you can’t swim in it, but there are lots of great trails that loop around the lake. Just a word to the wise – it gets pretty hot in the summertime. So pack a lot of water and if you get sweaty, you’re just an IPA away from Stone Brewing.


Next up was Toolbox Brewing Company, one of the most unique and special breweries we’ve been to. Their tap handles were made of tools (reminiscent of the San Diego Skyline), and the overall design of the place reminded me of an extremely clean mechanic’s shop! And I’m a sucker for a wall of beautiful barrels. We sat at the bar and got the rundown on their experimental recipes (wild yeast, anyone ).  A quick peak in the back shows the unlikely combo of beer steins and petri dishes scattered at various brewing stations. These guys have something really cool going on.  I gotta throw some love toward the Bog Sauce – a cranberry and raspberry Berliner weisse. Apparently they make a cucumber version too, so we’ll just have to come back after a day at the beach – Carlsbad is just a few miles up the road!


Modern Times Flavordome in North Park has an Alice and Wonderland thing going on. Lampshades hang from the ceilings, floppy discs cover the walls, old VHS videos have been turned into a bar and you don’t know whether to get beer or coffee. What kind of bar is this A Modern one. Sidle up to the bar and oder a flight, first thing – they serve flights in old wooden cigar boxes! Then give yourself a shot of energy with a nice cold brew over ice. Anywhere that brews their own beer and roasts their own coffee is A-OK with us. They don’t serve food, but pack a picnic or get delivery from nearby restaurants because you’ll want to stick around a while – they have 16 beers on tap and change them up regularly. If they have the Guava Gose when you’re there, DO IT.


Our last stop in SD was Council Brewing – a small batch brewery with big ol flavor. I knew I would love it when we walked in and were greeted by a gigantic wall of barrels! Aside from making for great photo-ops, I’ve heard that old barrels make good beer, too – good beer takes time to age. Aged beers like tart saisons, my favorite.

You’ll see the word beatitude all over  the place. Beatitude is the French word for bliss, which is what you’ll experience when you dive into one of the sour beers. We tried several sour fruit beers under the Beatitude line, and loved absolutely everything we had (though the Prickly Pear was exceptional!). I love a good IPA as much as the next girl, but sometimes something tart just hits the spot when it’s too hot for hops. A great open space and nice patio, only bummer is that you can only get Council Beer in the SD area! Stock up while you’re here and be sure to stop by anytime you’re in the area. These guys are only getting better with age.


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Trail Running: The Essential Gear

The best part about running Other than the clothes on your back, all the gear you really need is a good pair of trail running shoes.

With trail running, the same logic applies. But there are a few additional items that can make tearing into your local wilderness on your own two feet a lot more enjoyable. Here are the refreshingly simple basics.

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As with road running, the sheer number of options is enough to overwhelm (from the zero-drop minimalist designs to the ultra-padded SUV-sized shoes, and everything in between), so your best bet is to try on a few pairs and go with what works for you. For trail running, look for shoes with an aggressive tread to give you solid purchase in loose dirt, sand, and mud. We also like shoes with some toe protection like a hard rubber cage or band at the shoe’s front, which will protect you from encounters with the unanticipated rock or root. If you plan on running year-round or live in a place with a variable climate, waterproof shoes are a good idea.

hiking in trail running shoeshiking in trail running shoes

As with most outdoor pursuits, weather will largely dictate what you wear, but one rule of thumb applies in almost any climate: cotton kills. It may be comfortable when you’re hanging out, but when you’re running it’ll quickly get soaked with your sweat and won’t dry quickly, which can turn a light cotton T-shirt into something that feels like a piece of medieval armor strapped to your chest. And if the temps are cool, you will get cold, conditions that could lead to hypothermia. Other than that, go with a nicely padded sock to subvert the blue stone island jumper medium aggressive elements of the trail. And clothing with a bit of toughness will also protect you from the occasional scrape against a tree branch. In cold weather, start out slightly chilly; you’ll heat up quickly, and you want to hit that sweet spot of being warm without overheating. Tights under shorts keep your legs warm without the distraction of loose fabric at the ankles. In hot weather, shorts with liners should reduce any potential chaffing. Most also come with a few small pockets for your keys or energy bars.

Let your desired length (and the weather conditions) help guide you here. For shorter jaunts like a three- to seven-mile run, you may be able to hydrate before and after, which frees your hands while running. And remember, three miles on the trail requires more energy than the same distance on the flats because of the variable terrain and elevation shifts that you encounter. For longer runs, or for runs on days when the humidity is high, consider bringing a small, light water bottle, ideally one with a hand strap so you don’t have to clutch the bottle. Running vests with integrated hydration systems are also popular, especially for long-distance trail running. But even in short distances you may appreciate the hands-free access; sometimes with trail running you need your hands free to navigate over fallen logs (or to catch yourself during that inevitable stumble).

The Little Stuff
Unless you’re running above the tree line, you probably don’t need sunglasses; if you’re running in the woods the canopy of leaves from the trees will keep things pretty shady and you want to be able to distinguish the contours and features of the trail. If you have to wear shades, consider ones with yellow or clear lenses. Or just wear a hat, which can help block out some of the glare, ideally one made of tech fabric that absorbs moisture and keeps the sweat out of your eyes. Electronics are also a personal choice, from heart rate monitors and smart watches to wireless headphones. Whatever your preference, be sure you strap on your smart device(s) more securely than you might for a road run since the trail’s variable terrain will require a variety of movements you don’t encounter when running on a flat surface. Lip balm is also a nice-to-have, especially as you get more dehydrated.

Have something to add to the story Share your opinion with us on Twitter!

hiking in trail running shoeshiking in trail running shoes


essentialsgearhydration packrunningrunning shoestrail runningtrail running accessoriestrail running appareltrail running shoes

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Top Trail Relay Races Every Runner Should Know

If you are a trail runner and want a challenge, look no further than these top trail relay races.

While putting together our series of interviews with the Columbia athletes who are running this year’s Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, one thing became evident. Well, several things: they love trail running, love competing, and admit to having an affection a bit of suffering implicit in signing up for a race that circumnavigates the Mont Blanc massive through three countries and covers roughly 105 miles. But there was an unexpected element that also emerged: their love of the black stone island jumper amazon camaraderie that the race affords, running not to win, but merely to (hopefully) finish and share the experience with a bunch of other like-minded trail running enthusiasts. But you don’t need to fly to Chamonix (or even have to run for dozens of miles) to tap into that same feeling.

SEE ALSO: National Trails Day: How To Get Involved

Lauren Steele running in Chile. Trail relay racesLauren Steele running in Chile. Trail relay races

Just try one of these trail-running events:

Ragnar Relay
This country-wide relay race offers routes on both pavement and trail, but in keeping with our affection for UTMB we vote for the latter. You and a cadre of like-minded runners form a team and you each run in sequence through three trail loops that range from eight to six miles long. The fact that you’re on a team means you’ll get that envious camaraderie almost instantly, especially since you’ll be camping out while waiting your turn to tackle the next loop.

Epic Relays
Like Ragnar, this is a 24-hour relay but with a more robust team of 11, running approximately 200 miles through different pockets of the United States. The course is divided into 36 legs, using two vans to keep everyone together. You’ll bond, you’ll be sore, and you’ll stop being bothered by the smell of sweat by the end of it.

Xterra organizes a variety of events, from training to triathlons, but to align yourself with the spirit of the Chamonix race, sign up for one of their trail run races. The races are held throughout the country, with distances that range from five KM to 50, Each region hosts a number of races—compete in several, and accumulate points.

American Odyssey
Corral a team of 12 and run for two days and 200 miles on a course that starts in historic Gettysburg and completes in Fairfield, PA. You’ll see a wide swath of America’s prime landscapes, along with running over covered bridges, up punishing hills, across the Mason/Dixon Line, and through the nation’s capital. Next one is April 2017, so start recruiting teammates now.

Smoky Mountain Relay
Like the American Odyssey, the Smoky Mountain Relay is a one-time, one-location event. And what a location: it starts at Pink Beds State Park and culminates, 214 miles later, in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains. Expect both trails and pavement—and lots black stone island jumper amazon of team costumes. It’s also run each April, so start choosing which part of America tempts your interests.

Quick reminder, during National Trails Week, from 6/1 to 6/8, we will be donating 10% of all online and branded stores sales to the American Hiking Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving trails and the areas around them. Become a member, get involved, and help support your local trails today.  As an added bonus, when you connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to Columbia through Greater Rewards, you can earn up to 1,000 Bonus points when you post or tweet using both #Columbia and #NationalTrailsDay.


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Top Indicators of Your Social Class

One morning not long ago as I was minding my own business in a dressing room at Macy’s, my sensibilities were assaulted by the sounds of three high school girls trying on prom dresses. As they grunted and tugged their way into various gowns using crude language laced with expletives, they discussed THEIR body parts, their boyfriends’ body parts, thongs, acne, and birth control. Then things got really crass.

Appalled and seeking escape, I skipped trying on half the garments I’d brought with me and was just leaving the dressing room when one of them mentioned a fellow classmate and one of the others snickered, That girl has no class.


Look, I don’t care if it WAS Macy’s, no one will ever mistake these girls for blue bloods. Their manners and language will keep them far away from polite society, just as their cutting school to shop for formalwear without their mothers will guarantee that they’ll be inappropriately dressed come prom night. The signs are all there.

When I mentioned the episode to some of the other mothers as I picked up my son from preschool that day, it sparked an interesting debate. What, exactly, is class and at what income level do you switch classes

If only it were that easy!

Social ClassOnce upon a time, it was. The old hereditary caste system divided people by rank and occupation, and typically, those with the highest incomes were also at the top of the social ladder. But times changed. Merchant princes were born. Dynasties were founded on cotton and steel. An aristocratic title was no longer a guarantee of vast wealth.

Today, the concept of class remains complicated, because money doesn’t necessarily equal class. There are lots of people with money and no class (see opening paragraphs, above), just as there are lots of people with class but no money. Not all rich people live grandly, not all poor people live modestly. It’s not just about the money.

It’s a combination of things, the four most prominent factors being:


Let’s look at these a little closer:

Occupation – what you do for a living makes a difference. A doctor or a lawyer is perceived as being higher class than a plumber or a brick layer because one category requires brains, the other requires brawn. Whether you use your head or your hands to make a living puts you in different classes.

Education – a good education has been an indicator of class for millennia, for only those with money could afford to hire instructors. Today, most people who complete high school are considered middle class; those who receive a college or post-graduate degree move into a higher class. A degree from a college with a long history and difficult entrance requirements, like Oxford, Harvard, or MIT, confers greater status than one with minimal entrance requirements, like the local community college.

Income – in the United States, you’re considered to be low income if you make less than $30,000 a year, middle income if you make $30,000 to $60,000 a year, and high income if you make more than $60,000 a year. The ultra wealthy are described as those making more than $200,000 a year.

Wealth – how you hang on to and invest that income can put you in different classes. If everything you own, including your house, jewelry, retirement fund, etc., is less than $50,000, you’re considered low class. If it’s between $50,000 and $500,000, you’re middle class, and if it’s greater than $500,000, you’re in the upper class. If you have assets of more than $50 million, you’re considered ultra-wealthy.

So what’s YOUR social class Here’s an interesting calculator to help you scientifically determine where you sit in the grand scheme of things (click on the Components of Class tab and use the drop-down menus to build your profile):

So what does all of this have to do with clothing and image

In our society, we often say that image is everything. I don’t believe that. I think that how you look can get you in the door, but what you know will keep you in the room. This study of class confirms it.

Regardless, there are those who will try to fake their way into anything, including those class-questionable high school girls in the dressing room. Many think that money – or the appearance thereof – should grant them access to the highest echelons of society. But as we’ve just seen from the occupation/education/income/wealth variables, it just doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot more to it than the superficial.

So how can you determine someone’s probable class if you don’t know their background It’s easier than you think. Don’t get distracted by the flashy exteriors some people hide behind. Here are the easy-to-identify indicators of your social class:

1. How You Speak

An Englishman’s way of speaking absolutely classifies him, sang Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. The moment he talks he makes some other Englishman despise him.

It’s true. How you speak reveals SO much about you that you can talk to someone on the phone for just a minute and accurately pinpoint his background. Accent, grammar, vocabulary – everything you need to know to tell where he’s from and how much schooling he’s had. Double negatives, letter dropping, poor grammar, and unchecked expletives indicate a lower class; proper grammar, ease of pronunciation, and a large vocabulary indicate a good education and thus, a higher class.

2. How You Eat

Good table etiquette, including knowing how to hold your fork stone island jumper black and chewing with your mouth closed, is just one way you show your class at the table; another is what you consume. While each class has its own definition of good food, the differences are significant and a direct reflection of the food budget. The higher classes tend to favor small portions of a wide variety of high quality ingredients while the lower classes tend to opt for large portions of a handful of low quality ingredients. Hence, a distinct class difference in waistlines.

The dining table is also one of the favorite testing grounds for potential employees and spouses, to see what they eat and how they manage their place settings. Many a promising candidate has been eliminated before dessert.

3. How You Dress

Clothing and accessories have been used as class indicators since ancient times, and they still are today. Modest, well-fitting, occasion-appropriate pieces in fine, natural fabrics are signs of an upper class; revealing, poor-fitting, occasion-inappropriate pieces in cheap, synthetic fabrics are signs of a lower class. In many cultures, wearing a lot of makeup or showing lots of skin (legs, arms, or cleavage), marks you as a prostitute (low-class).

4. Your Manners

How you treat others says a great deal about you. From simple courtesies like please and thank you to holding doors and keeping the radio volume low, when you show respect to others regardless of their position, it means that you are confident and comfortable with yourself — which is very classy. But when you’re oblivious to others or when you treat them poorly because you think you outrank them, it marks you as petty and low-class. Want to know what to expect of a potential employer, spouse, or in-law when they let their guard down Watch how they treat waiters, doormen, and custodial personnel. It will tell you everything you need to know.

5. Your Personal Library

You can tell a high-ranking man by the size of his library, a mentor once told me, and a low-ranking man by the size of his television.

Worldly people tend to read, travel, and ask questions. Unworldly people tend to sit, watch, and accept. When the small Library of Congress went up in flames at the hands of the British army in 1814, Thomas Jefferson offered part of his own library in replacement – 6,487 volumes. This from a man who taught himself seven languages, proposed a new government, quadrupled the size of the country with the Louisiana purchase, and founded the University of Virginia — in addition to his tenures as Ambassador and President. See what you can get motivated to do when you turn off the television and crack a few books

Here in the United States, we like to think of ourselves as equals, without rank or class distinction. But while we don’t have the formal aristocratic hierarchies of other countries, we’re often quick to describe ourselves as being middle or upper class, as having class, or to condemn others for NOT having class. It’s part of our culture.

So is aspiring to greater things. It’s part of the American dream.

So who’s the real deal and who’s playing you Go back and re-read all the indicators of social class. Watch how people move. Listen to how they speak and what they say. In a very short time, you’ll be able to discern the classy from the classless, the carefully cultivated from the haphazardly thrown together. The signs are everywhere. Just follow the clues.


Diana Pemberton-SikesDiana Pemberton-Sikes is an image consultant and author of Occasion Magic.  Ready to nail the dress code every time  Occasion Magic can help.

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Where to Eat, Sleep, Drink, and Get Active in Minneapolis

With a vibrant art, music, dining, professional sports, and theatre scene, Minneapolis could rival any other city in the nation for best place to live. Just maybe not in February.

Nearly 70% of Minnesotans take part in some form of outdoor recreation each year—impressive figures for a state that sees an average annual snowfall of 70 inches and temps as low as -60 degrees F in winter. Minnesotans, especially in Minneapolis, may be a hardy bunch, but they are well-rounded, too.

Do: They don’t call it the City of Lakes for nothing. Minneapolis has 20 lakes and wetlands located inside city limits and many more in the surrounding areas. The Chain of Lakes district sits at the city’s southwestern edge—one of seven districts that make up the 50-mile Grand Rounds Scenic Byway and where locals flocks to play during the warmer months. More than 13 miles of trails encircle Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake, and Brownie Lake, all ready for exploration by foot, bike, canoe, stand-up paddle, or even in-line skates. Visit the bird sanctuary and rose garden near Lake Harriet before throwing a blanket down on the lawn to enjoy some live music at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. On a hot day, be sure to wander over to Sebastian Joe’s for some plain black stone island jumper homemade ice cream with flavors that change daily.

SEE ALSO: Here are a few reasons why you should try cross-country skiing this winter

Minnehaha park, one of the city’s oldest and most popular parks, offers 193 wooded acres in which to stroll or bike, culminating with a visit to the 53-foot Minnehaha Falls. Watch as canoeists make a desperate last-chance grab at the chains to avoid plunging over. Grab some fresh fish tacos or some pickled herring at Sea Salt, the extremely popular concession stand with outdoor seating located right next to the falls.

For the artistically inclined, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is one of the crown jewels of the Minneapolis park system, uniting two of Minnesota’s most cherished resources—green space and cultural life. The 11-acre site showcases more than 40 works from the Walker Art Center’s renowned collection, including the oft-photographed Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture.

Cherry on a spoon at Walker Art Center in MinneapolisCherry on a spoon at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis

Eat: In a city filled with James Beard Award recipients and Michelin-starred restaurants, nothing says Minnesota like hotdish (a variety of casseroles). The reasonably priced North Loop restaurant Hautedish is best known for its creative takes on classic Minnesota fare such as tater tot hautedish and meatloaf in a can. On weekends, be sure to check out the innovative brunch for Pig in a Blanket alongside a Classic Bloody Mary.

Stay: Drop your bags at the Nicollet Island Inn—a small historic downtown hotel hidden on a quiet island in the middle of the Mississippi River. The building that now serves as the inn was first constructed as the Island Sash & Door Company in 1893. After becoming home to several entrepreneurial milling companies in the early 20th century, then a brief stint as a Salvation Army shelter, the building was finally sold to Minneapolis Park and Recreation District during the 1970s, where it saw its rebirth as the now-iconic hotel, bar, and restaurant. Heavy timber and beam construction accents the 23 luxury rooms. The old loading dock now serves as the glass-topped dining room, complete with views of the Mississippi River and its north bank.

Drink: A self-proclaimed pub for the people, Republic is a locally owned, independent craft beer and restaurant with two locations in Minneapolis. Here, the beer comes first. The tap list offers a constant rotation of the best craft brews from Minnesota, the region, and throughout the world. Prefer another tipple The pub also offers generous pours from a simple and refined wine list, in addition to an imaginative selection of house cocktails and an impressive array of choice whiskeys.

Across the river look of downtown MinneapolisAcross the river look of downtown Minneapolis



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Tips for finding the perfect present

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries…there’s always a great excuse to treat that special someone, but if you want to make sure your gifts are always a success, let our guide to tracking down the perfect present help you spread some joy.

 Your budget

This is often a good place to start if you have absolutely no idea what to get as it’ll help shop assistants, friends, price-categorised websites or even online search engines narrow down your options.

The occasion

You might want to match the occasion to the type of present you choose. For example, an anniversary may call for a present black stone island jumper junior he or she can keep forever, while a birthday may provide the perfect opportunity for a more jokey gift.

The person

Now you have a budget to work to and know whether your gift should be serious or fun, think about that special someone’s personality. Different people appreciate different things: can you imagine him or her enjoying a pretty, decorative gift – for example an ornament or cushion for their home   Or is he or she one of the eight in ten Brits who prefer practical presents such as kitchen gadgets over more traditional treats Consider their tastes, interests and style: are they quirky, elegant, interested in sci-fi, or mad about music

Tip: Even if you don’t know the recipient very well, simply looking at what they wear can give you a big clue about their tastes. Check for things like statement jewellery that reveals a quirky side, or handmade items that could signal an interest in crafts.

Their circumstances

You may find it useful to think about what’s going on in your recipient’s life and tailor your present that way. Perhaps he or she has just moved house and would appreciate some picture frames to help put a stamp on the empty space

Need a helping hand

If you’re stuck for ideas The Brilliant Gift Shop’s gift finder here will do the hard work for you!

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Thomas Notz: Learning About Himself Through Running

Running for Thomas Notz creates a deep satisfaction for him.

Thomas Notz is the marketing manager in Switzerland and Austria for Columbia. He trains in the mountains near Zurich—but his favorite runs are on the Üetliberg, with its panoramic views of the mighty Alps and beautiful Lake Zurich. This year he’s competing in the UTMB® OCC.

“I get a deep satisfaction from running,” Thomas told us. “I learn more about nature and about my body.” We like Thomas’ attitude. When we asked him about his philosophy of life and running, he said “You only live once, but if you do the right things, once is enough.” He’s not too worried about the distance, but did tell us that when he runs downhill on big training days, he wonders why he didn’t just bring his mountain bike along!

Was running your first love

My first love was actually volleyball, mainly due to my height. But running has always been an important and cherished activity for me to develop my general fitness level.

How did you get involved in the sport

When I watched the UTMB® event in 2015 as a spectator I asked myself “What am I doing standing beside the trail I should be on the trail!” In this moment the goal was set to participate in 2016.

What other sports do you like/participate in  

I love to hit the trail on running shoes AND on my mountain bike. In July, I will participate in the Bike Trans Alp—it is a great race that crosses the Alps in seven days.

How did you get started with long-distance trail running

I increased my running distance step by step. I have learned how important it is to drink and eat regularly to stay longer on the trail.

When did you first hear about the UTMB®

2015—so I am new to the race….

SEE ALSO: UTMB: Toughest Mountain Race in the World

Thomas Notz smiling after a race<img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-3761" src=" resize=832%2C1024" alt="Thomas Notz smiling after a race" srcset=" resize=832%2C1024 832w, resize=244%2C300 244w, resize=768%2C945 768w, w=1092 stone island blue jumper cheap 1092w” sizes=”(max-width: 832px) 100vw, 832px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Where do you train Do you have any training secrets for the race that you’ll share

On the Üetliberg, the local hill in Zürich. There’s a 500m altitude change. In the meantime, I know every hidden little trail on the little mountain.

What is your most unusual race you’ve run Why

The Swiss Management run in Arosa. I started with no ambitions and in the end I found myself standing on the podium (3rd).

What do you think will be the biggest challenge with the UTMB® What is your biggest fear about the race

The biggest challenge is to find the optimal speed at the beginning of the race. I tend to start too fast. Another challenge is to set every step precise and smooth while the breathtaking nature is distracting you.

Do you have a good luck charms, ritual, or superstition that comes to play before a race

I tell myself: You only live once. Enjoy every second of the race. Push yourself to a limit that you haven’t experienced before.

“I learn more about nature and about my body.”

How do you celebrate the end of a big race like UTMB®

Beer time! I hope, I will be able to walk to the next bar.

We know you love Columbia gear. What doesn’t the company make that you wish they did

First of all, I have to mention that Columbia has become a truelove brand to me and stone island blue jumper cheap the recent strategic decisions are totally in line with my personal point of view. Some additional running and biking products like bags or more apparel styles would be great to exceed the expectations of runners and mountain bikers.

The UTMB® is a grueling event, at elevation. Why would you want to do this Would you recommend it to a friend

I recommend it to everyone. Over 10 hours on the trail is an outstanding experience. You push yourself to a limit that you haven’t experienced before. Is there a moment when the beer tastes better than after a UTMB® race I don’t think so.

Thomas Notz smiling for the cameraThomas Notz smiling for the camera


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What to Wear When You’re the Hostess

So let’s say you’re having some people over for the holidays. It could be just family and friends for Hanukah or Christmas dinner, or it could be a big bash for your office or association. You’ve got a million details to attend to – menu, shopping, cleaning, organizing – so I’ll only pester you with one other thing: what are you planning to wear

I ask, because all too often these days, it seems like an afterthought. While our mothers (and grandmothers) may have bought special hostessing outfits in which to greet their guests and hold court, I can’t tell stone island grey jumper small you how many parties I’ve been to where the house and table were magazine-shoot ready but the hostess was dressed like she was still cleaning house. I know, I know – it’s a challenge to get everything done on time. Trust me, I’ve been there! The more kids you have, the less picture-perfect things seem to be.

But if you’re taking the time and effort to put together a memorable event, shouldn’t how you look be just as memorable In fact, I’d go so far as to say that how you dress could have a SIGNIFICANT impact on the success of your party. Get it wrong, and your guests will suffer. Get it right, and everyone has a good time.

Sound dramatic Good. I have your attention.

Dressing as the hostess is very different from dressing as an attendee. When you go to a party someone else gives, your goal is to look good, schmooze, laugh, and have a good time. Your clothing choices should reflect that.

But as the hostess, you’re not just working the room, you’re physically working: greeting guests, serving food, refilling drinks, etc. You want to look good and feel confident yet still be comfortable in clothes that allow you to move.

Seem like a tall order Here are some guidelines to help you narrow your choices:

1. Consider Your Guest List

Something sexy might be great with a group of close friends, but it’s inappropriate with the office crowd. Think about who will be there and the message you’re trying to send.


Too sexy for the office crowd
Okay for intimate parties; too sexy for the office crowd

2. Make It Touchable

Indulgent fabrics like silk and velvet look great and invite embrace. Since you’re likely to get many hugs and/or kisses as the hostess, wear fabrics that are resilient and can be touched.

3. Make It Cool

Never let them see you sweat-even if you’re lingering over a hot stove. Try short sleeves and breathable fabrics without tons of details. Stay away from long, dangling sleeves if you’re cooking and cover your clothes with an apron just in case. Pull it off the instant you’re done – or splurge on a pretty, festive apron — so you can rejoin your guests in style.

Festive and cool
Festive, cool, and short-sleeved

4. Make It Comfortable

You’ll be bending, stretching, hugging, and serving, and you need room in your clothes to do this with grace. Stay away from plunging necklines, short skirts, and tight clothes that can restrict your movements or that might reveal more than intended.

5. Wear Appropriate Shoes

The best shoes a hostess can wear are low heeled, attractive, and comfortable. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and you need shoes that are up to the task. Avoid heels, fussy slip-ons, or suffocating boots. Don’t try to break in a new pair of shoes on party night. You want to enjoy your guests, not wish them home early so you can tend to your aching feet.

Comfortable shoes are a must
Be comfortable in pretty, flat shoes

See what a little forethought can mean If you take the time to plan your outfit as carefully as you have the rest of your party, you can’t help but succeed. If you’re having a good stone island grey jumper small time, so will your guests. Being the hostess with the mostess is simple: plan carefully and execute with precision.

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What to Wear To Holiday Parties

Tis the season to pull out your finery and enjoy some holiday merriment. But what’s appropriate for different situations, and how can you look good when your style is bigger than your budget Here are some guidelines on what to wear to parties:

Cocktail dress
Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties call for cocktail attire, which typically means a knee length dress with some sparkle that shows a little skin. Heels and an evening bag are appropriate, as are evening hair and makeup. If it’s chilly where you’re at, don’t forget an evening wrap.

Dinner dress
Dinner stone island jumper blue Party

Cocktail attire is also appropriate for a formal dinner party – unless it’s black tie. If it’s very formal, opt for an evening gown or evening trousers (like palazzo pants) and a beaded top instead. As with the cocktail attire, evening hair, makeup, accessories, and wrap are all appropriate.

Office Party
Office Party

Many holiday office parties call for cocktail attire. If you’re going to the office party straight from work, wear clothes to work that you can upgrade to cocktail attire by switching the accessories, like a simple sheath, or by “going glam” with your business suit. But keep it stone island jumper blue modest. You still have to work with these people come Monday.

Potluck Party
Potluck Party

These are popular with family and friends and gives everyone a chance to visit and sample each other’s cooking. They’re typically not as formal as cocktail or dinner parties, but a little festive attire is appropriate. Try nice trousers with a beaded or evening top, or even a season-appropriate maxi dress with an updo and bright lipstick.

Tea Party
Tea Party

Often staged at upscale hotels and resorts and featuring Santa Claus as the guest of honor, tea parties are favorites of the under-10 crowd. Dress your little ones – and yourself – in your Sunday best and have fun. Children are what makes the season magical.

So what can you do if you have several invitations this year but only one good cocktail dress to wear to all of them You can do two things:

Change up the accessories for a new look Change Accessories

Wearing different accessories can make the “same old, same old” look completely different. Instead of going with the standard all black with your LBD, for example, try all red, green, or silver accessories instead. Wear your hair differently. Add a sequin jacket. Try a long string of pearls.

Try Different Combinations

Do you always wear the black lace blouse with the black crepe skirt for the holidays Try a different skirt. Or a bright, sparkly top. Or cream pants. Just because you bought pieces together doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to wear them together. Mix them up for variety – and get more wear out of all your pieces.

Whatever you do, don’t fret over what to wear to holiday parties this year. You have plenty of options. Just get creative, shop in your own closet, and don’t make it more complicated than it is.  Have a great time!

All clothing courtesy of StyleBop