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Refugees Face Slavery and Human Trafficking


Zaid is 14 year old boy, who has seen years of fighting in his home country. His father sat him down and gave him a mission that can help him and his family resolve their terrible situation.


Zaid’s father knows the family has to leave or they will be subject to living under an idolised military junta, torture or even death. His younger brother could be conscripted into an evil army. His sister could be forced into marriage at the age of 12 or worse become a sex slave within the junta. Zaid’s father tells him that he has to make a journey to the West. In the West he will find safety. He will find people, who are willing to help him and his family. He will be able to bring his family out of the war zone. Zaid doesn’t want to go, but he knows as the oldest son, he has to be strong and help his family. He would probably die in his county anyway, so what real choice does he have.

How widespread is the problem


The UN have reported that 65.3 million people are refugees, asylum seekers or displaced. This is a population larger than the UK. The 2016 global slavery index, funded by Forrest’s Walk Free Foundation, says 45.8 million people are trapped in some form of slavery. This is similar to the population of Spain. However you look at the numbers, they are large, have reached record levels and are increasing due to greater levels of conflict and persecution in the world. Many of these people are at risk. EU authorities registered 15,846 victims of human trafficking in 2013-14, including 2,375 children.

The authors of an EU report on human trafficking believe the numbers are much higher. In a report on Syrian refugees in Lebanon by The Freedom Fund, one NGO is cited as stating that 60-70% of Syrian children are working rather than in school. The United Nations Children’s Fund says that more than half of Turkey’s 2.7 million registered Syrian refugees are children and 80% of them are not in school.

The numbers are large and growing. As the EU and Western Nations dither on a current, dire and escalating problem, the prospects of stemming the rise in refugee numbers and as a consequence the number of people trafficked are grim. Richer countries in problem regions seem to have turned their backs on the refugee problem, but continue to fight for advantages that simply exacerbate the situation.

Zaid’s journey is long and arduous. It contains many dangers, which Zaid is unaware of. His mother tells him to be careful; that there are many unscrupulous people out there and not to trust anyone. He is given most of the family’s money, what little there is, to make the journey. He will guard it with his life.

Zaid makes it over to Turkey, where he finds refugees everywhere. Hope seems lost. If all these people can’t find their way to Europe, then how will he He spent a lot of the money he was given to bribe border guards to get this far. He needs to work, so he looks for whatever he can find. Desperate, he finds work in a sweatshop. He works 14 hours a day to make a meagre wage. Only enough to keep him in food and water, but no more. He talks to the other children in the factory. Some have horrific stories; others don’t want to speak about their ordeals. Most likely those are the ones who were sexually molested. He wonders if he will be able to travel any further.

Why are children targeted

An EU working document cited by The Guardian states “organised crime groups choose to traffic children as they are easy to recruit and quick to replace, they can also keep under their control child victims relatively cheaply and discreetly”. Children are easier to manipulate, discard and are highly profitable. The Guardian article goes on to state “trafficked children aged between six months and 10 years are bought and sold for sums ranging from €4,000 (£3,000) to €8,000, although amounts of up to €40,000 have been reported in some cases”.

Zaid starts to eat less so he can save at least a little each day to help him on his onward journey. He hasn’t forgotten his family, but he doesn’t have a way to contact them, or find out if they are still alive. The little he saves, he keeps in his shoe. He has no shelter to speak of, so he has to keep his valuables including cash with him at all times.

After a few weeks, the sweatshop owner sees Zaid taking a note from his wages to put in his shoe. He calls the boy over. Startled, Zaid goes over to the owner, who asks him if he would like some water. The owner says he appreciates Zaid’s works hard, and wanted to make sure he was OK. After the water, the owner says he has to pay for the drink, but Zaid refused. The owner expected this, and beat Zaid. He took his shoe and found the money that Zaid had been storing, and said that this was now his as part payment for the drink. Zaid was now to repay the remaining debt with his work. Zaid had fallen into servitude.

How can the slave masters live with themselves

A recent article in the Mail Online exposed a factory owner, Abu Zakour, who uses Syrian children to work in a military uniform sweatshop that sells camouflage to ISIS. The article explains that children “unable to go to school and desperate for money on the Turkish border … work 12 hour days for £10”. This is deplorable and nothing can excuse this work.

Abu Zakour is originally from Aleppo, stone island indigo stone washed regular tapered fit denim jeans but moved to Raqqa as his city was being destroyed through constant shelling. After ISIS created issues for him in Raqqa, he moved across the border to Turkey where he set up his sweatshop. In Raqqa he also had children working for him as “ISIS wanted children going to Shariah schools, but no one sent their children because there was a lot of bombing”. He sees no issues with child labour as he states “their parents want them to earn money, so what can [he] do ” His objective is to work and make money considering he “made far more money with the military clothes than the civilian clothes”. “It doesn’t matter where [his] customers are from”, he simply wants “to sell [his] clothes, and make a living”.

From a slave master’s point of view, he is simply making a living and providing job opportunities. They make the best of the circumstance in which they live. Using entrepreneurial ideals, they explain away the evils of their trade. This point of view can never be accepted as an explanation for either how these people produce their products or with whom these people trade.

One day Zaid saw that the owner had become careless. He left his office door unlocked and had gone for a smoke at the back. Zaid took his chance to go into the office to see what he could find. The other boys told him not to. They were afraid of what the owner would do if he found out, but Zaid ignored their warnings. Zaid found the bottom draw of the desk was locked. He decided it was all or nothing, so found a metal ruler, one that was used to beat him and the other children occasionally, and used it as a lever to pry open the drawer. He saw a small money clip, which had enough money for Zaid to get away. He took it, and waited until the owner came back through the back door. He had little time to prepare. It was all instinct really. The owner came through, and Zaid caught him by surprise. He broke a bottle over his head and ran out the door. Before the owner came to, Zaid had bolted and got away.

Why worry about things that happen far away

It is easy to ignore refugee issues and human trafficking as foreign problems unlikely to affect Western Nations, or at least cast them as problems that can be stopped at the borders. However, we have seen from the increase in asylum seekers in the EU, of which there were 1.3 million in 2015, the problem has now become an issue for European countries. With people willing to risk their lives on a hope of a better life, escaping war and persecution, it is difficult to imagine that EU border rules will deter these people. Throughout their journey, these people and especially the lone children are at risk of human trafficking.

Months later, Zaid found himself in Calais. It had been a difficult journey. He was careful not to be caught out as he was in Turkey, but the days and weeks of walking with little food was taking its toll. He was not himself. He felt years older, and his youthful demeanour had hardened. After all he had been through, there was no way he was going to go back. Now he distrusted the Europeans also. He saw that a few wanted to help, but most just wanted him to go back to his home country and suffer in silence. He had no reason to be silent any longer.

During his travels, Zaid learnt more about Europe from other refugees he had met along the way. He decided that England was the best place for him and his family. Once he got to the English Channel he saw he had one more challenge at the UK border, but he had faced many along the way so he was not daunted. Zaid continues to find a way across and believes that one day he will. This has become his dream, so he will not settle for asylum in other countries.

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Ravarino Trip 2010 – Part 2: Tintoria Emiliana Dyeing Factory
Refreshed after the previous day’s travelling and general excitement, the group set off early for Modena, home of the Tintoria Emiliana factory where the garments are dyed. We passed the Maserati HQ and both Ferrari and Lamborghini are in the same region so this is definitely the home of design-lead manufacturing in Italy.

Tintoria Emiliana was established just after the war and originally its business was to recycle old and second-hand garments by means of a re-dyeing process. From being a supplier of items to the military their relationship with SPW can be traced back to the late ‘70s when they helped produce the early C.P. Company garments. They were one of the first Italian firms able to use vegetable extract dyes on an industrial scale for dyeing natural fibre garments. The plant produces pieces for various brands – we saw items for Harrods, Burberry and Trussardi Jeans whilst wandering round.

Tomasso Gallini, SPW’s Customer Service manager, met us at the factory and was our guide for this part of the tour along with the General Manager of the factory. The plant was like a giant laundry/dry cleaners with huge dyeing and drying machines. All around us were bins of garments which had either been dyed or were waiting to go in and have the base colour applied. The process takes several hours per colour and is a very specialist art – every colour has a specific combination of dyes, water temperature and time applied per wash in order to get exactly the right shade It is only when you see the level of detail that goes into creating even a basic polo shirt that you start to get a bit more a feel for why these are premium-priced garments.

Shortly after we started our tour we were joined by an elderly but very spritely Italian gentleman sporting a Stone Island jacket. I didn’t catch his name, unfortunately, but he had apparently been one of the early workers at the factory and had worked with Massimo Osti himself when the stone island regular tapered jeans blue collaboration with C.P. Company had first begun. Although he spoke no English he was a real character and proceeded to follow us round the plant merrily smoking away despite all the signs warning of the hazards of doing so! Interestingly, no one from the factory challenged him about this at any stage so safe to assume he was a man of some importance. Either that or Health & Safety isn’t quite the same in Italy…

Our tour wound all the way through the factory – we saw Japanese nylon jackets being dyed a vivid yellow (apparently a very difficult thing to do), saw the Compact process before and after (see pics) which is a bit of a shocker when you see the original garment which is pretty much the size of a tablecloth !

We saw the dye mixing room where the base colours are mixed to create thousands of shades – even for someone as colour-blind as me it was an extraordinary room. The Master Mixer had even hand painted the walls of his office with his own colours to brighten up the area.

On to the “Laboratoria” which looked liked some sort of mad scientists room with test tubes, pipes, burners and mixers all hooked up and humming and bubbling away. It seems obvious where the fit between the 2 firms arises from – they seem as obsessed with research and testing as SPW are. Truly a meeting of minds.

Whilst we wandered round we kept coming across interesting rails of garments =- some for future collections, others prototypes which may or may not see the light of day. Two interesting pieces were a tinto style dyed Shadow piece (which didn’t look very good tbh!) and a new style of Camo jacket which attempted to continue the patterns across the stitiching (looked a lot better!!) Whether they ever go into production remains to be seen.

Our tour ended with some rather nice cheese and wine which was swiftly hovered up by the group before we headed back to the coach and off to Milan for another monster meal (cos obviously we hadn’t had enough to eat yet…) At the restaurant Carlo and Silvio were already there. Another fantastic meal ensued (featuring one of the most fantastic Tiramisu’s ever) during which Carlo told a number of great stories – and one very sad one.

Carlo told us how he met Massimo Osti shortly after he had sold his personal archive to Nautica (for something like €3million). Expecting Osti to be sad about the sale, he was surprised to learn he was very happy – the reason being Massimo had kept a duplicate of all the most important pieces and he had only sold the garment archive, not the fabric archive so still had all the key items in his possession!

The sad part of the story came when Nautica subsequently had a change of ownership and ended up being run by a bunch of money men who had no understanding of what the archive represented or its true value. Bizarrely they had it crated it up and shipped to Hong Kong where, according to Carlo, it has sat on the dockside in containers for several years, presumably deteriorating in the local climate. An astonishing waste – one can only wonder what treasures have been left to rot there.

Another interesting moment came when he was discussing the recent trips he had made with Silvio to China and Japan – they had clearly spent a lot of time visiting various shops and picking up interesting items, all of which they feed back into the R&D department at SPW. Carlo made the point that for him and most of us in the room (with the exception of Stu most of us were probably 40/50 somethings) , Stone Island represented certain ideals but that for Silvio’s generation, they needed to come up with new approaches to appeal to them – hence the deliberate change in things like advertising in recent years – his theme of evolution is very much at the front of his thinking.

On a more light-hearted note he told us about a time he’d been invited by the national Chamber of Commerce to a fancy dinner in aid of trade relationships with the far East. Although he owns lots of ties (his favourites are by Ungaro) he never actually wears one. He turned up at the dinner in his smartest Stone Island field jacket only to be turned away at the door! Not being one for formal events anyway he went back home only for the organisers to suddenly realise there was an important empty seat at one of the tables and despatch a car to hurriedly bring him back to the dinner.

As time was moving on and we needed to be at the airport early evening we needed to get off to the Showroom which was a stone island regular tapered jeans blue 5 minute walk away from the restaurant.

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Pride Of Britain Awards 2016

One of the things that makes Britain ‘great’ is that everyone comes together for a good cause. People step up for charity, stone island jeans age 14 whatever their profession or age. And the Pride Of Britain awards reflects that as celebs, politicians and ordinary people who have done extraordinary things all attend a dinner and awards ceremony in London.

It’s one of the most star-studded evenings of the whole year as celebrities can’t turn down charity requests. And for that reason, if you look at the red carpet it’s one never-ending stream of stunning red carpet dresses. It’s great timing that these awards fall in November when the Christmas party season is starting.

Let’s have a look at the six most stunning celebrity outfits and see how we can copy the looks:

Susanna Reid

The Good Morning Britain presenter looked bold and beautiful in a red maxi dress. Red is such a striking colour for parties and it also feels very Christmassy. The ITY maxi dress is a gorgeous shade of red and very similar to Susanna’s


Alesha Dixon

Alesha looks really pretty in a floral dress, which she matches to her lipstick. A floral dress is bright and uplifting and gives you a bit of cheer when you leave the house. It’s also cheers other people up when they look at you – who doesn’t like flowers


Kimberly Walsh

The ex Girls Aloud singer looked dazzling in a maxi dress which had sequin detail. It’s almost identical to the Simply Be lurex high split maxi dress, which shows a hint of cleavage while keeping everything else covered. It’s classy but cool.


Candice Brown

After winning Great British Bake Off, it’s appropriate that Candice should wear a gold dress- she’s a winner after all! Gold is great for all skin tones, brightening the skin even when you feel tired. If you want the golden glow, wear gold.


Kym Marsh

The Coronation Street star grabs everyone’s attention in a printed maxi dress. The print is so gorgeous; you just can’t help but stare. It reminds me of the  Samya printed maxi dress, which is super striking!


 Frankie Bridge

Frankie also wore a floral maxi dress, but her dress was loose and floaty. The mother-of-two looks very sophisticated in this maxi dress. It’s really flattering as the colour attracts attention all over, giving the optical illusion of making you look slimmer. What’s not to love about that


The awards ceremony was on ITV on 1 November and available for catch-up on ITV Player so you can see what the dresses looked like as the celebs walked. Also, it’s amazing to hear what incredible things the award winners did.

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Plus Size Travel Clothing

In addition to these plus size clothing and travel clothing resources comes this resource from reader Kris Glick:

Just thought I’d pass on some info on material that doesn’t wrinkle which is wonderful for the large woman.  I’ve started getting outfits in the slinky knit material. They are absolutely fantastic!  They are so comfortable and don’t show a lot of wrinkles when traveling. So far I have found a couple of sites for the plus and super-sized woman.

For those with  a medium budget there’s:

Plus Woman

and for those with an unlimited pocketbook there’s:


Keep up the good work with the newsletters.

Kris Glick

Thanks Kris.  The clothing on Astarte is a bit pricey, but then stone island tapered jeans again, the fabric and detailing is unlike anything I’ve seen in this size range.  Lovely!

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Phoenician Socialite Blogger Shops Clothes Mentor Chandler
Phoenician Socialite Blogger Shops Clothes Mentor Chandler

Here’s an excerpt from a post on the Phoenician Socialite blog about shopping at Clothes Mentor Chandler in Arizona:

I spoke with fashion expert and owner of Clothes Mentor Amy Malmquist, who shared a couple of fashion trends to look out for this Spring.

Medium length shorts (professional shorts): You can pair this with wedges, a plain shirt and top it off with a blazer. This is the look for when it’s not summer quite yet, but it’s not freezing temperatures either.

Straight skirts: Did these ever go out of style Nope. Will they go out of style Probably not. Wear them at the office or for a lunch date, the fun designed bottoms are in to stay. Pair it with a solid shirt, heels and clutch.

3. Boyfriend jeans: We all love to raid our love’s closet, right These are the jeans you wear for the casual day. Pair the bottoms with grey stone island jeans a crochet top and a statement necklace. This is the trend that’s all over the magazines right now.

Clothes Mentor Phoenician Socialite blogger wearing three different outfits
Photos courtesy Phoenician Socialite blog

Check out the post on the Phoenician Socialite to see what else store owner Amy recommended.

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Our Top 3 National Television Awards 2014 Selfies

If you tuned into last nights National Television Awards, you’ll already know how amazing the whole event was!

The celeb selfies were out in force and bet you guess which cheeky chaps took our favourite :D here’s our top 3 NTA seflie moments…

3) The lovely Bake Off pair, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

2) Ricky Gervais and Patsy Palmer (or Rickayyy and Bianca)

1) And the heroes of the night… Ant and Dec!

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oliver +s and giveaway
oliver +s and giveaway

Giveaway Week is in full swing! Have you entered all the giveaways yet What are you waiting for Today could be your lucky day. And if it is your lucky day, well then you are in for a treat, because we have everyone’s favorite pattern company today, Oliver + S!

oliver + s

They have two new patterns out for summer. True to Oliver + S style they are both packed with sweet details and clever sewing tips. Let’s start with the boy’s pattern, because good ones are always hard to find.

the parachute polo and sweatpants

The Parachute Polo + Sweatpants pattern is packed with options. It includes pattern pieces for a boy’s polo shirt in both short and long sleeves as well as a girl’s polo shirt with short and long sleeves. And it includes some great sweatpants, too.

I could create an entire wardrobe for my boys from this one pattern-and one that they would wear all the time! Really, I could fill my daughter’s closet as well. Even though this is a boys pattern, it comes with a polo pattern especially designed for a girl. The girl’s polo is more fitted with a smaller, shorter sleeve. Both polos have a woven collar, which might sound a bit odd, but just imagine trying to sew a thin and slippery jersey into something that resembles a collar. I would end up with a shirt with something that looked like an old snake skin around the neck. Plus by using woven, you get another chance to mix and match fabrics!

parachute sweatpants inspriation

1. neon floral 2. striped sides 3. alligator print 

I want to get my hands on some french terry and play around with prints for the sweatpants! Gray sweatpants are a staple, yes, but why can alligator sweatpants be a staple too I love the idea of a striped stripe running down the side or a crazy bright floral with a neon stripe. You could make all kinds of awesome pants with this pattern and because they are so comfy, you know your kid will live in them.

The other new pattern from Oliver + S is a skirt and top combo called the Butterfly Blouse and Skirt pattern.

the butterfly blouse and skirt by Oliver + S

The top has a gentle A-line/trapeze shape that gives it a relaxed, breezy look. The pleated skirt is a pull-on style that will be extremely versatile for a wide variety of events and seasons. The blouse can be sewn with either a sweet little flutter sleeve or a classic cap sleeve.

Separates are so much fun to sew! And because they can mix and match so easily, they can stretch your girls wardrobe into fall or even winter (if she doesn’t grow too much).  The details make this simple skirt and top combo really shine: a few pleats in the skirt, a subtle peplum on the blouse, and a keyhole opening in back.

With their excellent directions, Oliver +S holds your hand while you sew all these details. In the end you realize you just took your sewing up a notch! But if you need a little extra handholding (and who doesn’t) Oliver + S hosts sew-a-longs! Each step of the pattern is photographed and explained in depth. When it’s *a-hem* 1:30 in the morning and you cannot figure out how to put the placket on, you can turn to the Oliver + S forums and they will show you exactly how it’s done. The sew-a-long for the Butterfly Skirt just started. And they recently had a Butterfly Blouse sew-a-long and a Parachute Sweatpants sew-a-long.

butterfly blouse inspiration

1. neon flutter 2. camera dress 3. striped flutter 

I love a flutter sleeve on a little girl and I couldn’t help but look around for some flutter sleeve inspiration. I think that Echino camera print would make a pretty fantastic Butterfly Blouse-and be perfect for our TRAVELING theme! Neon and stripes, what can I say I love them both. But don’t the stripes look stunning with a flutter sleeve !

And now for the giveaway! Liesl has generously offered 3 Oliver + S digital patterns to the winner. If you win, you can choose whichever patterns you like best, but the new ones are pretty great;) Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter by Wednesday June 24. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. Winner will receive 3 Oliver + S digital patterns of their infant stone island jeans choice.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

giveaway weekjune 2015

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Looking for a winter jacket with a fun twist like pompoms and a nice fur ruff on the hood Look no further: the Moose Knucles women’s Stirling Parka is made entirely in Canada (check out the men’s version here). It’s insulated with duck down and the blue fox fur will give you a very trendy look. This parka combines comfort with style.


There’s more! You’ll find two fleece-lined pockets at the waist and two more at the chest. There’s also a very practical interior pocket for your phone.


Honorable mention to the huge very robust two-way zipper that’s easy to handle with gloves. This way, your hands won’t freeze this winter!


The removable hood is practical when you want to protect the fur when cleaning the jacket.

The verdict Moose Knuckles jackets are definitely ready for Canadian winters. And of course, you have to rock the moose knuckles on your shoulder.


Shop other Moose Knuckles styles and check out our winter jacket collection for women this season. Check out our Choosing the Right Winter Jacket guide if you`re not sure where to start and what type of jackets to look at.

Moose Knuckes Stirling Parka is available at

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My Favorite Cropped Jacket

As a designer, I always look for new ideas and inspirations to come up with, especially if they have interesting shapes. A few years ago when kimono inspired womens jackets were a big trend I loved the look and style, so I designed this jacket and had it made in a cute textured fabric. Well it ended up being one of my personal favorites that I have ever designed and it has become a staple in my closet.

I love the shape and versatility of it in how many different ways you can wear it, from dressing it up to wearing it in a more casual relaxed way.

Since one of the biggest “Fall 13” trends are looser, fuller and cocoon shaped jackets, it gave me an incentive to wear the jacket again this weekend. This time I am pairing it with slim black Capri pants. Whenever I wear a looser jacket I always wear a slimmer piece in the bottom. Be it cigarette pants or Capri pants or a slim skirt or dress, you want to balance the big volume piece on top with a slimmer piece in the bottom. I also like beige stone island jeans wearing it with a short sleeve or sleeveless top to really emphasize the sleeve shape, but if you are going to wear a long sleeve top under it, make sure it is a slim and tight sleeve.

I hope you like my favorite cropped jacket as much as I do because I have decided to include this style in my new “Jacket Society” women’s jacket line that will be launching soon.

It will have new fabrications and colors and will be available in time for the Christmas holidays on my new website. Please feel free to email me for any further information, I will be happy to tell you more.

<img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-255 pib-hover-img" alt="Harper_womens_jacket_www.jacketsociety (1)" src="×1024.jpg" beige stone island jeans width=”625″ height=”938″ srcset=”×1024.jpg 682w,×300.jpg 200w,×600.jpg 400w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 625px) 100vw, 625px” data-pin-url=”” data-pin-media=”” />Harper_womens_jacket_www.jacketsociety (4) Harper_womens_jacket_www.jacketsociety (6)

Harper_womens_jacket_www.jacketsociety (7)

Harper_womens_jacket_www.jacketsociety (3)

Jacket – My own design

Pants – BCBG

Top – Feather and Bone

Shoes – Prada

Bag – Givenchy

Belt – Chanel

Sunglasses – Prada

The Fashion Canvas

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Rhythm In Dress

Rhythm in DressThink of your favorite piece of music. Of how the instruments play together in harmony. Of how the chorus repeats itself. Of how it ebbs and flows. The pattern is familiar, comforting.

Now imagine a grade school band trying to replicate that song after only a few months of lessons. They’re out of sync. Pitchy. The drummer is full of himself.

They take a perfectly good piece of music and mangle is beyond recognition. If you’re the parent of one of the kids in the band, you just have to sit there and take it. It’s like fingernails on a blackboard. You can’t wait for it to be over.

So it is with rhythm in dress.

Rhythm creates order through repetition. You know what to expect. To anticipate.

In dress, it looks like this:

Good RhythmStylebop

Good RhythmStylebop
Tamara Mellon

Good RhythmStylebop

The eye flows easily over the patterns. There is no clash, no stumbling over elements. You’re able to take it all in.

But when there is no rhythm – or if one element calls obnoxious attention to itself like an overzealous drummer – it’s as hard to look at as a grade school band is to hear, like this:

Bad RhythmStylebop

Bad RhythmStylebop

<p style="text-align: stone island jeans amazon center;”>Bad RhythmStylebop

Too many rhythms, too many patterns. There’s just too much to take in. It’s chaotic.

You don’t want that.

Keep the rhythms simple and easy to take in – like a catchy tune.

If the garment has a pattern, allow that to do the bulk of the work. Then, use your accessories to subtly stone island jeans amazon echo the pattern – but don’t repeat it more than three times (the rule of three).

For example:

The circular earrings and the coat buttons create an easy rhythm:

Repeat RhythmChadwicks

Here, the circular earrings and circular watch face echo the polka dots:

Repeat RhythmChadwicks

The rectangular two drop earrings repeat the houndstooth pattern:

Repeat RhythmChadwicks

Again, these are really subtle, but they work. You could also repeat patterns with other accessories, like belt buckles, bracelets, purse shapes, etc. Just remember to limit the pattern to three.

Is this starting to make sense

So next time you’re standing in front of the mirror, trying to figure out if an ensemble works or if it doesn’t, think about proportion, balance, and now, rhythm. I will definitely help you dress better.


Diana Pemberton-SikesDiana Pemberton-Sikes is an image consultant and author of Signature Style Blueprint. Ready to find the clothing styles that suit you best and build a wardrobe of your best looks Signature Style Blueprint shows you how.