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What is Casual Attire

There are lots of misconception about casual attire, particularly in these oh-so-casual times.  Some think it means no tie, others think it means anything goes.  The truth is somewhere in between.  If you’ve ever been confused about the casual attire dress code, it’s time to set things straight.

There are four levels of clothing formality, according to Image Master Judith Rasband of the Conselle Institute:

I really like using Judith’s four levels because they’re easy to remember and apply to every situation.  They are:

Formal (Tailored) – business suits (day), evening gowns (night)
Semi-Formal (Softly Tailored) – business jackets (day), cocktail attire (night)
Casual (Casual Tailored) – collared shirts, sweaters
Informal (Untailored) – sweats, swimsuits, exercise apparel

So on a scale of 1-4, with 1 being the least formal and 4 being the most formal, casual attire ranks as number 2.  More formal than exercise clothes, less formal than cocktail attire.

The problem is that because we’ve become so lax in recent years, most people confuse casual with informal.  They do morning coffee runs in pajama bottoms or run errands in sweats or workout clothes, and call it casual when it’s actually informal.  Then when they’re told to wear smart casual or sharp casual or even business casual, they’re stumped.  They don’t know what that means.

Don’t let that be you.

Here are some examples of casual outfits for women:

What is casual attire
Casual attire for women
Casual attire
What is casual attire

Pictures courtesy of Chadwicks

Notice that there is some structure to casual clothes, typically a collared shirt, crisp skirt, or nice pants.  Casual doesn’t mean sloppy or whatever you can get away with.  It means a level above the clothes you clean your house in and a level below what you’d wear to church or a cocktail party.  It’s very specific.  Crisp, slightly tailored clothes that you can relax in yet still look good.  Designer sweatpants do not qualify.

Ralph Lauren - the ideal casual wearRalph Lauren built his fashion empire on this smart casual, English weekend in the country look.  Polo shirts, denim skirts, and tweed jackets all say I dress well, even for downtime.

Google images + Prince William casual and you’ll see pictures of this very modern English prince and his bride adhering to the Ralph Lauren ideal in their casual wear.  Collared shirts, khaki pants, cute dresses, maybe some jeans – but no sweats, logo t-shirts, or workout gear, EVER.  They know what casual attire looks like, and it’s NOT pajama bottoms, rumpled shirts, or I just rolled out of bed crazy hair and no makeup.  No, their casual attire is easy but proper and lets people know they know how to dress.

So should yours – especially if you have a business casual dress code at work.

Go back and look at those casual clothes again and consider how your work clothes measure up.  Does your casual wear instill confidence and inspire trust  Would you be comfortable being photographed in what you wear to work  Do people look at you and know you mean business

If not, it’s time to stone island down jacket navy freshen up your casual wear and bring it into line with what’s appropriate for the job or situation.  Casual doesn’t mean sloppy.  It means not formal.  Learn it, look good, and prosper.

Need some more help in answering the what is casual attire question  Occasion Magic can help.

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When Status Accessories Jump the Shark

Michael Kors ToteOne morning as I was driving the kids to school, I noticed a woman standing at the bus stop with a Michael Kors logo tote bag slung over her shoulder. Later that same day, I stood behind a woman at the grocery store who pulled a food stamp EBT card out of her Coach logo handbag.


Well, if low income households are wearing these brands, then it points to one thing:  they have officially “jumped the shark.”

Now I know that sounds really snobby.

But it’s the economics of supply and demand. Luxury is based on exclusivity; if low income earners are consuming en mass, then it’s no longer exclusive.

It’s like that scene in The Incredibles (2004) where Syndrome talks about everyone having super powers:

When everyone has it, it’s not special anymore.

It also dilutes the brand.

Remember the designer jean craze of the early 1980s Jordache. Gloria Vanderbilt. Calvin Klein. They were “the” jeans to have in those days.

Calvin Klein JeansBrooke Shields for Calvin Klein Jeans (c. 1981)

But within a matter of years, it was all over. Calvin Klein filed for bankruptcy in 1992 and was bought by the Phillips van Heusen company in 2002. Jordache and Gloria Vanderbilt are still available, at Walmart and Kohls, respectively. They lost their hip factor thirty years ago, when everyone and her mother owned a pair.

Same with Pierre Cardin, Halston, and Tommy Hilfiger. More recently, True Religion, Juicy Couture, Abercrombie & Fitch, and L.A.M.B. By Gwen Stefani have all seen better days. Even red bottomed Louboutins are starting to reach critical mass.

So what does all of this have to do with you

Be very careful when selecting your status accessories, especially if your work with high end clients. People who were raised with wealth typically don’t wear designer initials – they wear their own, if they wear any at all. With few exceptions, logos are strictly a middle class thing.

So if you know people who make a lot of money but they still wears lots of logos, chances are, they’re “new” money – first generation – and were raised in the middle or lower class. The nouveau riche, as they were called in the Industrial Age.

Here’s a list of some of the oldest fashion brands still in existence:

1781 – Asprey (silk printing)
1815 – Pringle of Scotland
1818 – Brooks Brothers
1828 – Guerlain
1834 – Rimmel London (perfume)
1837 – Hermès (saddlery)
1837 – Tiffany & Co.
1847 – Cartier
1851 – Aquascutum (sporting apparel)
1853 – Levis (dry goods)
1854 – Louis Vuitton (trunks)
1856 – Burberry (sporting apparel)
1889 stone island nylon metal jacket black – Lanvin
1909 – Chanel (hats)
1919 – Jean Patou
1921 – Gucci
1925 – Fendi
1933 – Lacoste

(The words in parentheses are the products the company originally sold.)

A quick look tells you that with the exception of Levis – and these days, Rimmel – they all have one thing in common: products that cater to the rich. Jewelry, perfume, saddles, sporting apparel – items consumed by the leisure class. They’ve all stayed in business for over a century because they know their target market and cater to it exclusively with quality goods that have withstood the test of time.

Hermes Scarf Ad

Hermès Scarf Ad – with a nod to their carriage trade beginnings

But Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel all have logos, you might be thinking.

And you’re right – they do.

In fact, Louis Vuitton was the first to put a logo on their trunks back in the 1890s to discourage counterfeiters.

Louis Vuitton Trunk

Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk

Chanel started stamping her interlocking Cs on her Chanel No. 5 perfume bottles in the 1920s for the exact same reason – to ensure authenticity.
Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Hermès started adding an H to their Constance bag in the 1950s.
Hermes Constance Bag

Hermès Constance Bag

So why haven’t their brands been diluted by all the logos

Some would argue that they have. One fashionable friend said that seeing all the “trashy” reality stars wearing Louis Vuitton and Chanel means those brands are “done.”

I don’t think so. These products are still very expensive and out of the reach of most middle class consumers. That they’ve been counterfeited so much does hurt them, but those who can afford to buy at this level simply avoid the most-copied styles.

So should you. Especially if you work with – or aspire to work with – high end clients.


Quality speaks for itself. It doesn’t need a logo to prove its worth. Neither do you.

Which would you say is more expensive

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Totes

Michael Kors
Michael Kors

Michael Kors Bags


Coach Bags

When you see them side-by-side, it’s easy to discern the difference.  The texture, the shape, the construction – it’s like the difference between haute cuisine and fast food. There is no comparison.

So if you stop wearing the logo styles favored by the masses, what should you wear instead

Well, aside from the pieces you love and cherish, you might want to check out the under-the-radar styles that the fashion cognoscenti are wearing. Look at the reviews on high end retail sites like Nordstrom or to see what luxury consumers are rating highly. If people who spend this kind of money all the time like something, it might warrant your attention.


Do you have to buy any of these things

Of course not!

But I want you to at least be aware of what high income earners like. Not everyone can afford to pay $200-$500+ per piece, so it behooves you to know what this demographic is buying, particularly if you work with or aspire to work with people at this level. Their buying habits offer insight.

As do those on the lower end of the spectrum. When you see low income earners buying status goods, it means that brand – or that style at least – has “jumped the shark” and is on its way out. Remember: luxury is about exclusivity. If everyone has it, it’s not exclusive.

So think about that next time you go to buy a status accessory. If you’re going to spend the money, spend it on quality pieces that will last you for years. Forget the logos that everyone has and buy under-the-radar pieces instead. You’ll signal to high end clients that you’re one of them instead of someone who just follows the crowd.


Diana Pemberton-SikesDiana Pemberton-Sikes is an image consultant and author of Executive Style Bootcamp. Ready to to look like the leader your are Executive Style Bootcamp shows you how.

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What Does a Fashion Stylist Do

Fashion StylistA fashion stylist helps clients put together outfits for various situations. She determines what level of dress is appropriate for the occasion, then selects the best color, cut, and style of clothes that will allow her client to shine. She then adds flattering accessories, creating a finished look that makes her client look like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Stylists know what fabrics, textures, and colors go together, as well as what accessories do and don’t work with an ensemble. Sometimes they come up with cutting edge trends, sometimes they use classic pieces to create unforgettable looks. A fashion stylists job is to make their clients look good, and in this age of social media where images can instantly encircle the globe, the very best are worth their weight in gold.

But while the term “fashion stylist” has only been around since the mid-90’s, the service they perform – creating polished, pulled-together looks – has been around since ancient times. Dressers, personal maids, and valets have been an integral part of aristocratic households for millennia. Royal dressmakers like Rose Bertin (Marie Antoinette) designed head-to-toe looks, as did Charles Frederick Worth, the father of haute couture. Later, Hollywood studio costume designers created signature styles for their biggest stars.

Yet while much praise has been given to fashion stylists – and many celebrities and socialites swear they can’t get dressed without one – putting together head-turning outfits isn’t all that hard. Once you know what’s entailed, it becomes relatively easy.

What a Fashion Stylist Does

Here’s what fashion stylists do that you can do for yourself:

They determine:

Your body shape
Your best colors
Your clothing personality
Your best styles
What type of clothing is appropriate for the occasion, time, and season
Which accessories best suit you and the ensemble
Which hairstyle is appropriate
What makeup should be worn

If you ever watch Project Runway, you see this routine every episode. The designers are given an assignment, which they spend most of the time executing. Once their models have been fitted, the designers accompany them to the hair and makeup studio where they tell the hair and makeup artists what they want. They finish the look with appropriate accessories before sending the model down the runway.

Project Runway
Project stone island glass black jacket Runway
Korto Momolu’s seat-belt coat
(season 5, episode 7)

It isn’t rocket science. Yet walking down the street, it’s easy to see why many people think so: because they were never taught how to dress. Or, they just don’t care. Comfort has replaced style and for many, clothes just don’t matter any more. They wear the same hairstyle and makeup for every occasion for decades.

But here’s the thing: in thousands of years of dressing, clothing and accessories have ALWAYS played an integral part in signifying wealth and importance. ALWAYS. They still do.

“The Kate Effect” is just the latest evidence of that.

Elizabeth I had people copying her clothes, too, and she got so annoyed, she added to the sumptuary laws to make them stop. Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire (and daughter of the 1st Earl Spencer) had groups of reporters – 18th century paparazzi – waiting outside every social event she attended to report on her clothes. The Empress Eugenie launched the careers of Charles Frederick Worth and Louis Vuitton with her patronage. Copying great style is not new.

But creating it

That’s new.

It’s why great designers, fashion stylists, and fashionistas are so revered in our society: they think outside the box. When you can look at a blank canvas and create a brilliant story from it, stone island glass black jacket people can’t help but admire it. And when you’re in the public spotlight People can’t help but copy it. That’s why anything the Duchess of Cambridge wears sells out right away, including her hats, shoes, clothes, and nursery items.

Christian Dior Fall 2013
Christian Dior, Fall 2013

But I don’t want you to blindly copy what others are doing, because what might be right for them may not be right for you. I want you to learn to think for yourself and create head-turning outfits that suit you and your personality – not a future queen or a pop star or a Real Housewife. You.

So do what fashion stylists do: know thyself, learn what’s appropriate for different situations, and then learn how to put together ensembles that will have people admiring your fashion savvy. That’s what fashion stylists do.


Diana Pemberton-SikesDiana Pemberton-Sikes is an image consultant and author of Fashion Style Blueprint, THE fashion styling resource that helps you put together head-turning, one-of-a-kind outfits.

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What’s the Difference Between an Image Consultant and a Fashion Stylist

While perusing the latest offerings from the FabJob guide site,

I noticed that both the Become a Fashion Stylist and Become an Image Consultant titles both linked to the image consultant guide.  I found that very interesting.  For while both occupations require a similar skill set, they have very different functions.  That a publisher as well-respected as FabJob could miss the differences shows how deeply misunderstood the two disciplines are.

So what’s the difference between an image consultant and a fashion stylist   And perhaps more importantly, how can you use that information to build a fashionable yet functional
wardrobe of your own

Let’s take a look:

An IMAGE CONSULTANT typically works with individuals to help them consistently look their best.  Using color analysis, figure analysis, lifestyle analysis, etc., an image consultant will determine which colors, styles, and clothes will help their clients look good and reach their image goals, like getting a job promotion, a new social position, having dating success, or whatever.

Personal image consultants work one-on-one with people, doing things like cleaning and organizing closets or doing personal shopping.  Corporate image consultants work with businesses in a variety of ways, like writing dress code policies, picking out uniforms, training sales staff or managers how to improve sales by dressing appropriately, etc.  Media image consultants help their clients to look good and speak competently for media presentations like speeches, book writing tours, television
interviews, and the like.

A FASHION STYLIST uses clothing, accessories, and props to create a certain image or look for print or other media.  Years ago, their title was photographer’s assistant because they were responsible for creating the scene to be photographed, including finding clothes, doing hair and makeup, arranging accessories, and even set decorating, if necessary.  Today, many fashion stylists still fill some of those same roles at photo shoots (depending on the budget), but they can also be found pulling and styling clothes for other media as well, including television, fashion shows, videos, etc.

Celebrity fashion stylists find and style clothes and do hair and makeup (or they have a team who does) for celebrities stone island down jacket green or public figures who need to look good for red carpet events, television interviews, promotional tours, and the like. Some celebrities have stylists on their payroll or on retainer; others hire them on a job-by-job basis.

So while both occupations require knowledge of clothing styles, body types, appropriate attire, etc., one discipline focuses on a consistent, long-term approach while the other is all about the photo op.  Can an image consultant also work as a fashion stylist or vice versa   Absolutely! Are they the same thing   Obviously not.

So how can you become your own image consultant and fashion stylist

Start by determining your body type, coloring, and clothing personality.  Build a solid wardrobe that helps you reach your image goals and takes you wherever you need to go.  Experiment with different hair styles and makeup techniques and keep them current as the seasons change.

Then, study fashion magazines, store windows, and online retailers for styling ideas like how to layer clothes, how to combine different fabrics, and how to wear accessories in new ways.  Pull the pictures out of magazines (if you own them) or print them off if they’re online.  Collect them in a folder and keep it handy as you dress so that you can try different things.  Before you know it, you’ll have that touched by a stylist look — WITHOUT the accompanying expense.

So what’s the difference between an image consultant and a fashion stylist   One focuses on looking good every day, while the other pulls out all the stops when the cameras are on.  With a little practice, you can do both.

Need some tips on how to determine your coloring, body shape, and clothing personality   Download a copy of WARDROBE MAGIC:

Need some ideas on how to wear your old accessories in new ways   Grab a copy of ACCESSORY MAGIC:

to see how easy dressing well can be.


Diana Pemberton-Sikes is a wardrobe and image consultant and author of Wardrobe Magic, an ebook that shows women how to transform their unruly closets into workable, wearable wardrobes. Visit her online at .

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What Does 100% Organic Really Mean


With growing concerns about the actual components that make up our clothes, many people are beginning to turn to clothing made from natural and organic fibres.

These days when you walk into clothing retail stores you’ll notice that manufacturers have caught on and have labelled their clothes with “100% organic cotton”, fair trade and “certified organic”.

Do these labels actually have meaning beyond the surface Although many products with such labels are very prominent in retail stores, big clothing brands like H&M, C&A and Tchibo have continuously misrepresented fabric components and have been accused in the past of selling genetically modified cotton as certified organic cotton. These retailers should be more vigilant and focus on using genuine natural components instead of using false claims as merely tools to attract consumers. The main focus should be on operating in a more sustainable and socially responsible way. With these things in mind, what does 100% organic really mean and why is it important

It’s essential for us to understand what being organic really means. The famous saying “you are what you wear”, is a testament to how important it is to pay attention to what fabric we use to cover our bodies. As consumers, we don’t like confusion and trust plays a crucial role in deciding what we purchase. Through research, consumers will become aware of the fact that many fabrics don’t actually contain the most natural ingredients, this should drive us to become more familiar with retailers that have ethics and sustainability embedded in their DNA. Patagonia’s example is always cited because their commitment to using only organic cotton is a setting them apart in the industry.

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Choose Organic Cotton

Sustainable Fibres: What is Cashmere

6 Lessons from a Tiny Home That Will Inspire Your …

Sustainable Fibres – What is Angora

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What’s Hot for Spring 2007

With the new season upon us, it’s time to start thinking of freshening up our closets for the changing weather.  But with so much to choose from, what do you need to remember when shopping for clothes  

While trends come and go, great style never goes out of fashion.  So take stock of your body shape and lifestyle and pick and choose those seasonal offerings that suit you best. 

Remember, NOBODY can wear EVERY style equally well,  regardless of her height, weight, or bank account.  So stick with the few styles that suit you well and pass on all the rest.  As always, invest in classics, go cheap on trends.

With that in mind, here are some of the most eye- catching, figure-friendly looks of the season: 


The safari look continues to be popular this year in everything from khaki and olive-colored clothes to traditional safari jackets.  It’s a fun, classic look, but be careful with those design details: no back pockets if you carry your weight in your bottom, for example, and no breast pockets if you tend to be busty.  Otherwise, you’ll call attention to those areas in a not-so-flattering way.


Warm weather and fun at the beach go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that the nautical theme continues to be strong this year.  Opt for classic color combinations but be mindful of those horizontal stripes — only put them on areas of your body that can handle the visually widening effect.

Flirty Florals

Flowers are very popular this season, and not just for your garden.  You’ll see tons of florals on everything from dresses to handbags, so if you’re into “flower power,” knock yourself out.  Just remember the rules of proportion when it comes to prints:  small prints on small bodies, large prints on large bodies. 

Modern Graphics in Black and White

Black stone island mesh reflective down jacket and white have been warm-weather favorites for years, and this year is no exception.  But these days, there’s a slightly new twist: bold, geometric patterns that catch the eye and add drama.  Want to turn heads in a low-key way   Try one of these black-and-white combos.


The Bohemian trend from seasons past lingers in the wildly popular tunic.  This easy-on-the-eyes silhouette continues to attract because it’s also easy on the body.  Tend to carry a lot of weight in your torso   Try a tunic.  It will cover the trouble spots in style and make you feel chic and up-to-date.

Wide Leg Pants

While cigarette pants and leggings continue to appeal to the very thin, wide leg pants have devotees of all shapes and sizes.  They balance heavier torsos, camouflage wide hips, and make legs look long and lean.  Wear them as part of a monochromatic ensemble for a chic, slim look.

The Shirtdress

This staple has been around for years for a few simple reasons:  it looks good, it’s appropriate for lots of things, and it works well on different body types.  Choose a surplice (diagonal) style for a flattering, slimming effect.

Modern Classics

How do you re-invent a classic   By adding contemporary touches to old favorites.  You’ll find plenty of re-invented classics this year, proving once again that simple, clean lines never go out of style.

Unexpected Twinsets

Speaking of reinventing a classic, you’ll find the classic twinset has re-emerged in many different interpretations to become a wardrobe favorite again.  New embellishments, unexpected lengths, fun colors – they all add up to a classic combo that allows you to add or subtract a coordinated piece to regulate your body temp as you see fit.

High Heels

Yes, I hear the groan of thousands of women with foot trouble cringing at the words “high” and “heel.”  Obviously, they’re not for everyone.  But for those who like and wear them, high heels are hot, hot, hot, whether they’re stiletto, stacked, or wedged.  For warm weather, a basic neutral or a skin-toned color in a simple style will offer you plenty of wearing options.

So those are my top picks for the season.  Add a handful of pieces that compliment your body shape and lifestyle and you can look up-to-the minute whatever your age, shape, size, or budget.

Diana Pemberton-Sikes is a wardrobe and image consultant and author of “Wardrobe Magic,” an ebook that shows women how to transform their unruly closets into workable, wearable wardrobes. Visit her online at .

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What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest
What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest

Suede and ultra suede are one of the biggest trends for spring and after seeing some of the fall 2015 shows, its looks like it is carrying straight into the next fall season as well.  I have been experimenting using ultra suede (faux suede) for some new jacket pieces.  As you know real suede is very nice as well but difficult to work with, just like real leather you have to buy it in pieces not yardage and it ends up being very expensive when you are done making a jacket out of it.  Ultra suede on the other hand comes in yardage just like any fabric and still has the look and the feel of suede.  It is the perfect kind of suede to use for spring, since it is lighter weight as well.

We have barely had a fall/winter season here in Los Angeles, and this last weekend it was once again ridiculous with temperatures well into the high 80s and it felt like summer.  So after a really busy work week, my husband and I decided to head to Santa Monica beach to enjoy a nice Saturday out in the sun and grab dinner somewhere to see the sunset later on.

I decided to wear this tan ultra suede cape vest for the outing which is a one of kind sample that I wanted to get your opinions on.  I love hearing from you all every week and this is the best way for me to get product feedback from readers and customers.  Originally I was going to wear a long sleeve top under it but it was so hot that I had to go with a tank top instead, of course it could be worn with a long sleeve top underneath for cooler days as well.

My outfit was pretty simple and casual so this cape vest was a fun addition to throw on and make the outfit more exciting.  I also added this fabulous necklace that we have just added to our web site and I love it.  Its my personal favorite color combination of gold, turquoise and brown and works perfectly with this outfit.  You can find the necklace here.

I would love to hear your opinion on this cape vest, would you like to see this item in the Jacket Society line

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2550

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2597

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2577

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2582

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2632What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2611

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-5827 pib-hover-img" src="" alt="What Do You stone island track jacket Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2616″ width=”800″ height=”1200″ srcset=” 800w,×300.jpg 200w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-pin-url=”” data-pin-media=”” />

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2682

Cape vest – First sample of my own design

Jeans – Zara

Tank top – Massimo for Target

Sandals – Bought in Paris years ago in a specialty store and the label has worn out…sorry

Bag – Prada

Necklace – Jacket Society

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What To Wear With Black Jeans
5 Ways To Wear Your Black Jeans

Black jeans always tend to be our go-to piece of clothing, which always look effortless whatever the occasion. Our guide on what to wear with black jeans is certain to help you create a perfect outfit.

1. Wear with … a Blazer and Shirt

With a co-ordinating black or grey blazer and a casual shirt underneath, your black jeans can be worn to a formal occasion such as a wedding reception or night out. If you’d like to give your outfit a smart casual feel, lose the blazer and wear a laid-back short or long sleeve shirt depending on the weather. You could even pair this look with a crew neck jumper to layer up in the winter.


2. Wear with … an Overshirt

Overshirts are so popular season after season, with Stone Island and CP Company always adding them to their collections. A navy or sage green overshirt with jeans is a winning combination for a day out or evening at the pub when you want to look stylish with a informal vibe.


3. Wear with … a Sweatshirt

What better way to wear a staple pair of jeans than with a timeless sweatshirt This comfortable outfit will never go out of style. To give your outfit a pop of colour, choose a bright sweatshirt in a red or orange for a quirky look.

4. Wear with … a Polo Shirt

Pair your black jeans with a staple polo shirt. Stay subtle with a classic white colour-way, or opt for a brighter colour to stand out from the crowd. This outfit is ideal for the casual days or a night out, as you can dress this look up or down with a pair of trainers or desert boots.

5. Wear with … a T Shirt

For a stone island shirt jacket sale day at home or going shopping, pair your jeans with a staple t-shirt. Whether the t-shirt is plain or features a stylish print, it’s certain to give your outfit that casual vibe.


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What Clothing Reveals About Your Background

Whenever I’m in a crowd, I like to watch people.  Young, old, rich, poor, thin, thick – you name it, crowds always provide entertainment.  For within that cluster of bodies, you can learn much about the people in them, from the well-mannered to the insecure to the natural leaders among us.

It’s almost spooky.  Once you begin to see the connection between the clothing and the person, you can begin to read people like a book.  You don’t just have to rely on what they say, which can often be wrong; you can glean information from the entire non-verbal package to get a more accurate picture.

Here are a few of the most common “types” of people I see:

Neat Appearance

Since most children aren’t neat and tidy by nature, a neat and tidy appearance as an adult is often the result of years of training at the hands of stern parents — or years of wearing a uniform to school or in the military.  Or, it could be the strong desire to be the antithesis of a sloppy parent.  Whatever the reason, it points to an uncommon discipline that often translates into a strong work ethic and a habit of following through.

Sloppy Attire

Clothes that are too big, too small, stained, frayed, or Sloppy Attireunkempt, usually imply that the wearer lacks discipline and isn’t into details.  It can be a result of growing up in a household where dressing well wasn’t stone island ice jacket wool a priority, or it can be a show of rebellion against a stern upbringing.  Often, the sloppiness is also reflected in a cluttered work space, a dirty car, and an unkempt house.  But it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is sloppy in everything; many of these folks tend to be exceedingly meticulous in one or two areas, excelling beyond average.  They would enjoy more success, however, if they were better rounded instead of so tunnel-visioned.

Fashionable, But No Common Sense

Ever see someone following fashion at the expense of common sense, like wearing bare legs in the dead of winter or sandals in the snow   It means she’s insecure and is blindly following the trend to garner attention, feel important, and bolster her self esteem.  I know, because I used to do this myself as a teen.  I loved the attention and was sure everyone who stopped to stare was in awe of my fashion savvy.  Little did I know they were merely stunned by the extent of my lemming-like behavior.  Yes, people judge you by how you look so it’s important to look nice.  But when you blindly follow things without stopping to consider the ramifications, you mark yourself as a dupe.  As the old saying goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Sloppy Attire, Status Accessories

What do you get when you mix sloppy clothes with a status handbag, watch, or shoes   A wannabe – as in “I wannabe seen as rich, but I don’t have the class to pull it off.”  Okay, that’s a bit snarky, I’ll admit.  But relying on status symbols to give cachet is a sure sign of an aspirant, not someone with real money.  The truly rich don’t have to rely on labels to show wealth; they do it with luxury fabrics, expert workmanship, and uncompromising fit.  They don’t put on sweat pants and tennis shoes with their Prada handbag and call it a look.  Neither should you.

Eye-Popping Displays of Flesh

Plunging necklines, low-rise pants, and high cut skirts are all Eye-poppy attiretrendy, but not necessarily a smart choice.  While there’s no substitute for properly-fitting clothes, there’s a fine line between showing off your figure and flaunting your body.  “I like my clothes tight enough to show I’m a woman, but loose enough to show I’m a lady,” Mae West once said.  Times haven’t changed.  Men still view women who show excessive skin as potential bedmates; women who are more modest tend to be viewed as more appropriate life mates.  Dress according to your goals.

Right Event, Wrong Clothes

People who wear clothes that are inappropriate to a situation Cocktail Attireare often viewed as unschooled.  If they don’t know what constitutes proper business attire or cocktail attire, for example, others assume that their education is lacking.  It’s usually the truth.  What’s the difference between getting an A and a C on a test   More studying.  What’s the difference between the “A” crowd and the “C” crowd   More studying.

These are just a few of the characters I encounter in crowds; you may notice the same or different.  But the result is the same:  how you dress reveals so much about you that may not even realize it. 

So study a few people next time you’re in a crowd to see what you can glean.  Then, take some time with your own appearance to determine what you’re revealing to everyone else.  If you don’t like what it’s saying, change it.  You may be delighted with the results.

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What to Wear to a Job Interview

What should you wear to a job interview

It’s an age-old question that has become even more important as the recession drags on and jobs grow scarce. It’s an employers’ market right now, so if you want a good shot at being a viable candidate, you need to make sure your resume is up to date and that you dress appropriately for your job interview.

So what should stone island baby jacket you wear

It depends on both your industry and the position level you seek.

Traditional industries like accounting, banking, and law require formal business attire in tailored fabrics. A matching suit or a business dress in a dark or neutral color works perfectly.

Creative industries like fashion, interior design, and architecture call for interview apparel that mixes the formality of traditional attire with fashionable elements that showcase your artistic flair. Suiting separates in unusual patterns or fabrics would work, as would traditional business attire with creative accessories.

People-oriented industries like teaching, social work, and health care call for attire that acknowledges formal business wear but emphasizes approachability. A blouse, pants, and vest would work well, for example, as would a collared dress in a neutral shade and simple silhouette.

Traditional Business Attire

Creative Business

People-oriented business

Traditional Business
Creative Business
People-Oriented Business

All clothing courtesy of Macys

Interview attire is really just an extension of your resume. If you really know your stuff in your field, then you know that every industry has its own dress code and you should wear the most formal uniform of your industry to a job interview.

Keep the cost of your apparel in line with the position you seek. Don’t over or under-spend. If you wear designer duds to interview for a receptionist position and discount clothes for an executive position, it will confuse and turn off your interviewer. Don’t do that. Match the cost of the clothes with the position you seek.

For entry-level positions, stick with discount or chain store clothing that fits your budget. For mid-level positions, opt for mid-range apparel and accessories that reflect your level and income. For executive and high-paying positions, look for fine fabrics and accessories that accurately show your status. If your budget can’t take that kind of hit right now, borrow pieces from friends or family or scour consignment stores or eBay to find great pieces you can afford.

New to an industry Returning to the work force Haven’t had to look for a new job in decades Then call the H/R department ahead of time and ask what’s appropriate. If it’s a small business and there is no H/R department, then err on the side of formality and wear a jacket or blazer. It’s the one piece of clothing that adds instant credibility and can upgrade any outfit. You can always slip it off later if you find you’re overdressed and/or are intimidating your interviewer.

So what’s the bottom line Your prospective employer is looking for curb appeal — candidates who look as good in person as they do on paper. They don’t want  fixer uppers or projects – they want someone who looks like she can come in, set down her purse, and get to work right away. And just like houses that are move in ready, employers are often willing to pay more for that shiny apple candidate who looks good, interviews well, and has all the qualifications for the job.

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