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These boots are made for walking

Essential to any winter wardrobe is a stylish pair of boots that come with great comfort and a quality fit- so look no further than Fashion World’s Legroom boots. A collection inspired by the problems us women suffer when trying to find a boot with the perfect fit. For me, wide legged boots are amazing, as I can now wear knee high boots and not have to squeeze my calves into the zipper. From elasticated panels to adjustable buckle details and a choice of width and calf fittings, the Legroom range has been created with you, and your feet, in mind.

There are so many different styles from shoe-boots with a feminine heel , flat and dapper equestrian riding boots to tough biker boots, and edgy wedge boots. Whatever your style, and feet size; there’s a vast array of boots for you to pick from and feel fab-boot-lous this winter.

A very popular trend this season is the high legged boot, heeled or flat, they look amazing on any pair of legs! Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh is a big fan of her high legged boots:


These boots will elongate every ladies legs and can be worn for a casual or a dressed up look.

Legroom Slouch Boots


The legroom slouch high leg boot with EEE fit standard calf are just perfect for carrying out this chic look. At just £50 these are a steal. In classic grey or black faux suede they will suit any of your winter looks, whether you are wearing over leggings, jeans or with a dress and tights. The 1 inch heel will give you comfort and both elegance, and with 3 different calf fits who said you can’t combine style and fit perfectly

Legroom Wedge Boot

<img stone island soft shell jas met capuchon in zwart class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3579″ src=”” alt=”g04dd428004c_8065895c” width=”800″ height=”923″ />

If you prefer a slight heel to boost your height and make you feel that extra dressy then opt for these gorgeous wedge legroom boots at a fab price of just £35 now. (available in black or grey). These would look super gorgeous with a pair of faux leather leggings and blouse when going out for Christmas cocktails.

Legroom Biker Boot


Next up, the biker boot. See this season in with some attitude and comfort, as no longer are biker boots only for the Harley Davison riders as their masculine edgy style has won us over. Their chunkiness is in fact super flattering to the legs and when worn with a biker jacket they complete the look much better than any flat shoe or trainer would. The legroom quilted boot gives you both a macho biker feel with its strong buckle,studs and chunky heel, but it also gives you that feminine touch with its soft quilting. A biker boot portrays a confident heel yet remains practical for everyday wear!

Ankle Biker Boot


For an even stronger biker feel but without the leg length then perhaps opt for these cute catwalk collection ankle biker boots at just £45. The triple buckles boost its strength of possessing all of the right features for this trend. Team these with a pair of skinny ripped jeans to let everybody know they cannot mess with your impeccable style this winter.

Legroom Riding Boot


And finally, for the simple classic lady is the equestrian boot, riding boots mean business, they make you ready to take on anything plus they are super versatile and you can wear them with almost everything. I love brogue styled riding boots and these are the legroom high leg boots with wide fittings and standard calf width. They look extremely smart and stylish and will work beautifully worn with casual or dressed up outfits.

Whether you are petite or tall do not be afraid to wear the boot you love. Its so perfect that Fashion World offer you the leg room to suit all of your foots needs.
Boots will not only make you look good and feel comfortable, but they’ll keep your toes warm and dry from the cold winter weather- what more could you ask for !

By Lucy Moore

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the spring 2015 contributors
the spring 2015 contributors

Our contributors are not adorable wild creatures, but they are talented sewers with great ideas!

spring kcw contributors1. Miranda 2. Lisa 3. Diana 4. Sara

I’m super excited about this group of women! And they are excited to write about the WILD THINGS theme, share their inspiration with you, and kick off another KCW! Let’s get to know them a bit better….

kcw contributor: miranda

1. dino motorcycle jacket 2. the garçon muscle tee 3. double straight dress 

Miranda is a Dutch mother of four, who sews for her self and all her kids. She is a self-taught sewer who blogs her creations at Inspinration (get it get it ). The clothes she makes are meant to be worn. You can tell they are comfy and ready to be played in–and cute to boot!

kcw contributor: lisa

1. norah dress upcycled 2. kcw wrap up 3. skirt and tunic from pants 

Lisa is also a self-taught sewer! She sews for her three girls, so there are lots of dresses, skirts, and twirly twirls. Her full name is Lisa Mabey, which led to her blog name, Mabey She Made it. But there is no maybe–she definitely made it!

kcw contributor: diana

1. upcycled rowen tee 2. elm raincoat 3. pants…again! 

Diana is a Portuguese blogger (miss castelinhos) who is relativity new to sewing. But that hasn’t stopped her from sewing fantastic clothes! Diana has a real eye for prints. I can’t wait to see her inspiration picks for this season’s theme.

<img class="size-full wp-image-4493 aligncenter" src="" alt="kcw contributor: stone island jas met capuchon sara” width=”700″ height=”280″ srcset=” 700w,×120.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px” />

1. the penny vintage dress 2. the mini hudson pant 3. sewing outfit for kindergarten 

Sara is also a sewer from Portugal (small world!). She sews for her three kids quite a bit. Their wardrobe is even bigger than hers, she said! Sara has fantastic print matching and color picking skills.  Her blog, Made by Sara, is a treasure trove of handmade kids’ clothes.

There you have it! They will be on the blog starting next week, showing you all the amazing things you can do with this season’s theme!

Happy KCW!

april 2015contributorsspring

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Where do our old clothes go


In this new age of disposable products, 2 week fashion cycles and seemingly endless clothing sales that make us buy unnecessarily, one has to ask: Where do our old clothes go

Maria is a twenty-something university student who has a bad habit of buying clothes, wearing them once or twice and then discarding them. It became a routine, a lifestyle until one day she no longer had space in her apartment to store all her clothes. Her friends often told her that she is a shopaholic, who is brainwashed by the media to think she needs more and more clothes.

With clothes becoming a lot cheaper from big brands, we are all victims -shopaholic brainwashed by the media to think we needs more

With clothes becoming a lot cheaper from big brands, we are all victims -shopaholic brainwashed by the media to think we needs more

One day, Maria decided to clean out her closet with her best friend, who provided support and motivation to go through with it and not back out. Maria tried on every piece of clothing that she owned and after five exhausting hours, she had filled eleven black bags ready for donation.

Where do our old clothes go

Every year millions of people donate to charities across the globe. In an article published in The Guardian, Andrew Brooks states an estimated 10-30% of donated clothes are sold in the UK while the rest are exported overseas. According to the BBC, ‘more than 70% of all UK reused clothes heads overseas’ which is part of a ‘£2.8bn second-hand garments trade’. The demand for second-hand garments is relatively low in developed nations compared to supply thus they are shipped to developing nations. Wendell Chan, a project officer at Friends of the Earth (HK), explains that even if we donate all of our fast fashion clothes after we are done with them, ‘NGO’s and recycling companies simply cannot handle the rate and volume at which we donate’. United Nations (UN) figures show the UK is the second largest garment exporter after the US. The UN Comtrade Database (2013 figures) shows the UK exported £612 million worth of clothes to Poland, Ghana, Pakistan and junior stone island cap others.

Maria realized that she takes for granted all the work that goes into making her clothes. She had a closet that was filled with clothes in perfect condition which she only wore a few times. The idea of buying cheap fast fashion seemed very therapeutic for her, yet very wasteful. Maria wanted to become a more responsible shopper by committing to purchasing sustainable fashion products. She decided to search the internet for ways in which she could become a sustainable consumer.

Women in Ghana with clothes that were originally donated to local charity shops in Britain Photo: Firecrest Films

Women in Ghana with clothes that were originally donated to local charity shops in Britain Photo: Firecrest Films

How can we become more sustainable

Ethical and sustainable fashion is increasingly popular. However, it remains a niche market. In The Guardian, eco-fashion expert Marci Zaroff explains consumers make purchase decisions based on value, style and quality. Individuals tend to give more value to the product itself rather than the feel good factor from contributing towards a sustainable lifestyle and helping another person. Nevertheless, there are an increasing number of brands introducing ethical practices throughout their supply chains. Often smaller start-ups introduce ethical and sustainable fashion items and advertise themselves via online platforms.

A vendor sells second hand and donated clothing in Nairobi

A vendor sells second hand and donated clothing in Nairobi

One way to junior stone island cap become more sustainable is to simply buy less. The concept of fast fashion is to buy replaceable clothes for a very affordable price that attracts the average consumer. The fashion industry can embrace sustainability by producing and distributing in an ethical and sustainable manner that reduces negative social impacts such as labour mistreatment and environmental harm. However, at the end of the day supply will meet demand. If consumers continue to create demand, companies will continue to produce fast fashion products that inevitably increases their profits.

Another way to become more sustainable is to purchase ethical and sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion does not mean ‘outdated’ and ‘old-looking’. There are ethical brands that deliver what customers want with fashionable products. By adapting to sustainable and ethical fashion brands, consumers can change the lives of the people who produce our clothes.

Maria was surprised by the number of companies that sell ethical and sustainable fashion. Among all the companies that Maria was able to find online, she found a credible company on the internet that she liked the most. The company promotes ethical production that leaves a social impact in developing nations such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Haiti and Nepal.

Our wasteful clothing habits needs to go out of style. We understand that it might be hard to live a sustainable life. Yet, there are some changes that we are able to make, such as buying ethical clothes which can have a positive effect on the people that produce them, or by simply not buying clothes that you don’t really need. As an ethical clothing company, we know how much it means to produce in an ethical manner. Your purchases help us pay our employees fairly and treat them in a humane way.

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Trusted Clothes – 20 YEARS IN THE MAKING

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the first ever summer kcw!
the first ever summer kcw!

We are so excited to announce the date for the first ever summer Kid’s Clothes Week! Summer dresses, muscle shirts, short shorts, and sun hats! All of those and more will get made the week of July 15-21.

We have been working away on the new site for kcw-and some of you have been working with us! There are only about a million and one things to get done! Not everything will be finished by summer, but some exciting things will be up and running for you to see.  kcw summer dates

The site is just the icing on the cake-the week of sewing is the good stone island branding cap stuff. So clear your schedule, pencil us in, and get ready for some summertime KCW!

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What to Do When Things Go Wrong While Traveling

We never expect the worst. But we always plan for it.

To help apply the same degree of quiet comfort, here are a few common scenarios in the chaotic world of traveling—and what to do to fix ’em.

Lost ID
You are on a trip that involves a domestic flight and you lose your ID. It might be easy to think of excuses—the bear ate my driver’s license, it was stolen. But that’s small solace for not getting through TSA.

But all is not lost.

It’ll take longer, so plan accordingly but for domestic flights, TSA will let you fly without a driver’s license or passport (domestically, if you are a US citizen). They’ll want you to answer a string of personal questions that aren’t geared to creating a Tinder profile; they’re to help security confirm who you are. They might ask to see any credit cards you may have available (assuming your name is on the cards), and in some cases, will do a Google search on your name to validate you are who you say you are.

When it comes down to it, even a Facebook page can do a lot to help confirm your identity. If you are traveling internationally and have lost your passport, contact the closest U.S. Embassy immediately.

Pro Tip: Before you embark on a trip—plane, train or car—make a copy of your drivers license (or passport), and keep that in a separate backpack or suitcase. Also, take a photo or scan of your license/passport, keep a copy on your phone and upload it to one of a myriad of online cloud-based storage services. That way you’ll have some proof of identity.

Passport when things go wrongPassport when things go wrong

Prepare for the Unexpected
If something does go wrong—an injury, accident, natural disaster, or unplanned event that disrupts your itinerary, the best way for people to reach you is by providing them with a copy of your itinerary. This goes for everything from a simple day hike to a month-long exploration of Africa.

This partners nicely with checking-in with those same people via email, call, Skype, or smoke signal, so they know where you are. That way, if something goes awry, they can help locate you—or where you were last. And it also makes it easier for them to contact you should something happen back home that requires your attention (like the Cubs winning the World Series!!).

Pro Tip: People traveling overseas can check in with the local embassies. Go to stone island red cap Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). It’s a free service for U.S. citizens and nationals who are traveling abroad. The simple form let’s you register with the U.S. Embassies and Consulates that are nearest your destinations.

Then you receive text or email messages regarding potentially hazardous issues at your intended port of call. The system works great, from notifications that main highways are closed due to landslides, to information on hazardous weather, tsunami warnings, and other travel alerts.

SEE ALSO: Half Dome Lover’s Day Out: An Adventure in Yosemite

Running Out of Meds

Always pack any and all necessary medication, especially prescription drugs, in your carry-on luggage. Print a copy of your prescription(s), and take a photo or scan of each bottle and store it both on your phone and in one of the free online cloud-based storage services. Same goes for all your medical insurance documentation.

That way, if your medication is lost or stolen, you can go to a pharmacy and show them what you need. Call your local pharmacy or doctor and let them know what’s going on. Chances are, they can call in a prescription or speak with a pharmacist wherever you are traveling and figure out a local equivalent.

Pro Tip: Pack a few days extra for medication in case your travel plans hit a roadblock with a delayed flight or unexpected layover.



Lost IDpassportperscriptionsPharmacySmart Traveler Enrollment ProgramSTEPtravelTravelingtraveling abroadTSAUS Embassy

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Travel Talk With The Chainsmokers

Every January, actors, directors, writers, and artists come together in Park City, Utah to take part in America’s largest independent film festival, Sundance.

It’s an opportunity for celebrities to ditch the Hollywood Hills and create a creative climate in the snowy Wasatch Mountains. So while they were in our natural habitat, we took the opportunity to give them a few lessons on getting off the stage and into the outdoors. In return, they gave us their two cent’s worth on everything from adventure buddies to passport stamps. Here is our travel talk with Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, also known as DJ duo The Chainsmokers (and the brains behind the club hit “#Selfie”).

SEE ALSO: Directors of Toughness Take on Film Festival

The Chainsmokers snowboarding at SundanceThe Chainsmokers snowboarding at Sundance

What is your first memory of having an outdoor adventure

Alex: We had this huge property growing up of just insane woodlands and we would have huge paintball games in the woods. So fun!
Drew: I’m from Maine, so being out on the ocean in my boat was just amazing.

Which stamp in your passport are you most proud of

Alex: Hmmm…probably India! But we have so many that are so cool!

What are the best qualities of an adventure buddy

Alex: Someone who encourages you to do new things when you don’t want to, and even better if this person is really good at documenting!

Beach or mountains

Alex: Beach, for sure!

What’s your favorite souvenir to buy while traveling

Alex: I have gotten a pin from every place we have visited that I was able to get one at!

Drew: Neck pillows.

Skiing and travel talk with The ChainsmokersSkiing and travel talk with The Chainsmokers

Follow Columbia Sportswear’s Directors of Toughness, Lauren Steele and Zach Doleac, as they journey around the world and put soft shell cap stone island our latest gear through the harshest conditions on Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, and Snapchat (columbia1938).

Lauren Steele is a Midwestern farm girl turned migrant. She is a writer who knows that the unknowns in life make for the best stories – and for the most amazing adventures. Chasing those stories from Chile to Switzerland have prepared her to become Columbia Sportswear’s Director of Toughness. You can follow Lauren’s journey as Director of Toughness here and social channels including: Twitter | Instagram

ZachDoleacZachDoleacZach Doleac is an adventure travel and sports photographer (and full-time outdoor junkie) born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Traveling through places such as Central America, Canada, and the mountain ranges of the U.S., he only pauses long enough to make photographs of the people and places that he encounters along the way. You can follow Zach’s journey as Director of Toughness and social channels including: Instagram | Twitter


Columbia Sportswear’s Directors of Toughnessdirectors of toughnessLauren SteelePark City UtahRoad To Outdoor RetailersundanceSundance Film Festivalthe chainsmokerszach doleac

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The Best Trail to Tavern Pairing in Dallas-Fort Worth

The Best Trail to Tavern Pairing in Dallas-Fort Worth
RootsRated posted this April 21st, 2016

The Dallas-Fort Worth area may be a sprawling metropolis, but there’s no shortage of natural beauty both in the city and among its (vast) outskirts. This is Texas, after all, and Texas is big. And spread out. And quite wild. Folks here also appreciate a good craft brew or a good number of other poisons with our long-loved Tito’s Vodka being made in state and, now, even bourbon and (Texas) moonshine. Our days are also long and, in the summer, often grueling. So we’ve gotten real good at pairing two of the things we love most ‘round here: trails and ales. Whether downtown lovin’ is your cup of tea (er, booze) or you prefer a watering hole outside of town, here are five pairings for your day off.

1. Dogwood Canyon | Bishop Cider Company


For those who appreciate rare flora, observing endangered birds, and fresh cider, this pairing goes quite nicely with a spring day. Begin your day just outside of Cedar Hill State Park, southwest of Dallas in Cedar Hill, Texas. Here you’ll find Dogwood Canyon, founded by the good people of Wild Birds Unlimited. In the spring, Dogwood Canyon is rich with color as the flowering dogwoods blossom, and also rich with birdsong, as hummingbirds are regulars around these parts. It’s also thought that the endangered golden-cheeked warblers live among the reserve. The trails within Dogwood Canyon are short, but they’re also hilly and picturesque with scenic overlooks providing views of nearby Cedar Hill State Park and Joe Pool Lake.

Once you’ve had your day’s flora and fauna fix, head just due north to Bishop Cider Company in Southwest Dallas’ Oak Cliff. With ciders named things like Crackberry and Suicider, Bishop’s cider may be unconventional in the text of the old school, offering up cider with jalapenos, peaches, pecans, and hops, but that’s precisely what makes it so Texas. Even better, you are assured a high-quality concoction at the Cider Company because the owners’ philosophy is simply: “Is this a cider that we want to drink all day every day ” And that’s a philosophy we can support.

2. Lake Grapevine’s North Shore Trail | Grapevine Craft Brewery
Sunset at Grapevine Lake Austin Marshall

North Shore Trail runs along Lake Grapevine in Grapevine, Texas (northwest of Dallas) and offers an incredibly scenic out-and-back hike and bike trail up to 12 miles each way. There are three entry points to the trail, though you should take note of the two free entry points (because we’re saving our money for a post-hike brew, right ): Murrell Park and Twin Coves Park. Twin Coves Park technically has a fee, but the official Lake Grapevine site says if you park outside of the gate and enter the trail, there is no fee. Because the trail follows alongside Lake Grapevine, it’s an incredible place for those who enjoy chasing a stellar sunrise or sunset (though if drinking is on the agenda, perhaps sunset is a better choice).

After the sun sets (or rises—we aren’t judging), head over to Grapevine Craft Brewery. The local brew joint says “craft is their middle name.” There’s always a selection of rotating seasonal and limited release beers and the year-round staples like the crisp Monarch Pilsner (which is a great choice after a hot day aside the lake) and Nightwatch Oatmeal Stout (which makes for a good cool weather beer). Grapevine Craft Brewery is an award-winning kind of place, with awards won from events like the Great American Beer Festival and the Denver International Beer Competition. They often feature great local food trucks too, so you can sample the finest of Grapevine in just one sitting.

3. Big Cedar Wilderness Trails | Deep Ellum Brewery

Southwest of downtown, Big Cedar Wilderness Trails offer more than twenty miles of pristine, well-kept trails that are great for hiking and biking. There are both short and long loops that cross over the highest elevation in the city, which provides a great sunset viewing point and beautiful views of a nearby lake and downtown. Some of the trails are moderate, so those seeking a solid workout before imbibing have the opportunity to experience a good bit of elevation change, while still being close to downtown Dallas.

Once you’ve finished your Big Cedar elevation, it’s only appropriate to go to what is, perhaps, Dallas’ longest celebrated brewpub—Deep Ellum Brewery in the heart of downtown Dallas, where they say “love runs deep.” We can argue that post-hike cheer and a solid ABV can certainly lead to love running deep. The Deep Ellum IPA is a go-to classic at the brewery, while other local favorites include its Double Blonde and the Double Brown Stout. If you’re the kind who prefers to take a sixer for the road, the Easy Peasy IPA is described stone island cap navy as a “perfect summer beer” and travels well.

4. Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge | The Collective Brewing Project

Brewmaster Mike Goldfuss filling up a cold one. Jake Wheeler

Fort Worth is a little less big city and a whole lot more old-school Texas. And that means the area immediately surrounding the city is a lot less developed than nearby Dallas. The Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge is a sprawling refuge that provides nearly 4,000 acres of beautiful land along the West Fork of the Trinity River. Paddlers and hikers love the park for its pristine landscapes and outside-the-city vibes. There are more than twenty miles of hiking trails ranging from a quarter of a mile to 3.3 miles, and several entry points to the river, so land and water folks alike will enjoy the well-preserved ecosystems within the refuge.

Whether you’ve spent the day paddling along the Trinity or hiking the refuge’s trails, Fort Worth’s The Collective Brewing Project is a perfect next stop to wind down and hydrate. They call themselves Fort Worth’s “first franken-monster of a brewery” and use the hashtag #funkytownbeer, both of which are a warm invite to their tucked away taproom in an unassuming corner of the city’s Southside. Staple beers include their Mustache Rye’d and Tropic Thunder. And, if you’re anything like the masterminds behind Collective Brewing, you may be tempted to take a growler to go. Maybe even all the way to Big Bend.

5. Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve | Nine Band Brewing

Just twenty miles northeast of Dallas in Plano, Texas is an 800-acre nature preserve called Oak Point Park. The park was recently named a Certified Audubon Sanctuary because of the number of bird species that flourish within the preserve, making it an ideal day trip for birdwatchers and photographers too. Offering 3.5 miles of paved trails and more than seven miles of soft-surface trails that follow along Rowlett Creek, the park provides access to an environment that’s largely undisturbed as well as a pavilion and amphitheater. While the trails at Oak Point Park are not technical, they are far from the bustle of city life and immerse you into an important, peaceful, and beautiful ecosystem.

When you’ve finished exploring Oak Point’s trails, head just six miles north of Plano to Nine Band Brewing in Allen, considered the Plano-area’s first microbrewery. The 8,000-foot facility and taproom is filled with vats brewing up three signature beers and a range of seasonal blends, and communal, handmade wooden tables that make bringing a big crew or rallying a new one an easy task. Whether their 6% Nine Band Pale Ale or their 10.6% Toad Choker Barleywine is more your speed, Big Band’s taps are eager to pour you a post-adventure brew that’ll keep you on your toes, or bring you to your knees. Bottoms up!

Wear from the trail to the tavern…

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Originally written by RootsRated for Toad&Co.

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Three Frugi Bumps
Something in the water at Frugi
Recently here at Frugi we have been very excited with the news that three of our team are pregnant (perfect guinea pigs for feedback, and keeping us all up to date with the baby world!) Of course we are also very happy for them and the delights parenthood will bring them.. ahhhhhh bless!
We’d like to introduce the ladies, and then we can follow them on this exciting journey!!We’ve asked  them a bunch of questions to find out more…
Bumpy ladies

The Three Frugi Bumps! (Emily, Sarah & Jeni)

Jeni (right)

Who are you and what do you do

Jeni Bolton, Head of Design

 When’s your due date Do you think you will be early on time or late

16th October. I was thinking I would be late but the baby is so active I’ve got a feeling it’s going to run out of somersaulting space and want out early.

Any cravings as of yet Or any desires you have masked as a craving to get what you want 😉

Cornettos and cheese (not together) however if I was really honest I loved them before and there may be a tiny weeny chance I was capitalising on calling them a craving. Unfortunately, the only healthy craving has been fizzy water with a straw. Also, not really a craving as such but there are a few smells that make my heart flutter at the moment; tomato plants, cracked black pepper and my new kitchen cleaner spray. Can’t get enough of those scents!

Have you found out what you are having Tried any old wives tales to work it out

We managed to resist finding out the flavour although we were tempted to get them to write it down and put it in a sealed envelope in case the suspense got too much. I did try the ring on a chain trick but completely confused myself as to what meant what so promptly gave up.

What you’re most looking forward to when the baby arrives… 

Seeing what funny combination of me and my husband the poor little thing will be and, of course, having a cuddle of those little limbs that have been battering my internal organs for the past few weeks. Oh and going on walks with my little family. Already dreaming of lovely crisp winter beach walks with baby, husband and Bobby the dog. One more… dressing up the baby, of course!!

Frugi product you can’t wait to try out on your little one

All of it! Although if I had to pick one thing it would be the AW14 Snuggle Suit with the lovely Rain or Shine print. If I was also allowed to pick a second thing then parsnip pants. They always look so cosy and comfortable. Oh and did you just say pick a third Oh ok then. My third would be the Toasty Toes Outfit with the reindeer toes for a bit a Christmas dress-up.

Sarah (middle)

Who are you and what do you do

Sarah Johns- I’m the Trade Marketing coordinator here at Frugi. I work on the promotions and communication for all of the retailers we work with around the world.

 When’s your due date Do you think you will be early on time or late

I’m due on Friday 28th November. I think the baby will be a little early… not much, maybe a day or so, however I’m hoping for a week (I already feel rather large!)

Any cravings as of yet Or any desires you have masked as a craving to get what you want 😉

I’m a little disappointed that I’ve not had any crazy cravings.. I was hoping to send hubby out in the night for strange food… there’s still time I guess!  I am really into scotch eggs at the moment, I can’t seem to walk past the deli counter at the supermarket.. a certain supermarket do a crispy spicy one… mmmmmm. I’ve also developed a real sweet tooth since becoming pregnant- normally I can pass on the penny sweets… however there was a little incident when I was fist pregnant when I ate so many sweets on a car journey I was ill! Whoops!

Have you found out what you are having Tried any old wives tales to work it out

This is our first baby and we’re having a surprise, but I definitely think it is a boy! I’ve tried the Nub theory on the scan photo (looked like it might be a girl), my sweet tooth apparently suggests a girl, we also tried dangling my wedding ring above my bump to see which way it moved but  it was difficult to tell, I think it looked like it could be a girl … but gut feeling I still think boy!

What are you most looking forward to when the baby arrives

Every Christmas we go to Mousehole to look at the Christmas lights and eat fish & chips with a glass of mulled wine walking around the harbour. I can’t wait to bundle up the little baby all snug in its carrier and make it a family outing.  I’m really looking forward to being a little family J

Frugi product you can’t wait to try out on your little one

I can’t wait to put the baby in the Christmas babygrow! Also if it’s a girl the cute Christmas reindeer dungarees and if it’s a boy the Little lookout top with the highland cow.  I’ve also already bought the gorgeous blue and star chambray dungarees from last Spring to put away for next year- I love them!!

Emily  (left)

Who are you and what do you do

Emily Norman, I recently moved to the marketing team from sales… I’m now consumer communication  coordinator ;0) so you may be hearing a little more from me in the coming months.. I’m looking forward to filling your news feeds with exciting Frugi info!!

When’s your due date Do you think you will be early on time or late

7th JanuaryMy 1st, Elsie arrived on her due orange stone island cap date, (we laughed saying it was the German efficiency in her.. shes a quarter German!)  so I doubt I’ll go over especially as they say number 2 arrives earlier if anything, don’t they  but who knows!! I hope it’s earlier rather than later, at 25 weeks I already feel humongous

Any cravings as of yet Or any desires you have masked as a craving to get what you want 😉

Just chocolate which I have indulged in hugely, and booze.. which obviously I have not… although as the months go by the need for a lager or cold Sauvignon Blanc might be too much to bare!!

Have you found out what you are having   Tried any old wives tales to work it out

We are having s surprise again, I just think after carrying a little one around the surprise is worth waiting for.. makes it even more exciting!! Saying that I’m convinced it’s girl, mainly because everything kind of feels the same as last time and now I’ve had a girl I can’t really image having a boy.. but who knows…we really don’t mind!

What you are most looking forward to when the baby arrives.. 

When it sleeps! (I probably sshouldn’t say that.. but I’m just anticipating looking after 2 might be a tad more difficult!!) But really… Introducing the little one to Elsie and completing our little family! (ahhhh)

Name the Frugi product you can’t wait to try out on your little one

I love the Charlie rompers.. cannot wait to buy the tiny sizes again… so cute!! Perfect for newborns day or night, pretty enough to be seen in public and practical enough for naps ;0)

If you are expecting too,  comment and answer the same questions.. we’d love to hear from you ;0)

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When to Give Up the Daisy Dukes

Viewer warning: This is NOT for the faint of heart!

At what age should you give up the short shorts

If you’re in excellent physical shape with no cellulite or excess weight, I’d say the very latest you can get away with wearing these is late 20’s.  Age 30 is the absolute limit. cheap stone island beanie hats  This is a young woman’s style – just like pinafores are for girls – and trying to push the limit with them will make you look ridiculous.  You don’t have to give up every style as you age, you just have know what’s appropriate for each decade so you can look fabulous at any age.

If you’re NOT in good physical shape, don’t even bother.  Styles that showcase hardbodies are absolutely merciless on softbodies.

So, to recap:

Youth + hard body + short shorts = hot look

Age + soft body + short shorts = well, see for yourself =>

Daisy Dukes

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Fashion victims come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Don’t be one of them. Learn how to dress well at any age.

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The Secret Language of Shoes

No long ago, I was invited to be a judge in a local preliminary pageant for the Miss America Organization.  Having participated in pageants myself years ago, I thought it might be fun to see how things had changed over the years.  It was both interesting and educational being on the other side of the table.

After spending most of the day with the other judges, during which time we were not allowed to discuss the contestants, I found the comments that came after the pageant very telling.  While there were the usual remarks about clothing, costumes, and talent, there was also a reoccurring theme in the judges’ room:

Loved the dress, hated the shoes.

What was she thinking with those shoes

She’d never do well at State in shoes like that.

And no, they weren’t talking about the same girl.

I don’t know if it was because we were eye-level to the girls’ feet while they were on stage or what, but all of us seemed to have something to say about shoes.  Interestingly, most of the girls who scored the highest stuck with one pair of shoes throughout the competition:  a flesh-colored pair of pumps that elongated their legs during the swimsuit competition and grey stone island wooly hat disappeared during the interview, talent, and evening gown competitions.

Beige Pumps
Stuart Weitzman

Am I saying these girls placed well just because of their shoes   No, the top performers were all well-rounded.  But unlike some of the others, their choice of shoe didn’t hurt them in the competition.

So what does this have to do with you

Take a look at the shoes you have on right now.

Are they clean   Shined   Well-soled   Appropriate to where you are and the clothes you have on

If not, you could be hurting your chances of getting a promotion, enjoying better service, or even attracting the ideal mate.  All because of your shoes.

I know, it sounds crazy.

But since your shoes are one of the things that immediately convey your socio-economic status, not taking the time to care for them or wear them appropriately reveals more about you than you realize.  It took the pageant to remind me of just how critical people can be in this regard, especially of those who dare to step into the spotlight or into leadership positions.

To be taken seriously, you need to know the rules for dressing appropriately.

Get it right and people will start to dig deeper to learn more about you.  Get it wrong and you may be dismissed outright.


Of course not!

But it all boils down to our survival instinct.  We like to know at a glance whether we’re facing friend or foe.  We tend to gravitate towards people who are dressed the same way we are; we tend to exercise caution with people who are dressed very differently from us, until we learn more about them.  It’s a strategy that has worked well for thousands of years.

Once we’ve ascertained the friend/foe status, we tend to zero in on the details to glean more information.  Hair, makeup, clothes, and accessories all provide clues to a person’s background, education level, and probably income, as this quote from the movie Silence of the Lambs (1991) so accurately reveals:

You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition has given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Agent Starling — Hannibal Lecter

So again, what do your shoes say about you

Here are some things to consider about women’s shoes:

Closed-toe shoes are formal and offer coverage and protection.  They’re most often worn for work and athletic endeavors where covering and protecting the toes are important, like at offices (coverage), construction sites, and basketball games (protection).

Open-toe shoes are more casual and convey a sense of flirtatiousness and fun.  They’re worn in situations when covering and protecting the toes are not of paramount concern, like for evening socials (strappy sandals) or strolls along the beach.

Heels say formal and fashionable.  Modest heels (3 inches or less) work well in many traditional work situations; heels under 4 inches convey a willingness to follow fashion. Excessively high heels (more than 5 inches) have negative se.ual connotations.

Flats say casual and practical.  Shoes with no heels are the preferred choice for informal situations like running errands or walking long distances.  People with back or foot problems prefer flats to heels for obvious reasons.

Leather shoes are formal.  They can endure a lot of wear and tear and with proper care, can last for years.  Business shoes and many athletic shoes are made from leather because it’s durable.

Fabric shoes can be casual or semi-formal.  They breathe better than leather shoes, but they can be hard to clean and tend to wear out quickly.  Since fabric is easy to dye, you’ll find a lot of closed-toe fabric shoes dyed-to-match for weddings and other social occasions.

Rubber shoes are typically seasonal.  Rubber boots are worn in the rainy season, for example, while flip flops are practical for casual, warm weather activities.

As you read over this list, you may notice that a lot of people wear shoes at times and places that are inappropriate for the style of the shoe, like flip flops in cold weather or tennis shoes to the ballet.

These may seem like minor infractions in the grand scheme of things, but remember, your choice of shoe conveys a lot about you.  Wearing shoes inappropriate to a place or time suggests that you don’t know better – or that you can’t afford proper shoes.  Poor and uneducated   Not exactly the message most people want to send, particularly those who aspire to great things.

So try a little experiment over the next few days:

Look at people’s shoes.

Just glance at them as you go about your day, taking in styles, condition, and appropriateness.  What do they reveal about the wearer   That she’s pulled together – or sloppy and not into details   That he knows how to dress – or has no clue   I think you’ll be surprised by what you discover, particularly with people you know.

Then, take extra care with your own shoes.  If they need to be re-soled or polished, take care of it.  If they’re dirty or worn out, clean or replace them.  If they’re inappropriate for certain situations, consider buying a pair or two that will help you meet your wardrobe needs.

Because if people are going to make judgments about you based on your shoes – and they are – it only makes sense to be well-heeled.

Need some more information on how to find the best shoes for you   Download a copy of ACCESSORY MAGIC to see how easy accessorizing properly can be.

Accessory Magic