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The polo shirt is probably the most versatile types of shirts a man can own and it has become a summertime wardrobe staple for many men. Its short sleeves make a polo shirt causal, its collar adds a touch of formality, and the breathable fabric that every one good designer polo shirts are fabricated from make them look sporty. It’s a shirt that can look at right on a golf course, a tennis court, a beach, a summer shopping trip in town, or evening drinks by the pool.

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The history of the polo shirt is uncertain. Most people attribute the invention of the polo shirt to tennis player Rene Lacoste, who was on the lookout for a more comfortable and practical shirt to wear on the tennis courts.

The reality is that the earliest type of polo shirt was probably actually invented as far back within the mid-1800s, when British Army soldiers first started playing polo in India.

John E. Brooks, heir to the American Brooks Brothers, also has a claim to the invention of the fashionable polo shirt. It is said that he developed button down dress shirt that had evolved from the shirt worn by the British soldiers into something more akin to the polo shirt that we know today.

Whatever the reality concerning the history of the polo shirt, the man who most definitely will be credited with making the shirt a wardrobe staple is Ralph Lauren. He launched his version of the polo shirt in 1972, complete with the now famous polo player logo on the chest.

The solid colour Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts are actually a typical feature of many people’s summer wardrobes. They are comfortable, cool to wear on hot days, and they’re stylish too. Whether or not you play sports, the polo shirt makes the right summer smart casual shirt.

Although many individuals do equate the polo shirt to Ralph Lauren, there are other well-known brands of designer polo shirts too, one among which is Stone Island Polo shirts. Stone Island, in addition to their range of jeans, coats, jackets and accessories, also produce a spread of very smart polo shirts. And, in fact, Lacoste produces a spread of designer polo shirts as well.

Polo shirts began as sportswear and migrated form to casual wear, but the most recent boost to the popularity of polo shirts originated in tech companies, which were the first companies to adopt less formal dress codes in offices. People soon discovered that the casual, but smart, look of the polo shirt was excellent for wearing to work. Companies also realised that they could easily brand a polo shirt, so the shirt became a part of many company’s uniform.

Today, as well as being adopted as the uniform for a lot of organisations, a designer polo shirt is acceptable in nearly any situation where an open collar can be. The rationale the polo shirt has become a staple of every man’s wardrobe is that is the right combination of smart and casual, so wherever your day may take you, if you are wearing a designer polo shirt, you can be pretty sure that you just won’t look out of place.

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