Which Is Best For Countertops Natural Stone Or Man Made

HomeI am, I’m a granite man. I fabricate both, but granite is what I might choose for my home every time. Not that there’s anything wrong with the man made stuff. Let’s look on the common aspects of both.

Clothes, ShoesScratch resistant: Both will stand up to common use of knifes, plates or anything that will generally be in contact along with your counters. Diamonds and Granite are the one things capable of scratching either surface without really attempting to cause damage.

Stain Resistant: Once sealer is applied to granite it’s stain resistant providing the homeowner cleans up after themselves. Man made stone is designed to be stain resistant without sealer.

Durable: Unless a sledge hammer toting mad man is available in to your home either product will lasts for the life of the house.

Heat Resistant: Both materials are able to sustaining high temperatures. You probably have fire damage to either then my bet is the remainder of the house no longer exists.

Now Lets look on the negatives

Granite: Granite can crack if there is a shift within the structure of the home. This seldom occurs nevertheless it is feasible depending on the cabinets, or if it is installed properly. I’ve seen cases where a counter might crack for no apparent reason, but it’s a rarity.

Granite can stain if the sealer fails, or if it has not been applied. Stains can also occur if the foreign substance is given the time to eat through the sealers. Generally anything acidic can eat away the sealer to penetrate the granite.

Man Made Stone: One issue I have noticed as should any fabricator worth your time, is that the man made stone fades. When you get lots of direct sunlight in your kitchen then I would avoid the manufactured stuff. It is actually a rather dramatic fade.

The man made stuff also offers very little in character. It’s a consistent looking material that lacks the natural flow present in most granite. This above all else is why I prefer granite. It is different every time.

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