To put To put A Soapstone Countertop

Stone Island Stone Island Red Baseball Cap 6215 99175 - Stone Island ...Soapstone is a malleable stone with exceptional density that feels to the touch like a dry bar of soap. It makes an awesome, elegant countertop material. To cut and install custom-cut soapstone for any countertops, backsplashes or islands, it’s critical to first measure precisely. Measure each a part of the countertop area, taking into consideration and eliminating irregularities within the back wall. Include a 1-1/4overhang on the front edge of the countertops. Before you begin cutting any stone, double-check those measurements. Use a level and nylon string to ensure your cabinets are plumb and square.

By rocky On June 9, 2017

Next, build a template (Image 1) for each piece of stone that needs to be cut. This is especially helpful for those pieces that have unusual shapes and will not be strictly rectangular. Make the template using 3/8or 1/2luan plywood. It’s best to make the template fit the cabinet bases perfectly, nailing and gluing the pieces together and then placing the template right on the counter bases to get a precise measurement. When the template is ready, lay it directly on the stone and hold the template in place with clamps. Trace round the with a pen mark you can see when cutting (Image 2).

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