The Seven Islands Of Tuscany

There are a total of seven Islands that lie just miles off the Tuscan coast. These seven islands have been given the nickname the “Seven Sisters”, and every of the seven islands has their very own distinctive feel.

STONE ISLAND. Opalescent green jacket. Man. Spring\/Summer ...Elba is the largest Island within the Tuscan Archipelago and the island is the third largest island in Italy after Sicily and Sardinia. It’s also the province of Livorno and is probably the most visited island out of all of them. It’s also home to the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago which engulfed with natural beauty. The island is good for its thriving nature, especially in spring this is when plant life booms with beautiful orchids, violets and wild lillies that bring life to the land it is bright colours. In the event you trail the mountains on the west side of the island you can see the whole island; you’ll be able to do this by the numerous pathway/walkways that are all around the island. On the opposite side is another mountain which is a place where you may see mines and its distinctive red colour.

Giglio is another island that is great for holidays. It’s because it’s is has great diving with its crystal clear water, which is among the many cleanest of Italy. There are also various caves and wreaks to explore at the numerous diving spots around this Island. You’ll find numerous different sea life on the sea bed, and on land there are Roman remains including a villa of Ahenobarbus near the Giglio Port.

Giannutri is taken into account a small paradise and is a brief distance from Giglio. They’re connected by a ship service that departs daily. It’s essentially the most southern island out all the islands and is a marine park that is protected and controlled by the Tuscan authorities. The park is split between two zones which have each have different rules depending on what zone part of the island is on.

Capraia is an island which use to be called Capraria. It lies on the north west coast and also belongs to the province of Livorno and is near the French island of Corsica. The island is defined by its volcanic origins and its name relates to it – as ‘Capra’ means ‘stone’, deriving from the Greek ‘kalpe’.

Gorgona is probably the most northern island out of all the islands, and likewise it’s an island where 90% of the island is manufactured from Mediterranean bush – which is why the wildlife on the island is cherished. Here wild rabbits, gulls, birds of passage and sea swallows all roam free.

Pianosa’s name is derived from the Italian word ‘pianura’, which suggests ‘plain’, a reflection of the island as it is mainly flat. There are no permanent residents as the positioning was a prison for over 100 years.

Montecristo is well known because the setting from the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, but what many do not know is that it wasn’t a good representation of the island. The last three islands cannot be accessed by people, although there are plans to open them to limited tourist traffic. But for the ones that may be accessed you will find that their Tuscany villas are among essentially the most glamorous in Italy.

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