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Spain is definitely a country that individuals love; it is a type of countries that has a little bit to offer to any type of tourist, whether she or he loves the mountain, the sea, the trendy cities or the remote traditional villages. Within the summer time, throughout the peak season, the favourite destinations are those on the seaside.

How are you able to not choose Spain as your holiday destination when it has so many beautiful, sunny coasts and sandy beaches large enough for everyone? The Balearic Islands are the ideal destination for a seaside holiday, as they’re very beautiful, lively and sunny.

They are the perfect destination for a young couple or for a family with small children, even a spot where those who have already lived their youth can go. The Balearic Islands are a place you’ll be able to choose as your holiday destination without any fears.

The history of the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands have a really interesting history. Tourists are always fascinated by the findings dating back to pre-historical times. Menorca is the island that has the record for pre-historical findings; no lower than 500 of them were discovered here.

The impressive stone constructions represent the most important attraction of the island, as it’s thought that they used to serve for religious ceremonies and rituals. Of great importance for the Balearic Islands is the truth that many civilizations left their fingerprints on all their corners: the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Carthaginians and even the Moors.

They each ruled over the islands at one moment up to now, shaping them to fit their expectations and demands. Their history is tumultuous, just like the history of many Spanish provinces. For example, Mallorca had an important year in 1229, when Jaime I conquered it; 1234 is another important year for Mallorca, because it became part of the wonderful province of Aragon. Menorca also became part of Aragon in 1231.

The island shall be considered one of your favourites after you visit it because it’s one of the vital beautiful ones. The forts, built to guard it from the numerous attacks of the pirates also represent important sightseeing spots. Ibiza was under the rule of the Carthaginians, while Formentera was ruled by the Moors. As you see, each island has a history of its own, so visit all of them so as to make a fantastic incursion into their past.

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