The Cranberries A Retrospective

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The Cranberries were a well-liked Irish rock band founded in 1989 in Limerik. The unique casting of the band included Noel Mike Hogan, Fergal Lawler and front-singer Naill Quinn. But soon after the muse of the band, front-singer Naill Quinn was replaced by Dolores O’Riordan who gave the band that typical Cranberries sound.
The band released it’s first album “Everybody else is doing so why can’t we?in 1993 under the Island Records label. It was very successful and reached #1 in the United Kingdom and #14 within the USA. The album contained famous songs like Linger and Dreams.
In 1994 the Cranberries released their second album “No need to arguewhich was recorded in New York City. The album was an even bigger success than their previous album and sold 16.7 million records worldwide. It reached #2 within the UK, #6 within the USA and #1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Cranberries were now world-famous megastars. The album also included the Cranberries signature song Zombie which became an instant classic that is thought all around the world. The song is a protest song that deals with the North-Ireland conflict. Two years later in 1996 the band released it’s third album “To the Faithful Departedthat wasn’t as successful as No need to argue. All over sudden, rumors about O’Riordan leaving The Cranberries were heavily discussed within the media, but the band released two new albums “Bury the Hatchetand “Wake up and smell the Coffeein 1999 and 2001.
Album number six was in planning and scheduled to be released in 2004 but the band split after playing the 2003 Summer-tour as opening act for the Rolling Stones. Dolores O’Riordan, who basicly was answerable for the songwriting was unable to continue working with the band because she had problems handling the death of her mother in law. After more than ten years of Rock’n Roll and 38 million sold records the Cranberries suspended their business.But that wasn’t the end of the song.
After some unofficial statements by O’Riordan rumors a couple of reunion of the Cranberries made the round on myspace and the blogospehere since 2007 however it wasn’t until August 29th 2009 that Dolores O’Riordan officaly announced the reunion of The Cranberries and a upcoming world-tour. We hope they’ll never split again and bring more songs like Zombie, Linger or Dreams to the world.

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