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Oakley’s top of the line polarization is part of what makes Oakley a leader in the sunglasses industry. Stone Island Men's Coats Black Unfortunately, as with any successful name brand, there are dozens of Oakley impersonations on the market, and these knock offs do not possess the high quality of polarization that has come to be associated with Oakley sunglasses. Polarized Oakley sunglasses re direct light and reduce glare, enabling you to see more clearly, as well as preventing painful, and sometimes permanent, damage to your eyes.


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In point of fact, the only other solo superheroine movies out there are actively worse: Halle Berry’s Catwoman and Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. And again, we must stress: they didn’t tank because they featured women. That perception may finally be corrected in the next few years (no pressure guys), but considering that we’ve gone over three decades without sufficiently Stone Island Hat Grey improving on the formula we’ve got a lot of work to do.