Stone Island Men’s Jumpers And Cardigans

Stone Island jumpers are available in a variety of styles but always with the compass patch on the upper, left sleeve. Many are crew (or round) necked but you may find quite a bit have a funnel neck with either a zip or buttons to fasten, adding to the stylish look.

Discount Stone Island cargo pocket trousers - MenTry cotton knits for those cooler spring or autumn days when you need an additional layer. Whenever you need a heavier jumper for those cold winter days and nights, you will find warm, chunky knits.


Cardigans are an incredible addition to any stylish wardrobe. Stone Island cardigans generally come with either buttons or a zip, whether you fasten them or not. Again, like jumpers, these will always have the compass patch on the upper, left sleeve. Styles include rounded ribbed neck, collar or funnel neck. Some styles include hoods.

In addition to the same old cotton, wool and acrylic fibres used for a lot of jumpers and cardigans, Stone Island carries out extensive research into new materials. This has resulted in features like luminescent collars and Nylon Metal yarn.


Stone Island jumpers and cardigans generally come in sizes from small to 3XL.


Stone Island’s compass patch should always be on the upper left sleeve and it is the corporate’s priority to defend their brand and protect consumers. So, for Stone Island clothing made because the Spring Summer 2014 collection, you can verify that your item is authentic through the use of the data on the garment’s security label.

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