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The poor sumbitch. It’s embarrassing to watch a short have to claw his way back into the light. I almost feel sorry for him.

Roasted Fennel with Tomatoes: This recipe is great as a hot side too. Roast the bulbs in the oven with some garlic, olive oil and lemon, and then add in some cherry tomatoes right at the end. The fennel helps keep everything light, while the tomatoes and garlic add some deeper flavors and a hint of sweetness.


The city is adorned with of lights. People from all over the country visit the city at this time, and every night is one mad carnival where thousands of people go ‘pandal hopping’ with their friends and family. Most of the people know about the rituals, traditions and myth behind durga puja.

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I am concerned about my oil pressure. When I start it up it has about 22psi of oil pressure at around 80 degrees outside temperature. As the bike is warming up while riding it the oil pressure drops to around 14psi.

btw, whatever you were saying about the TV channels and shit is all well and good in the USA but doesn always apply overseas. I personally have to wait till the Heat games over to catch the second game. Lengths of games are still an issue during the playoffs, but I sure the refs and the league are trying their best to not only get it right but also keep the games at an appropriate time.

Air strikes, they say, continue to target with increasing precision, top leadership. And a large team is now dedicated to tracking down and killing or capturing the masked executioner Stone Island Fashion Men's Coats Sky Blue Red in who presided over the murders of three Americans. Every effort is being made to identify him and find him.

I found Grey Whale Cove State Beach close to Pacifica to be a neat little Soft Shell-R Gloves in Brown “hidden gem” sort of place. Obviously, it’s not completely unknown being a state beach and all, but you can drive by it a hundred times and never realize it’s there because Stone Island Membrana Light Jacket Blue the facilities are so rudimentary, just a parking lot across a busy highway, then a wooden staircase down. The only giveaway is the occasional people carrying beach stuff darting across the highway.

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