Stone Island Coats And Jackets For Men

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The Stone Island label was first founded in 1982 by Italian fashion designer Massimo Osti. Inspired by Americana style and combined with sporty Italian influences, the brand is famed for its bold, high tech, military influenced style and commitment to innovation.

Stone Island men’s coats and jackets are famous for their compass patch that buttons onto the upper sleeve of the left arm. The brand is renowned throughout the fashion industry for pioneering many technologies that are seen as commonplace today, such as reflective, colour changing, heat reactive jackets, dual layer jackets with removable linings and reversible outerwear.

Performance wear

Stone Island coats and jackets are foremost both stylish and functional. Stone Island men’s nylon jackets often have water and wind resistant inner membranes to keep the wearer weatherproofed, with a light, soft outer shell and soft cotton jersey search for added flexibility and comfort. Cotton jackets mix the identical high performance style with the brand’s characteristic clean cut tailoring. Both are available in hip, waist and longer lengths in zipped, hooded and collared styles.

Men’s down coats and jackets are full of the best feathers and the down filled pockets are of a special construction to ensure overall lightness and comfort. These coats are commonly in solid neutral colours and are available across a range of short, mid and long length styles.

Stone Island leather coats and jackets are manufactured in a variety of styles from the classic bomber to longer lengths. All are made from luxuriously soft leather of the very best quality to make sure a stylish item of clothing. Stone Island coats and jackets are produced in casual, lightweight designs including bomber jackets. These garments offer dress down options with a high end feel and look in super light leather bonded to a soft jersey fleece for comfort and warmth.

Stone Island coats and jackets are available in a range of designs from parkas and raincoats to fleeces and macs.

Street style

In the 90s Stone Island menswear enjoyed a cult following, becoming the label of choice for a lot of music main players of the time and the mainstay of terrace casuals for a lot of English football fans during the European games. Today, the Stone Island brand, or ‘Stoney’ because it is commonly affectionately known, remains at the heart of our popular culture and can regularly be seen sported by artists inside the rap and grime scenes across both the UK and US.

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