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Get from point A to point Z on the Moscow Metro.
Let’s start with my favorite activity in Moscow. I used to think that the Moscow metro shouldn’t be as modern as those in the west. Boy, I used to be wrong! It doesn’t only serve as a rapid transit system, it’s also a network of luxurious Art Museums buried underground! The seats are fabricated from marble and granite, ceilings decorated with mosaic art and the walls are covered with stained glass panels! Some of my favorite stations: Novoslobodskaya, Elektrozavodskaya, Komsomolskaya, and a few new futuristic ones towards the top of the red line… all of those for only 50 rubles entrance fee (metro ticket)!
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Stone Island Shadow Project Print Tee (Teal)2. Check out Red Square ( the staple).
No matter what number of times I’ve been to Moscow, I never fail to pay a visit to the Red Square. Conveniently located right in the center of Moscow, this is one of the classic destinations highlighted in all guidebooks. The candy-structured St Basil Cathedral, the lavishly decorated GUM (State Department Store), the colorful Kazan Cathedral and many more, located just a stone throw away from one another on the square!

3. Discover Russian history in Kremlin.
Think Russian “White House”. Just one-third of the citadel territory welcomes visitors, but even with only one third, the attractions are enough to maintain history buffs busy for days! Don’t attempt to schedule the rest on Kremlin day, the walls, towers, churches and the stories behind each structure will certainly get you hooked. Note: the Kremlin closes on Thursday.

4. Enjoy people-watching on Arbat Street.
Surprisingly, staying in a backpacker’s hostel in this prime location does not cost a lot. During my second visit to Moscow, I dedicated one whole afternoon people watching from the hostel’s balcony. It is a lively pedestrian street lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, and fine arts.

5. Enjoy a Ballet show.
Just like the Broadway shows in New York City and Cirque du Soleil performances in Las Vegas, watching a Bolshoi Ballet’s production is a staple here. The Bolshoi Ballet is a renowned classical ballet company well-known in Russia and the world. They are famous for their colorful and bold performing style.


6. Breathe the fresh air.
People’s gardens in cities fascinate me. To my delight, so do Moscovites. Almost 40 percent of Moscow territory is covered by green oasis. With over 100 gardens and parks, that’s an impressive 16 meter square of greenery per person! My favorite garden to spend a day pretending to read a book (I could not concentrate anyway!) is the Alexandrovsky Garden, situated just in front of the Kremlin wall. You probably have some extra time to kill, I highly suggest a stroll in Elk Island National Nature Park or visit the Moscow Zoo.

7. Be amazed by the Circus crew.
Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard and Bolshoi Circus on Vernadsky Avenue are essentially the most famous 2 in Moscow. Tickets are quite cheap, starting from 500 to 2500 Rubles. Now, let me assure you that it’s worth every penny.

8. Ice Cream with a story to tell.
In Russia, you wouldn’t have ice cream. Ice cream has you! Stoyn Ice Cream is a line of uniquely designed ice cream figures, created in Moscow. My recommendation is to try a “Vladimir Mayakovsky” (cranberry and vodka) and “Dark Vader” (blueberry & licorice)!
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9. Take a trip out of the city center.
Ever heard of the “Moscow Golden Ring Road”? This is a perfect route to plan a road trip in case you are into culture. Even when you don’t feel like driving, there are quite a lot of local tour companies operating “Golden Ring Road” trips. However, in case you are running in need of time, I strongly suggest you visiting Sergiev Posad over other cities. Not only it’s the former religious center of all Russia, additionally it is the birthplace of the widely adored “Matroshka” nesting dolls!
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10. Admire fine arts at Tretyakov Gallery
Attention all art-buffs! I’m 90% positive that you’ll love Tretyakov Gallery to bits! The gallery possesses an array of unique Russian most sought-after masterpieces. Friendly reminder: It closes on Monday.

(BONUS) Summer fun in Gorky Park!
In the course of the Summer, when everything is lively and colorful, don’t miss the ride on the towering Ferris wheel in Gorky Park! Hop on to get an incredible vista of the park and Moscow river!

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