Rhodes Is In Reality A Multicultural Area Intended For Nightlife

images stone island long sleeve polo shirt p752199 1447103 medium jpgYes this thread has got slightly off-kilter!

Stone Island Stone Island Hooded Soft Shell Bomber Jacket Ice White ...To get to Stone Island, take the Sabalo Centro bus and ask the driver to let you off at La Puntilla restaurant. Take the dirt path to the best and there you’re on the panga to Stone Island….twenty pesos return at our last trip.

There are lots of places to relax at, especially in February. Lety’s gets quite a bit of excellent press. Our favourite is Victor’s….the bbq fish is out of this world. If you happen to eat there, and keep buying a beer or two, we have never felt unwelcome throughout the day. You recognize, really nice people, try to speak to them and get to know them!

AFAIK, the panga stops at dusk, however the regular ferry from the “downtown” runs on a regular basis. And as someone posted, there are some really neat and good places to spend the night there. Just hang loose and benefit from the experience!

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