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The initial objective in the development of the Stone Island House Check was to integrate the compass inside the horizontal and vertical lines of a plaid pattern. This meant creating an intricate structure for the weave. Consequently we decided to weave the pattern through a rare antique Jacquard Dobbcross fly shuttle loom, this allowed the structure to be woven at a slower pace allowing the loom to work with a delicate touch to coupe with the complexity of the design.
The pattern was woven as a double cloth, this meant interlacing two fabrics and weaving them at the same time. The compass a part of the design was done on the under layer of the cloth and then pulled through the face of the fabric.
The top result was unexpected; the looms interpretation of the design gave emphasis to the reverse of the fabric by which the compass was specified by a grid format (without the plaid background). The looms interpretation gave clarity to our initial creative vision. This interpretation became the grounding for the check pattern. From this point forward we worked on fine tuning the design and cloth.
The Stone Island House Check was born.

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