Newport Beach Shoppers Paradise

The area the area of Newport Beach is known for the harbor and love of the water, it also contains a hidden shoppers paradise and entertainment . With the infamous Fashion Island and Balboa Island nearby, Newport does wonders for those who like activities yet enjoy shopping.

Stone Island Shadow Project Winter Cotton Intarsia Hooded Jacket ...Fashion Island is one of the best areas of Newport Beach, containing over 200 stores. The Island has everything you could possibly ever want, from toys to expensive clothes. If you’ve ever tried Fashion Island before, you’re probably aware of just how great it can be. With over 200 stores, it’ll take hours and hours to explore everything here and possibly even days.

Should you happen to be looking for an affordable, yet excellent experience, Balboa Island is where you need to be going. The Island is accessible from Palm Street by ferry on the Balboa Peninsula, or by car/foot from Jamboree Road at the Pacific Coast Highway.

With its great location and environment, the community is home to more than 80 galleries, gift shops, and fine restaurants. All along the streets on the island, you will discover locals selling great merchandise, along with vendors selling superb sweets and hot eats.

When walking on foot on the island, you’ll notice that there are wonderful views of the extravagent homes, harbor, and even the bay. Passing the street signs, you could notice that they’re indeed named after precious stones, which is sort of different.

When you pass Turquoise, Topax, Diamond, and Sapphire, you’ll reach the favored Marine Avenue, which is where shoppers will fall in love. With unique and attractive gift shops and sidewalk cafes, it’s easy to spend hours here taking a look at everything you can purchase.

The heart of the Balboa Island’s shopping and apparel district, Marine Avenue has many unique boutiques and galleries as well. If hunger strikes, you possibly can lose yourself in the tastefully impressive Balboa Bar, a bar manufactured from vanilla ice cream that’s dipped in chocolate.

With restaurants on the Avenue as well, you can enjoy everything from a simple meal to a few of the perfect Italian food in Newport Beach. Offering you loads of things to see as well, Balboa Island gives you more than just shopping although the shopping here is something it’s essential to experience.

If you happen to enjoy shopping and seeing beautiful views, Newport Beach is really the shopping paradise you’ve been longing for. As a family vacation, Balboa Island and the surrounding areas can provide everything you need for fun and entertainment. For shopping lovers everywhere, Newport Beach provides the kind of shopping you won’t find anywhere else.

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