Most Exciting Islands On The Croatian Coast

Stone Island Junior Camo Compass Logo T Shirt - Oxygen ClothingProbably the most stunning attributes of Croatia are the numerous glorious islands that are sprinkled over the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Golden specks of land on a sapphire blue carpet of waves, these islands boast of incredible natural beauty and are home to dense forests and breathtaking beaches. Dotting the green landscape are magnificent buildings and churches that represent different chapters of Croatia’s history. These islands are perfect for a soothing vacation in addition to for a visit to the intriguing past. Following are a few of essentially the most enthralling islands of Croatia which might be bound to capture your heart.

Brac Island
The island of Brac bears an iconic symbol of Croatia, within the form of Zlatni Rat, a white pebbled beach that pierces the Adriatic sea. This Golden Cape of Croatia is a paradise for sunbathers and windsurfers. A short hike away is the Dragon’s Cave which is embellished with carvings of mythical symbols. Towards the north lie the renowned limestone quarries and the quaint villages occupied by the locals. The town of Skrip has some interesting museums and medieval churches while the mausoleum at Supetar bears intricately designed stone sculptures that display the amazing craftsmanship of the previous generations.

Hvar Island
The favorite party spot for the tourists, Hvar has a lively atmosphere and an exciting nightlife. The beaches sparkle within the marvelous sunshine while the lavender flowers sway within the whimsical breeze. Olive groves and vineyards dot the interiors, together with ancient monasteries that seem to own a mystical aura. The hustle and bustle of St. Stephen’s Square will lead you to the grand architecture of St. Stephen’s Cathedral while the hike to the medieval castle of Fortica will offer a splendid view of the sea. These enchanting sights come together at Hvar to create a magical destination.

Korcula Island
Devoid of the throngs of tourists, Korcula Island is an ideal location for a serene holiday. This island is largely occupied by dark pine forests which have resulted in it being known as the Black Island. The tiny villages of this region emanate an old world vibe, with their cobbled streets and traditional houses. The beaches are secluded and supremely beautiful, with the Vela Przina beach being one of the recommended spots for a walk along the seashore. Korcula Town exhibits the history of this region within the form of its museums and ancient fortifications that may be spotted at various locations. Throughout the season, Harbors of Korcula are sometimes crammed with boats from all around the globe, and any nautical enthusiast will understand how to appreciate such a magnificent site.

Cres Island
The island of Cres holds vast primeval forests and rustic hilltop towns. Amidst the tall cliffs and hidden coves are some spectacular pieces of architecture. The St. Mary’s Church and the Church of the Assumption have fascinating designs while the 16th-century gate near the square of Trg Frane Petrica is also worth a visit. This square is a superb place to soak within the local culture, especially in the event you make it in time for the morning vegetable markets. The Osor Archaeological Collection displays various artifacts from the medieval period while the arts center of Ruta is excellent for getting regional handicrafts.

These mesmerizing islands will offer you an opportunity to have a pleasant vacation in Croatia and charm you with their surreal landscapes and colorful cultural treasures. Each island is a kingdom in its own right and is starkly different from the remaining, therefore providing a singular flavor of this diverse country. A visit to all these islands is the right option to explore the assorted facets of this mesmerizing country.

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